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The Floppy Secret

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The Floppy Secret


Brian sat watching the classic movie. He was mouthing the words along with Marlon Brando. He was expecting Justin to come by tonight that is why he had stayed home. He had packed up the computer and pieces that went with it for Justin to take. He had worked out in his mind every excuse that he could use to get Justin to accept the tuition and computer but he hoped that Justin would just accept them. He had eaten his dinner and was almost though the movie when he heard the noise at the door.

Brian turned as Justin pulled open the door then looked back at the TV. Brian ask, "Are you coming in?" when he realize that Justin wasn't moving from the door.

Justin finally pulled the door close and stepped toward Brian. "Brian, I can't accept it," started Justin.

"Accept what?" Brian asked

Justin replied "The tuition"

"Is someone else covering it?" asked Brian.

"No" said Justin

"We made a deal for me to pay it and for you to pay me back with interest. A deal is a deal," answered Brian as he turned to look at Justin.

Justin just nodded his head then turned to leave.

"You're forgetting something" said Brian.

Justin turned back "Thank You"

Brian said "Not that, That" as he pointed to the box with the computer in it.

Justin looked at the box "That's your computer"

"You need it for school and I have a new one on the way. I also have my laptop." Said Brian.

"Thanks Brian" and Justin reached down picking up the box with the computer and things in it. Justin left as Brian finished watching the movie.

Brian sat there staring at the TV when the movie stopped. His mind flashing back first to the college and paying the tuition. Brian asking the counselor "please let Justin think it's his father that had paid it especially if Ethan is with Justin." Brian also asked that she call when Justin stopped by to check on the tuition and she did call this afternoon. Brian wanted to be home when Justin came by. Next he jumps to coming home and hurrying to pack the computer. The case of floppies had fallen on the floor with a few sliding across the floor. One floppy caught his eye. On the label was B T n A / F N. Brian had set it in his laptop bag. He knew he should have put it back with the rest but it was the only one with no words just letters. He hoped he could get a chance to look at it before Justin realized that it was gone. Brian had figured he would check it out then put it under the chair edge so Justin could find it as if it had fallen there.

Brian snapped back to the present. He put the DVD away and turned the TV off. He picked up his laptop and sat it on the desk. Pulling the floppy out he put it in the drive. Opening explorer he clicked on the drive. The listing showed one document. Brian clicked on the document to open it but instead of it opening he got a screen asking for a password. Brian tried several before giving up on it for the moment. Taking out the floppy and putting it in his bag, Brian turned back to the laptop and started working on the file he needed for tomorrow. Several hours later Brian put the laptop away and went to bed.


Justin walked into the apartment with the box. He sat it down over in the corner out of the way. He heard Ethan in the bathroom and was hoping that he wouldn't notice the box until Justin could figure a way to tell him about it. He would have to tell about going to see Brian and why or lie about how he ended up with the computer. He had promised himself that he wouldn't lie to Ethan the way he had to Brian. Justin wasn't sure what he would say about the tuition; after all it was a loan.

Justin turns and looks at the table. It was set for dinner with two white candles, wine glasses, plates and everything. Ethan had worked hard on this dinner Justin could tell. What was he going to do? Ethan walked out of the bathroom and straight to Justin giving him a very passionate kiss. Justin sat down as Ethan went in the kitchen getting the food. They had a wonderful dinner then worked on their schoolwork before heading to bed. Justin lay there thinking how lucking he was that Ethan hadn't noticed the box. Justin told himself that tomorrow he would explain that Brian was loaning the tuition to him and that there was a contract for him to pay it back with interest.

The next morning they had late classes so they were just lying in the bed for sometime after waking. Ethan finally turned and looked at Justin "are you going to tell me how you got the computer? I tried to wait for you to tell me."

Justin sat up "I went by Brian's last night. He is the one that paid the tuition, not my father. I know I should have told you at the college but I had to make sure. I went by to tell him I couldn't accept it. He reminded me that it is just a loan. We have a contract for him to pay the tuition and me to pay him back with interest so I just said thank you. I started to leave when he said that I had forgotten the computer and that he had order a new high tech one for himself. I knew he would just throw it out if I left it so I took it. Are you ok with it?"

"Do you love me, Justin?" asked Ethan.

"Yes, you know I do," answered Justin.

Ethan answered, "I hate that Brian is still so much a part of your life. I can live with it" and he reached out pulling Justin to him. They kissed. Later they headed of for school.

Justin was working at the diner so he had no time to unpack the computer. It was two days later before Justin found a place for the computer to be in the apartment. It was another day before he had time in the apartment alone to check the floppies. He was sure it had been in there. The rest of the floppies that he had left behind were there. Brian wouldn't have searched them; he never had before but where was it. Justin knew he had to find it. Justin had to get to the diner. He would go by Brian's after work, maybe it had just fallen on the floor. Brian would be a Babylon.

Justin ran as fast as he could to Brian's and up the stairs.


Brian sat at the new computer that he had brought the day after Justin took the old one. He had a friend that was into hacking put a password-breaking program on the machine the night before as He couldn't figure out the password. He had just put the floppy in the drive and clicked to open the drive when Justin walked in.

Justin saw what was on the screen "Brian, I never thought you would do it. If you really need to see the document, try 'virgin'."

Brian turned looking at Justin "I dropped the case on the floor and this one's label was so different. I just had to check it out. Why just the letters?"

Justin walked over, feeling the weight of the secret and sat on the couch. "Brian, I found that floppy after the bashing when I was helping Mom pack. It had a different label at the time. I opened the document and read it. I realized that I had written it the day after you took my virginity. I wrote all the things you told me that night about yourself. I didn't remember doing it but knew what I had and that it was dangerous for you. It still is. I can't protect you. I have to leave. I can't live life on your terms." Justin stood up and started for the door.

"Please wait" said Brian and turned to the computer closing the screen he handed the floppy to Justin "Give it back to me when you think I can handle it. I trust you with it and with my life. Bye Justin" and added as the door closed in a quiet whisper "I do love you."

Justin left with the floppy and the secrets that Brian can't even tell himself. The secrets that only Justin can know. The secrets that Chris almost took from him. The secrets that were once again safe with Justin for only he knew what the letters mean.

B T n A / F N
Brian talks no art / first night