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By Prodigette

Eric rolled over in his bed while muttering something about ducks in his sleep. Jack was looking up at the ceiling, wide awake. For the past two weeks, Eric has kept him up by talking in his sleep. Jack finally had enough of it. Getting up from his own bed, he walked over to where Eric was sleeping and sat down.




"Little duckies....swim....swim..."


Eric sat right up in the bed with his eyes wide. "Huh? Wha? Huh?"

Eric could only slightly see Jack because of the moonlight that was shining through the window blinds. He felt the weight on the bed, and smelled the familiar cologne and laid back on the bed in relief. Jack reached over to the nightstand beside the bed and turned on the lamp light. He noticed that Eric was sleeping shirtless, but shook off the thoughts of it.

"You were talking in your sleep *again*."

"Was it the duckies?"

"It was definitely the duckies. Man, you've got to sleep on the couch." Jack gave an exasperated sigh and ran a hand over spiky dark blond hair. Looking at the clock, it was 2:35 in the morning. He was thankful that it was a Sunday.

Eric looked him up and down and propped himself up on his shoulders to look at his friend. "*Me* sleep on the couch? No way. The duckies and me are staying here in *our* room! My friend, *you* can sleep on the couch."

"No, you!"

"*No!* You!"

"NO, YOU!" Jack yelled.

"GUYS! SHUT UP!" Rachel's loud yell was heard several feet away from their room.

Both men stuck their tongues out each other in a "She's talking to you" way. Eric crossed his arms and turned his head away from Jack. It reminded the other man of a petulant little boy.

"Ugh! Fine! Like I want to hear your little animal sound effects again." Jack said, getting up to get a pillow and comforter.

Eric turned his head to look at him and rolled his eyes. "Oh *right*!Like your dreams about Spike are *so* much better." Jack's jaw dropped, and he blushed slightly. "Yeah! You talk in your sleep sometimes, too! And when you're awake!"

"Spike! Ohhh Spike." Eric mimicked in a lower voice.

Jack bit his lower lip to stifle a groan, a look flashing in his hazel eyes. Eric saw his roommate's actions and tilted his head slightly in curiosity. Jack turned three shades of red and walked closer to Eric's bed. Pointing a finger at him, he tried to keep his voice low. "I told you, h-he was *killing* me! *Only* killing me. Nothing more."

Eric was totally quiet, looking him up and down again.

"What?" Jack asked, feeling a bit self-conscious. Eric didn't say anything, but he began crawling on the bed towards Jack.

"Dude, stop it. You're freaking me out. You didn't watch 'Carrie' again, did you?"

Eric shook his head, blonde hair moving along with him. "You like Spike. It must be the German accent, huh?" Jack gave a look that said 'I won't even comment' and sat on the edge of the bed. Brown eyes focused on hazel ones. Eric then leaned in with his lips to Jack's ear, breathing into it a little. Jack bit his lip again, and began to shudder.

"Xander's better."

Jack pulled back to look at him and furrowed his eyebrows. "No way! Xander is... almost cute. Those eyes are too creepy. Now Spike... he's just sexy. Not to mention a lot funnier."

"No! Xander!"


"I said Xander!"

"I said SPIKE!!!"

A banging on the wall interrupted their argument. "DON'T MAKE ME COME IN THERE!!!" Rachel screamed.

Both men looked at each other silently. Jack got up and walked to his own bed, settling in while looking to where Eric was.

"Could you blame me if I slept with you?"

Eric flashed a smile and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. "Not really. I mean, me being handsome and all... "

"No, not because of that. You know how Rachel is when she's cranky. I don't like getting beat up by redheaded Amazonian babes anymore than you do."

"Hey buddy, enjoy it! She's strong and could crush you, but you get to touch her skin!"

"Man, you really scare me."