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    Upon seeing a very young Clark Kent walking down the road one balmy spring evening, Brenda Starr, driving through Smallville, is immediately enchanted.

    Fandom: SMALLVILLE and BRENDA STARR, REPORTER cross-over
    Pairings: Clark/Brenda Starr; Clark/Other Male
    Rating and Warnings: FRAO (Contains graphic, consensual adult-minor sexual descriptions; underage drinking; kinks; several references to male-male sex; strong language; threesome implied)
    Categories: Hetero. fiction and some slash; AU; First Time
    Spoilers for: None

    Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Clark Kent and Brenda Starr. Clark Kent is an original creation of Jerome Siegel and Joe Shuster. The character is the property of DC Comics and Millar/Gough. Brenda Starr is an original creation of Dale Messick and is owned by the CHICAGO TRIBUNE SYNDICATE. The current writer for the comic strip BRENDA STARR, REPORTER is Mary Schmich. There may be other corporate entities, which I have unknowingly left out, that also have, in full or in part, copyright or usage license rights to each of these characters. No copyright infringement is intended here and I will not be making any money from this piece. I wrote it purely for entertainment. Enjoy!

    (Author's Note: Clark Kent is described differently here than actor Tom Welling. That is intended and I hope readers are able to fully enjoy this piece anyway.
    I wish to extend my deepest thanks to Goddess Minx, who proofread this story and provided me with very helpful suggestions. You're the best, Goddess Minx!
    This story may be archived on any and all sites that are deemed appropriate for fics such as this one. Please just inform me first of where else, besides this WWOMB site, you are archiving it. I gladly welcome any positive, genuine feedback. No flames please. Thank you.)