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All Better

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All Better
by Peja

It happened so quickly James had no way of stopping the cascading events. Marc had crept up on him, playing his host persona, never a good thing when it wasn't part of the scripted unscripted scene. He'd tip-toed up from behind, giggling silently to himself as he got closer and closer to the busy carpentry team of James, the Aussie jokester, and the ever lovely Sparky. Both carpenters were deeply engrossed in the project they'd been fumbling over and didn't notice the other man's stealthy approach.

Until Marc had sprang at them with one of his trademark hops.

In mid swing of his hammer, James startled, his hand moved just enough to throw his well aimed heavy strike of hammer to nail head, instead catching the vulnerable thumb he'd been holding the nail steady with.

Crying out a blue streak of cuss words, he dropped the hammer, grabbing up his injured thumb and stomping, hopping as if he could elude the agonized pain throbbing through his flesh.

Marc screamed something about getting help and streaked away toward the area that had been set up for setwork.

Sparky was at his side in an instant. "Let me see." he tried to capture the flopping hand once, twice, finally gathering James' hand to his own chest on the third try. "James, let me see it."

Drawing a deep breath, James met his concerned gaze with his own watery one. "Freaking hurts."

Sparky gave him a reassuring smile, then examined the injured thumb. "The skins not broken. Can you bend it?"

James grit his teeth and wriggled his still throbbing thumb. "Yeah."

Sparky sent him another smile, that quickly turned smoldering, stealing James' breath away with its intensity. James did not move when Sparky lifted James' thumb to his lips and caressed it with a tender kiss. "All better."

James' was suddenly smiling broadly, cockily. "Not quite." He gathered Sparky in his good arm and captured that luscious mouth beneath his own. Sparky melted into the kiss, taking, giving, reeling in the new emotions spinning both men out of control. When they finally parted, they remained linked by the intense messages crossing back and forth between their gazes, until James finally found his words. "Now I'm all better."

Sparky cupped the other man's cheek, chuckling darkly. "It can only get better."