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Wind Beneath My Wings (a video script)

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Wind Beneath My Wings
A Video Script
By Tiffany

*** Opening Segment ***

Setting: Fort Owen, stockade (Trial by Fire)
Scene: Hannibal, Face, and BA stand against bars of their cells.
..........Hannibal: I'm worried about Murdock.
..........BA: What about Murdock?
..........Face: I mean, as far as they're concerned. he's just our chopper pilot.
*** It must have been cold there in my shadow, ***

Setting: LA Courier Express, archives room (Mexican Slayride)
Scene: Zack shows Amy newspaper clippings of the team. Top clipping reads, "Three Commando Team Commit Hanoi Bank Robberies"

Setting: VA, Murdock's room (Firing Line)
Scene: Nurse picks up one of the many newspapers on Murdock's bed, all with the same headline: "A-Team to be Executed".

*** to never have sunlight on your face. ***

Setting: VA, Richter's office (The Doctor is Out)
Scene: Dr. Richter tries to get Murdock to talk about reality.
..........Richter: ...start with the A-Team.
..........Murdock: I don't know.
..........Richter and Murdock together: ...what you're talking about.

*** You were content to let me shine, ***

Setting: The set of Uncle Buckle-Up children's show (Uncle Buckle-Up)
Scene: Hannibal finishes rehearsing as the bear. Murdock cheers his performance.

*** that's your way. ***

Setting: Boxing ring (Champ!)
Scene: Murdock gives BA a pep talk.

*** You always walked a step behind. ***

Setting: San Marcos, saloon (Sheriffs of Rivertown)
Scene: Face tells Murdock to watch his back, Murdock does.
..........Murdock: Your back, it's looking good.
*** So, I was the one with all the glory, ***

Setting: Airport (The White Ballot)
Scene: Face, as Joe Morgan, is greeted by the town as a hero come home.

*** while you were the one with all the strength. ***

Setting: Carolina hills (Holiday in the Hills)
Scene: The guys watch Murdock fly off in his ultra-light.
..........BA: Man's crazy.
..........Face: Yeah, but it's a good kind of crazy.

*** A beautiful face without a name, ***

Setting: Outside sheriff's office (Cowboy George)
Scene: Murdock parts the crowd. He is dressed as a pregnant woman, and bats his eyes a lot.

Setting: Military base (Cup A' Joe)
Scene: For scam to obtain an explosives sniffing dog, Murdock has on a metal mask and wearing long black, rubber gloves.

*** for so long. ***

Setting: Amazon, the found Lost City of Del Rio (The Bend in the River)
Scene: Murdock hides behind old mask while teasing BA.

*** A beautiful smile to hide the pain. ***

(Quick flash to each smile scene)
Setting: The watermelon grower's house, on the driveway (West Coast Turnaround)
Scene: Murdock stands in the middle of the opposition's crowd, holding Billy's leash. He rocks on his feet and gives them his 'I'm crazy' smile.

Setting: San Marcos (Theory of Revolution)
Scene: Murdock watches Face with a queer grin, just before proclaiming Face a Baying Wolf.

Setting: VA, doctor's office (The Beast in the Belly of a Boeing)
Scene: Just after the doctor forces Murdock's release. Murdock smiles and bats his eyes at his doc after requesting the doctor to keep a room for him.
*** Did you ever know that you're my hero, ***

Setting: Van (Cup A' Joe)
Scene: While waiting for Murdock to sabotage a semi truck, Face talks animatedly of the many layers of Murdock.

Setting: Las Vegas, hotel room (The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas)
Scene: Murdock turns and asks a mathematically technical question.
Cut to scene: Face smiles at Murdock's knowledge.

*** and everything I would like to be? ***

(Quick flash to each scene in this setting, then to next setting/scene)
Setting: Crystal Lake, on the dock (Incident at Crystal Lake)
Scene: Murdock fishes with dummy for company.
Quick cut to scene: Face tries fishing with the dummy.

Setting: Apartment (Mind Games)
Scene: Face has on Murdock's jacket, pretends to be Murdock.

*** I can fly higher than an eagle, ***

Setting: Warehouse (The Beast from the Belly of a Boeing)
Scene: The team discusses their plans to get on the hijacked plane.
..........BA: I ain't flying, Hannibal.
..........Hannibal: BA, you're going to be ground crew on this one. You're little red tenny's will never leave the asphalt.

*** for you are the wind beneath my wings. ***

Setting: In the 'belly' of the Boeing (The Beast from the Belly of a Boeing)
Scene: BA tries to jump out of the plane while it makes its take-off.
Murdock plows into him as the hatch shuts.

Quick cut to scene: Boeing in the air.
*** It might have appeared to go unnoticed, ***

Setting: Venezuela, fake crash site (In Plane Sight)
Scene: Face punches Murdock, BA and Hannibal catch him.

Setting: Beachfront house, back porch (The Doctor is Out)
Scene: BA leaves the patio in a hurry. Murdock runs after him.

*** but I've got it all here in my heart. ***

Setting: VA, outside grounds (Curtain Call)
Scene: BA turns his back on Murdock, and smiles conspiratorially at the others.

Setting: Somewhere on the road (Alive at Five)
Scene: Face holds the watch Murdock had just given him, a stunned look on his face.

*** I want you to know I know the truth, ***

Setting: Inside work compound (Bad Day on the Border)
Scene: Face and BA are in converted vehicle, newly rescued Hannibal stands next to them.
Hannibal: Alright, now. Whose plan was this?
..........Face: Not mine.
..........BA: Not mine.
..........Hannibal: Then whose?
..........Face: Murdock.

*** of course I know it. ***

Setting: Inside work/slave compound (Bad Day on the Border)
Scene: BA confirms it was Murdock's idea. Hannibal looks at the sky in the direction Murdock's chopper was last seen, considering.

*** I would be nothing without you. ***

Setting: Clayton ranch (Curtain Call)
Scene: Russ Clayton pulls out a gun. Murdock shouts a warning, and jumps between the gun and Hannibal.
*** Did you ever know that you're my hero, ***

Setting: The Golden Pagoda (The Maltese Cow)
Scene: BA puts on Murdock's felt hat.

Setting: Garage (Waste 'Em)
Scene: BA holds up the studded black glove he calls 'Big Lefty'.

*** and everything I would like to be? ***

Setting: Gino's Restaurant, back door (The Big Squeeze)
Scene: Murdock and Hannibal get into mock fight with Irish accents, each trying to make himself taller than the other.

Setting: Carolina hills, crash site (Holiday in the Hills)
Scene: Guys are holding off the locals without anymore ammo.
..........Face: Hannibal, sometimes I think you're crazier than Murdock.

*** I can fly higher than an eagle, ***

Setting: Florida, prison courtyard (Pros and Cons)
Scene: Hannibal has an impressed look as his trash bag air balloon lifts into the air.

*** for you are the wind beneath my wings. ***

Setting: In the air, cockpit (The Beast from the Belly of a Boeing)
Scene: Murdock, blinded, talks Hannibal through piloting and landing the plane.
*** You are the wind beneath my wings ***

Setting: Wild-west show ground (Showdown!)
Scene: Hannibal, arm draped around Murdock, tries to cheer Murdock up.
..........Hannibal: See?
..........Murdock: What?
..........Hannibal: Well, now, there are great, famous, but unknown heroes.