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Seeing Things

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: This is for the ApolloStarbuckFic newbie 5 minute challenge.

TITLE: Seeing Things
AUTHOR: Tartlet McNawty, presented by Brimstone Harpy


“Tell me I’m seeing things,” Starbuck stated, as she stopped in her tracks only a few paces into the showering facility.


Apollo was *dancing*. Very enthusiastically. In only a towel. And *singing*.


The not-entirely-off-key verses of a popular dance tune ricocheted off the tiles as he shimmied and bounced energetically around the empty room.


‘Is there a gas leak?’ she wondered, trying to figure out what would make her stoic CAG turn into a disco diva. He couldn’t always act like this when he thought he was alone, could he?


As the final note of his performance echoed off the tiles, Lee whipped the towel off and flung it away in a fit of abandon. Kara did the only thing she could.


*clap, clap, clap, clap*