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Till Death Do Us Part

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Title: Till Death Do Us Part
Author: Rednetra
Permission to archive: Sure why not
Genre: Slash
Pairing/Characters: Tony/Gibbs, Tim/Ziva/Abby
Rating: NC-17 just to be safe
Warnings: Hanky Warning I think
Notes: OK please have read No More Sick Days as well as And Jenny Makes 3.
Acknowledgments: I would like to thank all the readers out there for being so supportive of me in this time of writing. I hope that you all keep reading my story and enjoy it as much as the past stuff. I would also like to thank G for all her Smut that she writes for me. She is a smut goddess. I would also like to thank BC for her help and support. NO please enjoy. I had to add the Sperm some how with Tony donating so I hope this works for you.



"I HATE YOU!" Jenny yelled at Tony who was in the hallway, trying to talk to her while she was in the bathroom.

Tony had just gotten off the phone with Miss Parks and a lady from child services in Ohio, and Tony needed to be in Ohio tomorrow. Gibbs was in the kitchen cleaning up from dinner and trying to put Tony back together since they would not tell him why he had to be in Ohio and why he had to cancel his vacation; the same one that he had been planning for the past three months.

Gibbs made the call himself and cancelled it. Since they had gotten the renter's insurance, they got most of their money back. Gibbs then called Abby to have her make the plane tickets for Ohio for them all tomorrow. He was talking with her when he heard the yelling from upstairs.

"Call you back, Abs."

Gibbs shut the phone before Abby could say anything and ran up the stairs, his heart sinking when he found Tony in the hall, almost in tears again and the attic door shut.

"Honey, what happened?"

Gibbs walked over and hugged his lover who fell into the embrace and buried his face into Gibbs' shirt, taking in the scent of his older lover. He began crying softly.

"I just told her about the vacation," Tony mumbled.

Gibbs moved them to their bedroom and put Tony on the bed. "Stay here," he ordered, his face showing the look of death, more like he was about to kill someone.

"No, Jethro, let her be pissed."

"No, I will not have her, of all people, talk to you or me like that. I don't care how mad she is," Gibbs said loud enough that she would hear. He walked over to the door at the bottom of the stairs, knocked on it and tried to open it, but it was locked.

"You had best be opening this door now before I rip it off the hinges, young lady!" Gibbs barked.

He heard movement up in the room and then down the stairs before the door was unlocked. He yanked it open.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"


"Do not even feed me that bull, you know full well what I'm talking about, young lady."

"Nothing, Daddy." Jenny had started at times to call Gibbs Daddy and Tony got Dad.

"Do not even try to play innocent with me."

"No, really, nothing."

"That's enough! Stop acting like a spoiled little brat and out with it now or so help me you will be lucky you are not boarded into your room for life."

Jenny could see fire coming from Gibbs' eyes. "Tony said we aren't going on vacation."

"And that gave you the right to yell at him like that? No, I don't think so. Nothing, and I don't care how bad the news is, gives you the right to yell at either of us like that."

"I'm sorry, Daddy, I just-"

"No, there are no buts. You had better get in that room right now and say you're sorry and then maybe find out why we aren't going. Do you really think Tony or myself would rather go to Ohio and deal with a child services person again than go to Disney? No, I think not. We are taking you since they said it is a family matter, but if you would rather I call Ducky and have you stay with him and his mother, I can arrange that for you, missy."

"Daddy, I'm sorry, I want to go."

"It's not me you need to say sorry to, it is the man in that room, the same man that loves you and would do just about anything for you, the same man who just bought you all the stuff to go swimming and have a lot of fun. Now march in there and talk to him."

Jenny swallowed, knowing she was in trouble, and she knew that it was her fault; she had lashed out without thinking. She deserved the scolding that Gibbs had just given her.

She got up off the stairs where she had sat down while talking to Gibbs and walked past him; Gibbs just glared at her. She walked to her fathers' bedroom and knocked on the door. She got no replay, so she knocked again.

"Come in," Tony mumbled.

Jenny pushed open the door that hadn't been closed all the way and saw her father on the bed with very red eyes. More red than they should be since the time that had passed since she had ran up and yelled at him.

"Dad," she said in a choked voice when she realized she was the reason he'd been crying.

Tony looked up at her. "Yes, Peanut?"

"I'm so sorry. I never meant to hurt your feelings."

Jenny ran to him and hugged him. Tony hugged her back and was stroking the back of her head.

"I know, Peanut. I would rather be going to Disney than Ohio, too, you know. We don't even know why we have to go to Ohio, they just said it was a family matter that I needed to take care of."

"But why Ohio?"

"Honey, I went to school there."

"But why now, why not after the trip? I want to see Mickey and Minnie and the others."

"So did I, honey. Gibbs had it all planned, and I was-" Tony stopped when he saw the man in the doorframe; he been about to talk about the proposal.

"What did you have planned?"

"Nothing, baby," Tony answered, still holding Jenny.

"Dad, really, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"I know, Peanut," he said against her hair, then looked up at Gibbs. "So, did you get hold of Abby?"

"Why Abby?" Jenny asked. "I thought I was going."

"You are, honey, but Abby made plane reservations for us. I told her first class."

Tony acted liked he was about to faint.


"Jethro, you're spending money."

"Wiseass." Gibbs walked over and sat next to his lover and daughter. "This really does suck. She didn't tell you anything?"

"Nope. Miss Parks said I should bring the both of you, but the other lady said nothing, just that it was a personal matter that I needed to take care of right now."

"Okay, well then." Gibbs' phone rang. "Gibbs...Thanks, Abby. I'll have Tony check...Yeah, well, if we can, how about we take you all there this Christmas and we can just have a relaxing time...Let everyone else know...Yes, Ducky had better bring Gerald and yes, tell Tom and Palmer if they want to come as well...Thanks, Abby, I owe you...Yup, here." He held the phone out to Jenny. "Honey she wants to talk to you."

"Hi, Aunt Abby." Since the adoption had gone through, Jenny called the people her dads worked with by aunt and uncle. She was not told to do it, but she just started without thought, kind of like calling Gibbs Daddy and Tony Dad.

The adoption had gone great. Right after the judge had rendered her verdict, the guy who was contesting the adoption had bowed up and lost his temper. He'd said he was happy that two fags had gotten the child because he wouldn't want a kid who'd been raised by fags anyway. The judge smiled and was sure she'd chosen right.

"Yeah, it-" Jenny stopped and covered the phone with her hand. "Daddy, can I take it upstairs and talk to Abby?"

"Sure, Sunshine."

Jenny walked out and they could hear, "Yeah, it sucks big time," and that was all they could hear.

"Really, Jethro, she didn't-"

Gibbs kissed his lover. "Yes, she did. She might be mad, hell even I'm mad because I had a few things I was looking forward to and now that sucks, but we will take everyone for Christmas if that's okay."

"Baby, that's great. It's one big happy family."


Jenny walked back into the room and handed Gibbs' phone back to him.

"Well, I'm tired," Gibbs said as he took the phone. "I'm going to go to bed. Abby said she got a flight that leaves out at 8:00 AM."

"Damn, that is early."

'This is Abby. She, I am sure, found it just for us to get out there and find out and maybe go on vacation anyway."

"You may be right." Tony smiled at Jenny. "Night, Peanut."

"Night, Dad." She hugged Tony. "Night, Daddy." She hugged Gibbs.

Both men gave her a hug and a kiss goodnight. Jenny left the room. Their suitcases were packed so that wasn't a big deal but they were only taking one and not everything they needed. After Jenny left she shut the door on her way out.

Gibbs attacked Tony, pushing him back on the bed, lips locked together in a kiss that threatened to scorch Tony from the inside out as Gibbs' tongue searched for evidence of a tonsillectomy. The kiss was so hot that Tony hadn't even realized Gibbs had unbuttoned his shirt till he felt the first twist of his nipple, causing him to gasp into his lover's mouth.


"Shh, it's okay, Tony. Just lie back and let me take care of you."

He kissed Tony again, putting as much passion and love into the mating of mouths as was possible, letting Tony know without words just how loved he was. The man he loved was hurting, and he wanted to make it better.

Gibbs mouth moved over Tony's jaw, his tongue tracing the strong line before flicking into an ear, causing a shiver of delight to run through the younger man. Lips and tongue traveled down a strong neck. Tony tilted his head, giving Gibbs better access to the vulnerable area, showing his complete trust by that simple gesture.

Pushing aside the open shirt, Gibbs' lips, teeth and tongue tracked a path over Tony's muscled chest, paying special attention to first one nipple, then the other till both nubs were hard, red and aching in a pleasurable way.

Tony made a variety of sounds, according to what Gibbs was doing to him at any given moment, from mewls to gasps to outright purring when a tongue repeatedly fucked his navel; by the time Gibbs unfastened his pants, he was beyond words.

The kissing and caressing continued as Gibbs slowly pulled Tony's pants off him, urging him to lift his hips so they could be slipped off, leaving Tony in nothing but blue silk boxers. The sight of the silk tenting in front caused Gibbs' mouth to water. He'd always appreciated the male form, but he'd never realized just how beautiful the male body could be till he'd met Tony.

"You are so beautiful," he murmured before mouthing Tony's hardness through the blue silk, leaving the material damp and clingy.

Tony gasped, back arching and hips thrusting up, pushing his silk-covered cock harder against Gibbs' mouth. Gibbs opened his mouth wider, running it up and down the hard length, dampening the material further. Once the chill of the air-conditioner hit the wet cloth, Tony shivered, but it did nothing to cool his ardor.

"Oh, God, boss, what are you doing to me?"

"Loving you, Tony."

Gibbs finished stripping Tony, tossing the boxers over his shoulder rather than worrying about putting them in the hamper. There were more important things to worry about right now, like getting Tony naked.

Gibbs continued his exploration of Tony's body, kissing, licking and nipping his way down his legs, even sucking his toes into his mouth, causing Tony to arch even further off the bed. He knew Tony had sensitive feet, and while he pleasured them, he was careful not to go into the realm of tickling.

Tony's eyes rolled back in his head at the feeling. Gibbs always knew just the right amount of pressure to apply to his feet so as not to cross the line from pleasure to more. He'd been shocked as hell the first time he'd ever realized Gibbs had a foot fetish, but he'd reaped the benefits since then, never having realized himself how erotic that area of the body could be.

Gibbs treated the other foot to the same attention, not wanting any part of his lover to feel neglected. He then kissed his way back up the other leg, licking around Tony's knee and even in the crease behind it before nipping his thigh hard enough to leave a bruise. The bite caused Tony's cock to jump, precum leaking onto the hard planes of his stomach.

"Boss," Tony said plaintively, "you're still dressed."

"It's okay, Tony," Gibbs murmured, looking up at him from under his eyes, mere inches from Tony's aching hardness.

"But I want you naked."

"Later, Tony. Right now it's all about you. I just want to make you feel good."

Tony laughed shakily. "Well, you've certainly succeeded," he said faintly.

Gibbs smiled before leaning over and kissing the shaft of Tony's cock, running his tongue over the distended vein. He loved the feel of Tony's cock when it was hard like this; it was like velvet pulled taut over steel.

He didn't take him inside just yet, though. Instead his head moved down, his mouth opening and gently sucking in one of Tony's balls while his hand rolled the other, causing Tony to gasp and buck up. When he moved on to the perineum, Tony whimpered, one hand burying itself in the older man's silver hair.

When Tony's balls began to draw up towards his body, Gibbs pulled away, making Tony cry out in frustration. Gibbs smiled at how vocal Tony was tonight. He had a feeling the stubbed toe excuse might not work this time.

"Look how beautiful your cock is right now," Gibbs said, running a hand gently over the hardness, finger tracing over the head, spreading precum and dipping into the slit teasingly.

Tony's head lifted, his glazed hazel eyes focusing on Gibbs as he continued to stroke his cock, the look in Gibbs' blue eyes telling Tony just how much he was loved and wanted. Tony whimpered again, just from that look alone. How had he gotten so lucky as to have the love of this man?

"Suck me, boss, please," Tony begged, wanting the feel of that talented mouth sliding down him erection.

"Anything for you, my love," Gibbs said softly as he pulled Tony's hard dick away from his stomach and opened his mouth, engulfing the head in his hot, moist mouth.


Gibbs' tongue swirled over the velvety head, lapping up the salty precum mixed with the unique taste of Tony. Jaws stretching wider, he slowly worked his way down till his nose was buried in Tony's crisp pubic hair.

"OhGodohGodohGod," Tony chanted, hand tightening in Gibbs' hair, urging him to move.

Gibbs needed no encouragement. Cheeks hollowing, he applied tremendous suction as he moved his head slowly back up, once more using his tongue on the head, taking in the taste and texture of his favorite lollipop.

Gibbs' own cock was aching, trapped as it still was behind his jeans, but this wasn't about him. This was all about Tony and what he needed. And what he needed right now was to feel loved, wanted and needed.

Gibbs sucked him in again, movements speeding up, one hand still rolling Tony's balls, tugging and pulling at the tight sac, one finger pressing against the sensitive perineum. Tony's breathing was loud and harsh by that time, his climax fast approaching. Gibbs knew the signs well enough by now to not miss a drop of the creamy emission.


Gibbs continued laving Tony's softening shaft after he'd come, unwilling to let him go just yet. Because he was extra-sensitive just now, Tony whimpered at the roughness of Gibbs' tongue against his spent flesh.

But Gibbs wasn't finished with him just yet. Moving lower, he thrust his tongue into Tony's hole, using Tony's own cum as lubricant.

"Oh, FUCK, boss!" Tony cried out, nearly surging up off the bed when Gibbs' tongue first speared into him, working past the tight ring of muscle.

Gibbs pushed his tongue in further, working Tony's tight sphincter into submission. Once the muscle was quivering in anticipation, Gibbs opened the nightstand drawer and reached for what he wanted among the items stored there.

As soon as he opened the bottle Tony caught a whiff of the peppermint and groaned, making Gibbs smile. The flavored lube didn't taste that great, but the smell was fantastic, and peppermint was a particular favorite of Tony's. His, too, now, knowing the scent would forever after remind him of his beautiful partner. Even a piece of peppermint candy was enough to make him hard.

Gibbs used the lube and loosened Tony even further, using first two fingers, then three on him, working them in and out and curving them just right to catch the tiny protrusion of nerves.

Tony gasped, head falling back against the pillow, hips trying to arch up against Gibbs' hold. The finger-fucking, the smell of peppermint and the stimulation to his prostate had Tony hard again in no time at all.

"Fuck me, boss, please, fuck me," Tony begged.

Gibbs kissed Tony's hipbone. "You'll get yours, Tony," he promised.

Reaching into the drawer once more, Gibbs pulled out an eight-inch purple jelly vibrator shaped like a real dick, not too thick but just right. Since the night Tony had used the five-speed silver bullet on him, they'd bought a few toys of their own choosing.

Coating the vibrator with more of the peppermint lube, Gibbs carefully introduced the rubber head to Tony's open hole. Tony warbled out an incoherent noise that caused one corner of Gibbs' mouth to turn up into his famous little smirk.

He continued pushing the dildo in until the purple jelly balls rested against Tony's ass, then flicked the switch that turned on the vibe function. Considering that Gibbs had managed to rest the head against Tony's prostate, the younger man's body jerked and he cried out. There was no way Jenny hadn't heard that one.

"Shh, love, not so loud. You only have so many toes to stub."

Tony laughed weakly. "Oh, God, Gibbs."

He could have just left the vibrator against Tony's prostate to stimulate it, but instead he began moving it in and out, rubbing, pushing, vibrating and retreating, causing nonsensical noises to issue from Tony's mouth.

Hungry for the taste of him once more, Gibbs again took Tony's hard cock into his mouth as he worked the vibrator in and out, pushing Tony to the edge again. Having already come, it took longer this time, but Gibbs didn't mind. He loved the feel and taste of Tony pushing down his throat.


Tony's hips lifted, pushing his dick to the back of Gibbs' throat and shooting his second load of the night. Gibbs swallowed gratefully, throat muscles contracting around the head of Tony's hard cock.

But he didn't stop the motions of the vibrator. He continued to move it in and out, stimulating Tony's prostate till he managed to spew a bit more, sobbing Gibbs' name.

Gibbs turned off the vibrator and carefully removed it from Tony but he, himself, didn't move. His breathing was nearly as harsh as Tony's, and his balls were so high and tight it physically hurt to move.

Sweat-dampened brow against Tony's hip, Gibbs let his breathing even out before he even attempted to leave the bed. Lifting his head, he smiled when he saw that Tony had basically passed out, smile curving his beautiful mouth.

Gibbs winced as he climbed off the bed. Oh, God, he hurt, but this night hadn't been about him. It had been all about Tony and what he'd needed. He'd been an emotional wreck after his confrontation with Jenny, and he'd wanted to make him feel better, show him how much he was loved and needed for who he was, not for what he could give.

Gibbs cleaned the vibrator before putting it away, then cleaned Tony. The younger man mumbled in his sleep but didn't wake up. Gibbs grinned smugly when he realized just how much he'd worn out his lover.

Stripping down to his boxers, Gibbs climbed into bed. He was still hard, although it wasn't quite as bad as it had been earlier. It didn't matter, though. There would be time for him later.


The next morning Gibbs was the first to wake, as usual. He was awakened by a dog licking his face. Tramp had to go out and he always went to Gibbs first.

Gibbs smiled and nuzzled the back of Tony's neck where he lay behind him. Tony was on his side, curled up with Gibbs spooning behind him, arms wrapped around him protectively.

Tramp whined and licked at Gibbs again.

"Okay, let's go," Gibbs said softly, petting the dog.

Getting out of bed, still dressed in only a pair of boxers, he walked down the stairs and outside. He didn't know that the house was being watched from the woods.

Gibbs poured a cup of coffee for himself and one for Tony, then went back out to bring in Tramp. Once in the house, Tramp ran up the stairs and Gibbs followed. The time was 5:30 AM and they needed to get ready to leave. Gibbs put the cup of coffee on the nightstand for Tony, then went up to Jenny's room.

"Hey, Sunshine, we have to get up and get ready to leave for the airport."

"Okay, Daddy."

Jenny was easy to wake up; she always had been. It was the other monster downstairs that was a bitch to wake up. Tony slept like the dead. After waking Jenny, Gibbs walked back down to the master bedroom and kissed his lover. Tony woke up fast for that and was falling into the kiss, his head still reeling from the night before.

"Morning, honey."

"You okay, baby?" Tony questioned.

"Yeah, sure, why?" Gibbs still had a mild case of blue balls, but he wouldn't expire from it. Kissing Tony on the tip of the nose, he got up and went to his closet.

"Last night-"

"-was not about me, it was about you. This day is going to suck for all of us, and I wanted to make you feel special. I'm fine. Really."

Tony got out of bed and walked over to his lover who now had a pair of slacks on. Tony put his hand around Gibbs waist. Pulling him closer, he kissed Gibbs' chest.

"Maybe if you're a good boy we can join the mile high club," Gibbs suggested, his breath catching when Tony sucked on a nipple.



"Nothing. I like that idea. I'll be a good boy, Daddy." Tony crossed his heart.

He walked into the closet and got his own clothes and dressed. He also was in a pair of slacks and a T-shirt. They heard Jenny walking down the stairs and past the room. Well not so much Jenny as Tramp. He was barking and making a lot of noise.

"The luggage is downstairs and all ready. We can pick up something to eat at the airport since we have to be there two hours early."

"Sounds like a plan. I'm going down and putting the stuff in the car."

Gibbs pecked Tony's lips and walked out the door. Tony finished getting dressed, putting on deodorant, shaving and brushing his teeth in the bathroom. He went down and Jenny was eating a Pop-Tart. Tramp was running around the kitchen, his bowl empty.

"I fed him already, and Abby said she would be over around 9:00 and let him out and take care of him."

"Okay. Let's go. I think Gibbs is out in the car already."

Tony and Jenny both walked out to see Gibbs putting the last suitcase in the back of the Mercedes. They planned on using long-term parking since they had no idea how long they would be gone. They got in and drove off.

After getting to the airport in almost record time, they checked in; that took longer than the trip there. They had printed the e-tickets right before they left. They got to the concourse and grabbed something to eat at one of the restaurants there. They took their time since they still had more than an hour to wait till the flight.

Jenny had her Gameboy. Tony grabbed a book from the gift shop, and Gibbs had brought one of his history books he'd gotten at Christmas and hadn't had time to read yet. They just passed the time till it was time for them to leave. Tony was almost lying on Gibbs in the waiting area of the concourse as they read their respective books.

They called for their flight, first class passengers and disabled people first. First class was not that full. Gibbs had only even sat in it one other time, and that had been on his first honeymoon with his first wife. Jenny got a seat behind them. They both took their seats and were made at home. After the plane filled up it was not a full flight but enough people.

When the plane took off there was only one person in first class who was their steward. He was very much gay; anyone could tell. The other person went back to help coach since it was fuller. Tony was leaning on Gibbs the whole time, every so often rubbing his leg and just smiling. Tony, halfway through the flight, got up, kissed Gibbs and went to the bathroom. There were two in first class. After about five minuets Gibbs got up and went to the same bathroom.

The first class lavatory was a big larger than the ones in coach, but it was still difficult getting two people, especially two grown men, in the same one. They managed it, though, Tony laughing as he straddled the toilet, giving Gibbs room to enter and close the door. There was nothing graceful about it.

"Well, this is cozy," Tony said, looking at the two inches that separated them, then into Gibbs' sparkling blue eyes.

"You could say that."

"You ever done this before, boss?"

"No. Have you?"

"Nah, it's a first for me, too."

Gibbs leaned closer, saying, "I'm glad I can be your first at something," just before his mouth fastened over Tony's.

"You already are," Tony said with a gasp when they broke apart for air.


"You're already a first for me," Tony clarified. "You're the first person I've ever loved."

Gibbs smiled. "I'm glad."

The plane hit a rough patch of air just then, tossing them together. Tony laughed again, wrapping his arms around Gibbs as the older man braced his hands on the walls.

"This is going to be interesting, boss."

"That's one word for it," Gibbs said, nipping Tony's earlobe.

Tony's head fell back, giving his lover access to his throat. "It might take an advanced degree to figure out the logistics of this."

"Or maybe just experimentation and practical application."

"You've been hanging around Abs too much, boss."

Gibbs smiled before sucking on the skin just under the collar of Tony's shirt. He hissed when Tony's hand curled around his hard-on.

"You okay, boss?"

"Blue balls," was all he said.

"Sorry," Tony said, easing his grip. "We'll have to do something about that."

"One way or another, DiNozzo, you're going to."

They knew there was little chance they would be heard because of the general noise of the plane, but still they kept their voices level.

"There's not going to be a lot of foreplay," Gibbs warned, nuzzling Tony's neck just under his ear.

"Don't need it, boss, just take what you want," Tony said, unzipping Gibbs' fly.

Gibbs kissed him again, hard, tongue thrusting as deep as possible, testing every surface of the hot cavern of Tony's mouth. Tony opened up, accepting, inviting the ravaging invasion.

Gibbs' breathing was already erratic. He felt like he'd been hard since the night before, and he couldn't wait much longer for relief. Sensing that, Tony reached in his pants and gently worked out his hard dick, causing him to hiss.

Smiling, Tony lowered himself to the toilet and pushed Gibbs' pants down below his ass. Looking up from under his lashes, he took hold of Gibbs' hardness and licked the head. The older man groaned, eyes rolling back in his head.

Hazel eyes locked with blue, Tony sucked the head into his mouth, loving the taste of the salty precum that flooded his tongue. Watching his cock disappear into Tony's mouth had Gibbs groaning, seeing those beautiful lips wrap around him the way they were.

The feeling wasn't to last, though. Just as Tony's mouth was sliding back up the hard length, the plane hit a patch of turbulence.

"Ow! Watch those teeth."

"Sorry, boss. Maybe this isn't the best idea right now."

"Ya think, DiNozzo?"

Tony laughed and released his hold on Gibbs' dick. Even the scraping of his teeth and near-bite had done nothing to diminish the size and girth of Gibbs' erection. Bracing himself against the wall, Tony stood up once more.

"You still gonna make me a member of the Mile High Club, boss?"

Gibbs' nostrils flared. "Turn around."

Gibbs pressed back against the door, trying to give Tony what little room there was to maneuver, grunting when Tony's elbow found his ribs and snorting when Tony's foot nearly got caught on the toilet.

It was awkward and ungraceful, but finally Tony was facing the wall, bent over, one hand on the sink and one hand on the back of the toilet, ass offered invitingly.

Gibbs' throat went dry at what was being offered so willingly. He didn't think he'd ever get over the awe that this beautiful man was his.

Running a hand over the curve of Tony's ass, Gibbs then slid his hand around to the front and over the erection he found right behind the fly. He unfastened Tony's pants, carefully working down the zipper, and pushed the slacks and boxers down, exposing Tony's beautiful ass.

Sticking his middle finger in his mouth, Gibbs slicked it with saliva, then introduced it to Tony's hole, causing the younger man to gasp.

"Right front pocket, boss," Tony managed.

Gibbs bent and reached into Tony's pocket, smiling when he pulled out a single use tube of lube. "Always prepared, aren't you, Tony?"

"Isn't that what rule 15 is all about, boss?"

"Could be rule 27, too," Gibbs said, snapping off the tip of the lube and squeezing some out on his fingers.

Tony couldn't say anything else because he suddenly found two fingers invading him, stretching and preparing him for a bigger invasion. Gibbs was aggressive in his preparation, knowing they couldn't risk being in there much longer. Once he had Tony stretched, he used the rest of the lube on his hard dick, slicking it up before taking hold of himself and introducing the head to Tony's nether opening.

Gasping, Tony pushed back, taking more and more of Gibbs' cock till he felt the older man's balls resting against his ass. Realizing there were people just outside the small room, that they were basically in a public place, only served to up his level of arousal.

Having denied himself the previous night, Gibbs couldn't hold back now. He began to move, trying to go slow at first, but it wasn't long before his hips took control, pumping into Tony and pounding him, one hand braced on the wall and the other braced against the ceiling.

Tony managed to hold himself up with one hand, taking hold of his own erection with his other hand and stroking in time with Gibbs' thrusts into him. He thought Gibbs would come first since he hadn't come the night before, but he didn't. The stimulation of his prostate, combined with the danger of being caught, set Tony off, his dick bucking in his hand. He tried to capture it all so there would be less cleanup, but some of it splattered on the lid of the toilet.

The spasms of his inner muscles sent Gibbs over the edge, too. Tony grunted as he pounded into him, bracing himself to keep his head from hitting the wall.

Exhausted, Gibbs wanted to curl around Tony and go to sleep, but that wasn't possible, so he carefully pulled out and helped Tony clean up, not an easy feat in the tiny, cramped space, but eventually they were both cleaned and put back in order, everything tucked and zipped.

Gibbs left first, returning to this seat, the taste of Tony's cum in his mouth where he'd licked it off Tony's hand. Tony soon followed, cheeks flushed and lips curved into a smile that could only be called naughty.

The steward had seen them both enter the lavatory and had known what they were doing. Rather than try to stop them, he had merely smiled. They were both nice men, easy on the eyes and hadn't been hurting anyone. Their little girl was sweet as could be. She was sleeping and hadn't even noticed they'd been gone.

Just before the FASTEN SEATBELTS sign came on, the steward walked by the men and placed something on Tony's tray before moving on. Eyebrows raised, Tony picked it up, then laughed when he saw what he held. It was a set of captain's wings like they sometimes gave kids.

"Look, boss, I've earned my wings."

"That you did, DiNozzo." Gibbs never looked up from the magazine he was reading, but a small smile curved his lips.

The flight was coming in to land, and the captain made the announcement. The steward came by once more before moving to buckle himself in.

"Welcome to the Mile High Club," he said in passing.

Tony smiled, and Gibbs patted his leg.

After disembarking they found their driver. Abby had at the last minute arranged for a limo to pick them up to take them to the hotel and then around for the day. After getting to the hotel Tony called the number for the lady there in Columbus, Ohio, where they'd flown into. After talking to the lady for a few minutes, they had directions to her office and they were off. They had the limo drop them off. They had the driver give them his cell number so he could go do something else rather than wait on them since they had no idea how long they would be, but he had nothing planned and intended to wait.

They went up to the second floor of the Child Services office and waited in the waiting area till a lady about six-feet tall came out.

"Mr. DiNozzo?"

"Yes." Tony looked scared.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Lucy Suger."

"Hello. Please call me Tony. This is my husband, Jethro Gibbs, and our daughter, Jenny."

"Nice to meet the both of you. Miss Parks told me a little about you. So let's go back to my office."

They followed her back.

"Would you like your daughter to wait out here or come in?"

"Peanut, what do you want?"

"To go in with you."

"Okay, honey."

Tony let them all go in, then he went in last. They all took a seat.

"Well Mr., I mean Tony, I'm sorry to have to bring you here under little or no info, but let me just put it out there. About ten years ago you donated sperm to the one sperm bank here in Ohio while you were at college. Am I correct?"

"Yeah, it was easier then giving blood. I hate needles."

Gibbs had no clue what Tony was talking about but just put his hand on Tony's leg in a show of support.

"Okay, good, then we have found the correct person. We had contacted your father. I guess we didn't get very far; we got hung up on."

"Yeah, they disowned me."

"I'm sorry to hear that. Well, let me get to the point. You have a son."

Tony's mouth went dry and fell open. Gibbs didn't know what to say, and Jenny, not paying much attention, now was looking at her dads and their reactions.

"Excuse me?" Gibbs said.

"I imagine this might be a bit of a shock for you."

"Dad, how can you have a son? I thought I was-"

"Not sure, Peanut, let's find out." Tony touched his daughter to show he was okay and to give her support since she had a look of mixed feelings on her face.

"Well, this is a little complicated, really. Okay. Linda Bear, the mother of the child, well she was helping at the sperm donor clinic and, well the only way to put it, is she stole your donation. She impregnated herself. See, she was on a work program for the mentally ill. She was functional, nothing major, just clinically depressed I'm told. Well, after they found out they were going to give the baby up for adoption and we never would have found out, but the mother died during childbirth."

Tony started to hyperventilate.

"Dad, you okay?" Jenny asked worriedly, looking at Tony while Gibbs rubbed his back.

"Breathe, honey, breathe slow. Come on, you can do it, I know you can, there you go, that's better."

"Dad." Jenny was getting even more scared now.

"Dad is fine, honey, he is just in shock like all of us." Gibbs turned back to the lady behind the desk. "So why call us?"

"The mother died, like I said, and she had no family or none that came forward when we tried to locate them. The mental ward had no next of kin. She had checked herself in about five years ago and never had a visitor. When we went looking for the baby's next of kin and we ran DNA, we found a match, well, partial match to one Anthony DiNozzo."

"So you're telling us that some nutball stole his sperm, knocked herself up and died during labor. Where is the child now?"

"Well, first off, the baby is a healthy baby boy, all ten toes and fingers. He is right now in the maternity ward at the local hospital. He is three weeks old."

"Three weeks."

"Yes, sir. Tracking Tony wasn't easy. After getting his father we then tried his job, which was listed as NCIS, and they said that he was no longer with them. It took us a while. Then we contacted child services in Virginia in hopes of finding you and Miss Parks knew the name right away and gave me a call and then in turn put me in touch with you."

"What will happen with the child?" Gibbs asked since Tony was still focused on trying to breathe.

"That will all depend on Tony here. If he wants custody, I have the paperwork ready and you can leave today with the child. If not I have paperwork as well to put him up for adoption."

"He has no mommy," Jenny said.

"Nope, honey, she died giving birth to-" Gibbs stopped "-does the boy have a name?"

"No, we've been calling him John but it is just around the office and hospital."

"Can we see him?" Tony got out.

"Honey, you sure?"


"I know, honey, just have to make sure." Turning to his daughter. "You okay, Jenny?"

"Not sure, Daddy, what's going on?"

"Well, if I'm understanding this correctly, and Linda please let me know, Tony gave some of himself, the stuff to make babies, so other people could have children who had trouble making them a long time ago. That stuff was stolen and someone made a little child. That person died and now there is a baby boy in the world who is Tony's biological son. Linda just said that if Tony wants him, he will be our child, and you would have a baby brother."

"Like Steph has a brother and two sisters?"

"Yes, just like that, Sunshine."

"What will happen to me?"

"Nothing, Peanut," Tony assured her, "we both love you and will always love you. No one can take you away from us. The judge said so, remember?"

"Yes." Jenny was a little shaken.

"So can we see him?" Tony asked again.

"Yes. I can meet you over at the hospital."

"We'll give you a ride." Gibbs got up, helping Tony to his feet.

"Sunshine, let's get Dad out to the limo, okay?"

"Yes, Daddy." Jenny helped Tony.

Linda Suger followed them and rode over to the hospital with them. They got there and got visitor badges. They went up to the 5th floor and the nurses knew Linda. They went into an empty room. Tony sat in the chair with Gibbs behind him. Jenny was in another chair. A nurse much like Beth back home came in with a rolling clear crib.

"I will be right out here if you need anything, okay?"

"Thank you, ma'am," Gibbs said.

Jenny got up and looked at the baby. He had Tony's eyes and a light amount of hair that was very light.

"He's weird looking, all wrinkly."

Gibbs walked over and pulled the crib closer to Tony. Linda was in the hall talking to the nurse.

"Want to hold him?"

"No, I can't, I'll hurt him."

"Honey, don't be silly. You'll be fine. Just hold his body and head. See, like this." Gibbs picked up the sleeping baby; he didn't wake at all. Tony was looking at his lover holding his own flesh and blood. This was a sight to hold onto forever.


"No, I-"

Tony was handed the baby and was now holding the small life form. Tony melted. The boy moved and his little mouth was smacking a little, then he was still again.

"Oh, God, Jethro."

"Okay, Jenny can I talk to you over here, please?"

"Yes, Daddy."

It was obvious Jenny was jealous. Gibbs took her across the room.

"Okay, this is a family decision, and we will respect your wishes. We all have to agree with this. Are you okay with us adopting another child and having a baby brother?"

"What about me? Will you still love me?"

Gibbs hugged the little girl hard but not hurting her.

"With all our hearts, honey, and never doubt that. I'm not going to lie, Sunshine, it will seem that we love the baby more but that is only because he cannot do anything for himself, where you're a lot older and can do almost everything for yourself now. But no matter what, we love you just the same now as we loved you the day we met you if not more. Our love for you will only grow, and I think you will be a great big sister." Gibbs pulled away and looked into the little girl's eyes.

"Can I hold him?"

"Yes, but hold him like I showed Tony how to hold him, okay?"


Jenny sat in the empty chair and Tony brought him over to Jenny and helped her hold the little baby. The baby's arm moved and his fingers clasped onto one of Jenny's fingers.

"He is so cute," she said in awe, instantly smitten it would seem.

"Yes, Peanut, he is. So do we all agree with raising him?"

"Can we call him Matt?"

"How about Matthew Leroy DiNozzo-Gibbs?" Tony said and got a smile from his lover.

"Okay, I like that name. It is kind of like yours, Daddy."

"Yup, it is. Now, I'm going out there and talking to the lady. You look after Matt and Tony, okay?"

"Okay, Daddy."

Tony was glowing. His son, his biological son. Now his and Gibbs' son and Jenny's little brother. How will things change now?

Gibbs went out to the hall and talked to the lady, who seemed very happy. She walked back in with Gibbs and the nurse.

"Okay, honey, let me just take him and get him ready to leave, and I think he looks like a Matt." The nurse wheeled the baby out.

The whole family was happy and beaming with joy.

"Okay, I just need Tony to sign a few things."

Tony walked over and signed all the papers in front of him but only after Gibbs read them all. Tony was too worked up to read and know what he was doing right then.

"Okay, thank you all, and I hope you have a nice life. I'll take a cab back to the office. Within the next four to six weeks you'll have official paperwork certified and mailed to your house with the official birth certificate. Again, I'm happy you chose to raise the little youngen." Linda shook their hands and walked out.

"Boss, what, where...?"

"Don't worry, we'll call Abby and she'll have a nursery set up when we get home. These are our friends; they'll have it all done and ready for when we bring our children home."

He picked Jenny up. She was getting too big, but he needed to show her that they still did love her. After hugs from them all she was put back down and the nurse came back in with a bag.

"Okay, we gave you a few diapers and a few bottles of formula as well. Here is an approved safety carrier and car seat built into one."


"Thank you, ma'am."

"No, thank you. I'm just glad to see him go to a loving family, and I can tell that this is a loving family."

She walked out leaving the baby in the baby carrier they'd given them along with the diaper bag. The family walked out and to the limo. They were going to make a stop and pick up a few more things at the store. The stopped and picked up more formula and a few things of newborn diapers as well as some clothing. They stopped at Babies-r-us and then went over to Kids-r-us and got Jenny something to make her feel better. They also got a better safety car seat and carrier that locked and could be used for both and highchair into the stroller as well.

"Abby...Yes, we're fine. Well, better than fine...How about you do us a favor...Good, talk to Ducky about what a newborn baby will need and go out and buy it...Yes, there is a spare card in my gun case and you know where the key is...Yes, well, we have a son now as well...She's fine. I'll let you talk to her in a moment...Yes, like I said, talk to Ducky and get whatever he says, clothing, furniture, whatever, okay...Thanks, Abs. Here, Jenny..." Gibbs handed the phone to Jenny.

"Hi, Aunt Abby...Yes, he is so weird looking and cute. He held my finger...Yes, we named him Matt...Yes, they let me pick it out...No, I'm okay. Daddy said they love me just the same and that yes it might seem like they love Matt more but only because he can not do anything for himself...Yes...Thank you, Aunt Abby...Yes." Jenny moved the phone away from her head. "Dad, when are we going home?"

"The plane leaves tomorrow at noon."

"Noon, Aunt Abby, tomorrow...Okay." Jenny handed the phone to Tony.

"Hey, Abs...Yes. Long story short but he is my biological son...Yes, I agree with you...We'll see you tomorrow, and thanks again, honey." Tony hung up the phone and handed it to Gibbs.