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Till Death Do Us Part

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Title: Till Death Do Us Part
Author: Rednetra
Permission to archive:
Sure why not Genre: Slash
Pairing/Characters: Tony/Gibbs, Tim/Ziva/Abby
Rating: NC-17 just to be safe
Notes: OK pleasehave read No More Sick Days as well as And Jenny
Makes 3.
Acknowledgments: Ok i would love to Thank G and BC and Matt and a few
people from my LJ. I would also like to thank G for the great smut
in this fic. OK this is the end or is it. if you all would like to
know what happens to the fmaily please let me know. i ahve 3 more
parts of there life.


Ducky, seeing the men on the floor, knew that no matter how much he
wanted to that the staff would not hold off any longer. They would
want Gibbs back in bed and hooked up to the monitors and IV and
things. Ducky, leading the train of people, went in.

"Okay, my dear boys, let's get Jethro back in bed."

Both men, still in tears, looked at up Ducky then.

"I'll get him back in bed," Tony forced out.

"Okay, dear boy, if you think that you can."

Ducky had been informed about Tony's injury by Tim when Abby and Ziva
were distracting Jenny, who did ask her Aunt Abby about the gunshot
she heard, but Abby thought she'd covered it up by the Director
breaking down the door.

Tony got up and looped his arms under Gibbs' arms, Gibbs' back to
Tony's front. Tony lifted. They could see he was in pain from the
arm, but Tony was not letting anyone else touch his lover till he was
in bed and only then would he let Gibbs out of his arms. Both men
were hurt, physically as well as emotionally, and both men needed
each other and the kids. They still needed to talk but that would
come after Gibbs was hooked back up.

Tony got Gibbs to stand, not that Gibbs was much help in the legs but
his arms were okay. After he had Gibbs leaning against him, Tony
moved and had Gibbs lean on the bed. Tony, steadying Gibbs, walked
around holding Gibbs the whole time and then lifted him the last few
inches to sit on the bed. Once that was done, Tony stepped out of the

"Anthony, please, follow me for a moment."

"No, I'm not-"

"Honey, go with Ducky. He needs to tell you a few things. I'm not
going any place, and you better not." Gibbs was still kind of crying.

Tony's own eyes were leaking. Jenny was trying to get closer to her
Daddy, but Abby had a good hold on her while the nurses worked, and
the Doctor was by that time in the room.

Ducky walked Tony out to the nurses' station.

"Okay, dear boy, show me that arm."

"It's nothing."

"Damn the both of you for your stubbornness. Do not make me hit you."

Tony, shocked by the statement, bore his arm for Ducky. He unwrapped
the bandage that was almost blood- soaked by now.

"Dear boy, these will need a few stitches. Nurse, can you please get
me a suture kit?"

"Yes, Doctor." The nurse went off to get Ducky what he asked for.

Ducky was given a few gauze pads and rolls of gauze.

"Doctor, I think you can move him to this room over here, and you can
be at ease, and it will be a lot better for stitching him up." The
nurse walking back with the kit showed them to the room next to Gibbs.

Tony was applying pressure to the wounds.

"Okay, Anthony, let me see again. Now why the bloody hell did you do

"Ducky, please, I don't need a lecture."

"I'm sorry, but I feel that you do." Ducky shot him with a local and
he started his work, cleaning out the wound and such. The nurse was
in the room getting anything that Ducky might have needed.

"Now why, Tony?" Ducky did not use his proper name, not a usual thing
for the Scottish man.

"I?well, I did it in high school once and then a few times in
college. It seemed to help."

"Oh, Tony, nothing like this can help. I understand you were hurt and
that you needed to make the hurt go away. But still?" Ducky knew
about the gun and almost shooting himself but he was not about to say
that in front of the nurse and this was bad enough. "Nurse, thank
you, but I think I will be fine, and please shut the door."

"Yes, Doctor." The nurse left and as instructed shut the door.

Ducky started to stitch the man up. "Tony, killing yourself would not
have solved anything, it would have made it a lot worse."

"I know, Ducky, but it hurt so bad."

"Dear boy, I know that it must have. A very long time ago I lost
someone very close to me, and I felt that it would never go away and
to a point, I will not lie, I still feel that hurt, but finding
Gerald made it a lot better and a lot less lonely. Jethro is hurting
as well. He didn't want to burden you with taking care of him and
Jenny and Matt all at once."

Tony was in tears again. "But that should have been MY decision."

"Oh? And when has taking care of you not been his? He just wasn't
thinking right. The staff should never have told him anything before
you got here. I had left instructions for that. Believe me, a few of
them already got in trouble for it and now everyone's Thanksgiving
has been shot."

Tony just remembered what day it was. "Oh, God."

"No, Tony, do not get all worked up over that. None of us care. Hell,
it is a family matter, and we worked it out as a family. I just hope
we all go away with a lesson learned."

"I did, Ducky. Do you think he will be home for Christmas?"

"Yes, I know that he will. About another week here, and that is more
for the start of his physical therapy, then he will be home. A lot of
work will need to be done on the house."

"Not a problem. We can have it done. Well, not the way it will end
up, but-" the door opened and the Doctor walked in.

"Okay, Mr. Gibbs is in bed and is asking for the both of you."

"Thank you, Doctor, just finishing up here." Ducky put the last
stitch into Tony and then bandaged it up.

"Doctor Mallard, a word, please."

"Yes. Now, Anthony, get in there."

Tony got up, hugged his Doctor and walked back into his lover's room,
seeing him holding Matt and Jenny on his bed, Tim and Ziva sitting at
the edge. Abby was on the bed at the foot of the bed.

Tony walked over and was stroking Gibbs' hair and his face. Jenny was
lying on her Daddy, minding the tubes and stuff. Jenny was sleeping.
Gibbs saw the bandage on Tony's arm. Tony stroked Jenny's head.

Abby, Tim and Ziva walked out of the room with Matt; they let Jenny
stay on the bed since she had fallen asleep. Ducky entered the room
just as they were leaving.

"Ducky, can you give us a moment?"

"Yes. I just want you to know that the good Doctor is a little
concerned for the children, but I convinced him not to call Child
Services. Come to find out the nurses let him in on Tony's day at

Tony sank down to sit on the bed. "Thanks, Ducky."

"Now, you two play nice." Ducky winked at them and walked out,
meeting up with the group for food.

"Tony, look, I'm sorry for being an ass and saying all that to you."


"Tony, no, listen to me. I just didn't think it fair that you would
have to-"

Tony leaned over and kissed his lover, not long but a kiss none-the-
less. Tony was sitting on the edge of the bed and then just leaned
into his lover. Much like when he was in the hospital a little over a
year ago. Both men were crying, Gibbs stroking Tony.

"Boss, I did a very stupid thing."

"No, you just reacted. It was me who did a stupid thing."

"I could have lost the kids," Tony whispered.

"But your friends knew you better. You're fine. It will never get to
that point again." Gibbs lifted the bandaged arm. "Tony, are you

Tony was crying uncontrollably, still stroking Jenny's head.

"Tell him, Lee," Mark said but faded out of sight.

"Tony, I want to ask you a favor, but I want to tell you a story as
well. Think you can sit up and stop using my hospital gown as a


"Don't be. I'm not, but I want to look into those beautiful hazel
eyes of yours."

"Okay." Tony sat up and positioned himself so their eyes were locked.

"Tony, can you start calling me Lee?"

"What?" Tony whispered, confused.

"See, I like the name, and well I have only let three other people
ever call me that. One I loved very much, much like you, but well-"
Gibbs tried looking for the image of his past lover. "-it was the
only person I ever loved the in the way I love you. His name was Mark

"He's the only other guy?"

"Yes, then I married my ex, well, to try and deny what I was."

"So, you want me to remind you of him?" Tony asked, unable to keep
the hurt from his voice.

"No, not even close. Don't even THINK that. He was over at my house
once and heard my Nanna use that name for me. She and my Mom were the
other two people who called me that."

Tony was in tears, as was Gibbs.

"I like the name, but I only like it coming from the person I love
the most calling me that."


Gibbs put his finger to Tony's lips. "Please, Tony, I'm not trying to
replace you or substitute you. I love you more then I ever loved him,
in many different ways. We both knew that in the Corp it would not
work out, and we both were lifers. After almost getting caught, we
left each other. A few years later I got a letter from his mother
telling me he passed away in the line of duty. I found out too late,
so I could only go and visit his grave. He would have liked you. As a
matter of fact, he was one of the ones to smack me up about what I

"Boss, look, I?well? What? He was here? But you just said-"

"Well, I guess it was the drugs since I saw a few different people.
Megan and the ex-wives, hell, even Cait."

Tony started to smile.

"What, honey?"

"Cait, well she was in the bathroom trying to get me to snap out of
the fog I was in. God, Boss, I almost killed myself." Tony started
bawling and fell onto Gibbs' chest, minding the wound and all.

"No, Tony, but you didn't, you were stronger than that."

"Maybe they SHOULD take the kids."

"NO! You listen to me, Anthony Michael DiNozzo-Gibbs, you will not
now, nor ever, talk like that again. You got me?"

Tony didn't say a thing but nodded his head yes.

"Tony, it won't be easy."

"I know, and I don't care as long as we're together. We can overcome
just about anything."

"I was thinking the new room on the main floor we can make our
bedroom and we can have a walkway out to the barn so I can still work
on the boat, and well, the pool will be good for PT, they say."

"Been thinking about this, I see."

"Well, kind of. After you left, after I ripped both our hearts out
and throw them out the window, I tried to make a plan for taking care
of myself till, well, never mind, but yes. Is this okay? If not we
can work something else out."

Tony sat up and looked at his lover's tearstained and bloodshot
eyes. "Lee-" Tony stopped, liking the way it sounded coming out of

Gibbs just smiled.

"We'll do whatever we have to, to make this work. Ducky said you
should be out in a week or so and till then we can make the study our
room. After that we can make that Matt's room and maybe have another
room added for a study. It isn't too late, they only started laying
the new foundation. Another addition might not be hard."

"Whatever, as long as you're in the bed with me every night, I could
care less if it was on the sofa."

"No, I think we can stay in the bed. But we might have to get you a

"No, I'm not getting some kind of Putput. I'll do the work. A chair
that helps me stand might not be a bad thing but not a wheelchair
that moves on its own. Oh, good, but we'll have to wait and get what
the doctor tells us tonight." Gibbs started to cry again.

Tony, being the strong one this time, asked, "What, baby?"

"I'll never get to dance at Jenny's wedding or walk her down the

"Oh, baby, yes you will. They don't know if this is permanent, and,
well, as for Jenny's wedding, let's not think about that just yet.
She's only eleven." Tony shot him a smile.