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The Negotiator: Breathless

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by TexasAries


I told my wife that I needed some time alone before the big holiday, and try somehow to make sense of the betrayal and deceit that had surrounded me. Sure I was clear of murder and corruption but that doesn't excuse how stupid I felt when everything came to light.

How could I not know what was going on?

No I promised myself that this weekend I wasn't going to think about. So pushing those thoughts to the back of my mind I lit the final candle and turn to survey the cabin. Liking how the candlelight glowed off the finished logs turning them a beautiful honey color.

The fire was warming the room to a toast temperature and the bed that I have set in front of it will leave Sabian no doubt as to what will happen this weekend.

Those months of recovery of being drawn together time and time again and not being able to let go had lead both of us to this moment and time. Both Chris and I would never do anything to hurt our wives, who we love beyond life itself, but this attraction between the two of us is driving us mad.

Every time I had seen him, I promised that it would be the last but I couldn't. It was like I was driven to see him, to be near him and if I couldn't something told me that I would go mad. So I would seek him out or he me, both of us making excuses that fool neither of us.

This need we have for each other was creeping into our lives and affecting both of our marriages. I don't want to loose Karen and I doubt that Chris wanted to lose his wife either so something will have to break.

So I called Chris and told him where I was going this weekend and that it was time to settle things between us.

He didn't say anything but he knew what I met.

Now it was up to him.

Crouching down I threw a couple of more logs onto the fire when I heard his car and I straightened suddenly nervous and didn't have a clue as to what I should do.

It seemed like forever before I heard the slam of his car door and his first step onto the front porch. I fretfully straighten my sweeter as I heard him taking the three steps to the cabin door before he paused once again. I could very well imagine him standing outside debating with himself.

Should he go in or leave?

Breathlessly I watched as the latch clicked open and he walked in.