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Joxer's Revenge

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Title: Joxer's Revenge 1/9
Author: Stephanie M wicciangirl51@...
Disclaimer: Any characters from the Xena Warrior Princess television show belong to RenPics and all.
Pairing: A/J (eventually), X/G

Part 1

Joxer trailed behind the two women once again questioning his decision to help Ares keep an eye on his daughter. Ever since he had joined up with Xena, he had been treated like dirt, not that he did anything to the stop the women. But how could he say no to the one person he could honestly call a friend?

A sound nearby caused the small party to stop suddenly. Joxer, feeling that something was wrong ignored Xena and Gabrielle and approached the sound. Joxer stopped in a mix of shock and horror at the sight before him.

A man was lying on the ground, although the face was covered in blood Joxer knew the identity of the man. It was Ares, he could tell that Ares was badly hurt but what worried him the most was the fact that Ares hadn't gone to his temple to heal.

Ignoring the women who had moved closer while he was staring at Ares' body, Joxer quickly moved forward. Cradling the man's head in his lap, Joxer brushed the bloody locks from his beloved's head. Joxer knew that only one man could have done this Zeus, in that moment Joxer made a vow to make the God pay for what he had done. No one was allowed to hurt his beloved.

The anger, rage and hatred in Joxer's eyes made Xena stop in shock, in that moment she could see that Jett's bloodthirsty rage wasn't that far below the surface, obviously Joxer had the same deadly abilities and anger as his brother. At that moment, Xena gulped hard, feeling sorry for whoever was on the receiving end of Joxer's anger.

As Xena moved closer she could make out some of the words Joxer was whispering, the love in his voice, bringing tears to her eyes.

Guilt flooded him, if only he had gotten here just a little earlier. Joxer whispered into Ares' ear, "Oh Res, what happened this time? I promise you they'll pay for hurting you, love. I swear it, my beautiful Res. I'll look after you. I'm sorry I didn't get here in time."

Joxer turned at the feeling of someone moving closer, ready to protect what was his. Few people saw behind the image of the fool he had perfected which made it all the easier in a fight. Joxer's smile changed, unconsciously imitating a grin he had seen on Ares' face shortly before the God had disappeared into battle.

At the bloodthirsty look on his face Xena stilled, she had to get to the man on the floor but she didn't know what this new Joxer was capable of doing. Moving her hands in a sign of surrender, Xena moved forward careful not to make any aggressive moves towards the man, Res, knowing that Joxer would try to attack her if she did.

Once she had finished dressing the worst of the wounds Xena turned towards Joxer, who hadn't let go of the other man's hand the whole time. She realised that Joxer cared deeply for this man and perhaps even loved him just as much if not more than she loved Gabrielle.
Ares was slowly regaining consciousness; a feeling of safety and security was all around him. He knew that he was safe to heal, away from his father. Ares slowly opened his eyes, seeing nothing but Joxer's concerned face looking back at him. Ares smiled knowing that he was with his friend.

"I found you then, Jox. I'm guessing you know what happened." Ares stated not wanting to say the words.

"I know, I suppose the only question is how do I get revenge?" Joxer replied, his voice serious, a grin on his face as he thought of ways to terrorise Zeus. Although he knew what he was going to do to Ares' father he didn't quite know how he could get the older God alone.

"I'm guessing that you know him, right Joxer?" Gabrielle asked intruding on the private moment. She pouted as he ignored her, thinking to herself by the Gods he was supposed to be worshiping her

"Joxer, we need to move him, do you know anywhere safe around here?" Xena said softly as she fixed the stranger to a makeshift stretcher.

"Follow me but be careful with him." Joxer replied, his eyes promising death to Xena if Ares was hurt further.
With one last look back, Joxer walked through the forest, apparently not following any path but with a determination that made the others follow him. After about fifteen minutes Joxer stopped at a tree and moved his hand up to the fourth branch and pulled.

Within seconds there was a hum as a door appeared in the dense trees in front of the group. Joxer walked inside waiting for the others to follow, as he walked towards the bedrooms.

"What is this place?" Xena asked as she placed the prone man on the bed, taking care not to reopen any of the wounds.

"It's my father's house now I'm going to call him." Joxer replied leaving the room, making Xena and Gabrielle stare after him in amazement.

"This can't be his family home we've more than ten days away from Corinth and this place was hidden." Gabrielle whined at Xena.

"Well I get the feeling that Joxer hasn't told us everything." Xena replied remembering the way Joxer had acted earlier.

Both the women jumped as the man on the bed started shouting deliriously, his voice full of pain, "JOX... JOX... NO...JOXER!"

Joxer ran into the room stopping Xena who was moving towards the man. In the blink of an eye Joxer at the man's side, tenderly stroking the man's head. "Its alright Res, I'm here, love. Dad's coming soon, I promise everything will be alright."

At his touch Ares calmed and fell back into a somewhat restless sleep, Joxer went to leave but found that Ares still had hold of his hand. Ares was burning up; Joxer could feel the heat from his position next to the bed.

"Dad, I need you. Res is hurt! Dad, it's bad." Joxer said into the room, surprising the women who looked at him like he was insane.

There was a flash of blue sparks as Hephasteus appeared concern on his face. Not looking at the other occupants of the room, he walked straight over to Ares. With a wave of his hand he healed the large gash on Ares' head and removed all signs of infection. Concentrating he searched for other injuries, anger burning in his eyes when he
discovered that Ares had been whipped and beaten. Healing the cuts he turned to his son expectantly knowing Joxer would have something to say about what had happened to Ares.

"It's great to see you dad. I take it you know what happened?" Joxer said, as his father walked over.

Hephaestus said with a sigh, "It was Zeus but from your face I can tell that you're not too surprised. I think its time to put that old plan of yours into action."

"Cool! Can you get Jett for me? He's still in prison, but since when has that bothered you." Joxer replied with a smile, he hadn't thought about the plan for at least twenty years.

"Stop, this must be a joke. Joxer is not the son of a God." Gabrielle said, obviously holding in laughter.

"He's my son, and I will not have you upsetting him, you blonde bimbo." Hephasteus said, angrily.

"Who's that on the bed then, Ares?" Gabrielle said bursting into laugher.

"Not that it matters but yes, its Ares." Joxer said as Jett appeared.

The two brothers hugged tightly, Jett moving to stand guard on Ares while the injured God slept, reaching out for Joxer. Joxer held onto Ares' hand and looked at the startled women.

"You two can stay here in one of the guest rooms. Dad, can you teleport them? I need to talk to you and Jett alone." Joxer said, smiling as the women disappeared in a flash of Sparks.

"I've locked them in their room. Now we can plan." Hephaestus said, grinning widely.

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Part 2

"Are you sure he's going to be alright?" Joxer asked his father worriedly, Ares looked far too pale.

"He's going to be back to his moody self in no time. How did you find him?" Hephaestus replied, taking a seat and smirking at the way Joxer kept looking over at Ares.

Joxer said dejectedly, "Oh, he was in the road a couple of miles away. I should have gotten there earlier, I knew something was wrong."

"He's going to be fine, chill bro." Jett said as he sat down, taking a few seconds to just enjoy being with his family.

"Are you sure you don't want me to get Jace?" Hephaestus asked; he didn't like separating the triplets, knowing they were stronger together.

Seeing Joxer was too busy thinking Jett answered, "Cupid asked him to help out on a little project, something about getting Iolaus and Iphicles together."

"Any idea just how we're going to do this?" Hephaestus asked thoughtfully, it was a fairly complicated plan.

Joxer said eagerly, "Yeah. Have you made the bracelets?"

Hephaestus smiled at his most impatient son, "They've been waiting ever since you first suggested the plan a couple of hundred years ago."

"Just checking, Dad (!)" Joxer said rolling his eyes, "Keep an eye on Zeus while we get the rest of our tools together?"

"Will do. You want me to see if your mom can help?" Hephaestus said knowing she would do anything to help her boys.

"That would be great. I'm going to look after Ares until he's well." Joxer said smiling at the thought of spending time with Ares.

It would take time to organise everything Hephaestus said, "We'll have to get him to his power centre, it's on a small island not far away. I'll take you and him there while we sort everything out."

"Okay, get the bracelet on Zeus as soon as possible. Then bring him to us, mom and Jett should come along as well." Joxer said, jumping from his seat as Ares started to moan quietly.

"What about the Xena and Gabrielle?" Hephaestus inquired, groaning when he saw the look on Jett's face.

"Can I play with them awhile? I won't hurt them permanently." Jett said, pouting.

Joxer snarled, "NO! It would upset Ares if you hurt Xena and I don't want him disturbed."

Jett retorted, "I was only asking (!) We going to take them with us?"

"We may have too. As long as they don't hurt Ares everything will be okay." Joxer said, with a wide grin.

"I'll have to go, Zeus is calling me." Hephaestus said with a regretful smile.

"Okay, we'll see you tomorrow?" Jett answered for the both of them.

"Tomorrow. Try not to cause too much trouble." Hephaestus said as he flashed out the room.

"I'm going to check I've got everything we need. Later, bro." Jett said as he hugged Joxer tightly before leaving the room.
Ares woke slowly, feeling safe and loved for the first time in centuries. He smiled widely, knowing just whom he was with. He frowned when he remembered what had happened, was Joxer in danger?

"Jox, is that you??" Ares asked his voice betraying his fear.

"Yes, it me." Joxer said squeezing Ares' hand to comfort him.

"Where are we?" Ares asked wanting to make sure they were safe at least for the moment.

Trying to calm the terrified Ares Joxer said soothingly, "Dad's place. Jett's next door checking he has everything. We're going to your power centre to rest for a while."

"You're up to something. Jox, what are you doing now?" Ares said as he looked at Joxer, seeing the anger, hate and love in the man's eyes.

"Jett and are just going to have a little talk with someone." Joxer answered evasively.

His voice getting louder and louder Ares said, "You never just have a little talk, normally you end up torturing whoever it is. Who are you going after this time? Not Zeus? Joxer, its too dangerous!"

"We've been planning this for centuries. He deserves it after everything he's done." Joxer said defensively.

Ares said softly, "I know, Jox. I just don't want you to get hurt."

"There's no way that's going to happen. Mom, dad and Jett will make sure of that." Joxer said with a grin.

"When are we getting out of here, Jox?" Ares asked, not wanting to take the risk of Zeus finding them. He knew that his father would probably kill Joxer if he had the chance, and, as a mortal Ares wouldn't be able to stop him.

"Tomorrow, we've just got a few preparations to make." Joxer said, trying to remember where he had hidden his favourite daggers.

"Okay, you want to help me out of here?" Ares said as he started to move from the bed.

"Stay there, Ares! Don't even think about getting out of that bed!" Joxer scolded Ares as the former god winced at the movement.

"Talk about moody (!) Ya know, I'm going to have to move sometime." Ares said with a grin, but he lay back on the bed. Thinking to himself that it was kind of nice the way Joxer was worried about him.

"Not until you've healed a little more. Dad healed as much as he could, but us mortals need time to rest after we get hurt." Joxer said with a small smile, trying not to let it show how much it had scared him when he had found Ares on the road.

"I tried to get away from him, but he was too strong. I'm sorry for upsetting you, Jox." Ares said apologetically, he had noticed the worry in Joxer's face. He had hurt Joxer, okay by accident but he had vowed never to hurt the man. He had loved Joxer for about two centuries now and had done his best to protect the young man.
"You okay?" Jett asked as he walked out into the garden, unsurprised to fin Joxer staring off into space.

"I'm fine." Joxer replied flatly.

"You know you can't lie to me. What's up?" Jett said softly as he took a seat next to his brother.

"Did you see what he did to Ares? He almost killed him and I didn't do anything." Joxer said angrily.

Jett put an arm around his distraught brother saying, "In case you've forgotten, we're mortal now. There was nothing you could have done."

"That doesn't make me feel any better. If we had put the plan into practice earlier we would have been able to stop Ares from getting hurt." Joxer said stubbornly.

Jett said with a wise grin, "We weren't strong enough, Zeus would have been waiting for us. He's forgotten about us now so he'll never suspect anything. Have you told Ares you love him yet?" He laughed at the shock on Joxer's face at the sudden change of subject.

Joxer said with a bitter smile, "What am I supposed to say? Oh, by the way Ares, I've been in love with you for the last three hundred years (!) He's never going to look at me like that, so leave it alone!"

"Maybe you should start listening to him," Jett said with a grin.

Joxer insisted quickly, "I do listen to him!"

"But do you listen with your heart?" Jett retorted gently, knowing that Ares must have feelings for Joxer from the way the Ares acted around his brother.

"Okay I'll start listening to him, properly. Thanks Jett." Joxer said as he hugged his brother, taking strength from his brother's confidence.
"How are you doing?" Eris asked as she appeared in the garden.

"I'm doing okay, a lot better than Ares." Joxer said as he hugged her.

Eris scolded as she let go of him, "Joxer, this is me you're talking to!"

"I'm scared. What if I hadn't found him?" Joxer said, tears flowing from his eyes as he thought about life without Ares.

"You did, so stop worrying. Everything will be okay, son. I promise, now lets have a look at him." Eris said as she took her sons heads and the three walked back to the house in silence.

"You're looking better than I expected." Eris said as she looked at her brother who only had eyes for Joxer.

Ares said distractedly, "Thanks, Sis. I'm almost healed." He froze noticing the tear tracks on Joxer's face. Turning to look at Joxer he asked, "What's wrong Jox?"

"Nothing." Joxer answered, not wanting to admit that he had been crying.

Opening his arms to Joxer Ares said, "Doesn't look like nothing. Come here."

Joxer quickly moved into the waiting arms, taking care not hurt Ares. He inhaled the scent that was pure Ares and relaxed slightly; enjoying the feeling of being held by the one he loved. He looked up, amazed to see his mother and brother had left the room.

"What's really bothering you? I haven't upset you have I?" Ares asked worry in his voice.

Joxer smiled at the concern Ares was showing and replied, "You haven't done anything, Res. Don't worry about it."

`I'm glad its nothing I've done. I'd rather die than hurt you, Jox. I wish I could tell you that I love you.' Ares thought as he held Joxer close.

Joxer looked at Ares, unable to believe what he had "I love you too, Ares."

`Gods, I hadn't meant to tell him. What if he hates me?' Ares thought, stopping to stare as Joxer slowly said, "I love Ares. Its okay."

`He loves me. He actually love me, okay maybe I should do something,' Ares thought. Smiling he bent down and gently kissed Joxer. Ares smiled as Joxer shivered as their lips met, thinking `I did that! Jox is shaking all because of me!'

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Part 3

"Bro, have you seen my black daggers?" Jett shouted as he walked into the room, seeing Joxer and Ares engaged in a passionate kiss he smirked. Looked like he was going to win that little bet with Strife after all.

"What did you say, Jett?" Joxer asked a dazed smile on his face, as he broke away from Ares to look at his brother.

Giggling at the glare the couple gave him Jett said, "I asked if you'd seen my black daggers, the ones with the wolf on. But now I'm thinking I should leave you two alone."

Joxer said pointing to the east wall, "Your daggers are in the black box on the second shelf over there. This time, leave mine there, okay?"

"Yeah, sure. Oh, mom said that Ares had better look after you or she'll hurt him." Jett said nonchalantly.

Joxer grinned it was just like his mom to go all over- protective, "Thanks, Jett. Now go."

"So you love me?" Ares asked after Jett left the room, smirking.

"Have done for the last three hundred years. You're a little dense sometimes, ya know?" Joxer said laughing at the look on shocked expression on Ares' face.

Ares said incredulously, "You've loved me for that long and you never said anything? I've been waiting for some sign you loved me for the last two hundred years."

As he placed gently kissed Ares' cheek and climbed off the bed Joxer said, "I didn't think you'd ever look at me like that. As wonderful as this is, I've got to check on Xena. She deserves to know what's going on."

"Be careful, she might be a little upset!" Ares shouted after him, sighing happily when Joxer left the room.
Joxer gently knocked on the door to the women's room; he didn't think they would appreciate it if he interrupted them. Taking a key from his pocket he opened the door, ready for anything.

Xena was sitting on a stool next to the bed, sharpening her sword. A part of Joxer's mind wondered if that was supposed to intimidate him. Like he hadn't seen worse things in this life (!) Gabrielle was asleep in the bed, the covers pulled up to her throat.

"What's going on, Joxer? Just what have you kept from me?" Xena asked, not worried about waking Gabrielle, the bard slept like the dead.

Joxer smiled replying, "I'm a God, my parents are Hephaestus and Eris. I was the God of Wrath until Zeus decided to punish us, about three centuries ago now."

"So you're telling me that you're a god?" Xena asked in disbelief, like she would ever fall for that one.

Joxer shrugged, "Yeah, it doesn't matter whether or not you believe me because you don't matter. Just don't try to interfere and you'll be fine."

"Why would I interfere? What are you and Ares planning?" Xena asked, glaring at Joxer.

Joxer said with a gentle smile, "Actually Ares isn't involved, he's not too happy about what I'm doing. Tomorrow, we're going to a little island to rest for a while. You and Gabrielle are coming with us, as our guests. As long as you don't get in the way or try to hurt Ares, we won't hurt you."

"Why did Zeus punish you?" Xena asked, feeling that she should know all the details.

Joxer said seriously as he sat down, "Zeus has these little bouts of insanity where he beats his kids for no reason. The last time he did that was to mom. Dad, Ares, my brothers and I stopped him Okay, we locked him up in his temple slowly bleeding to death for a century but he deserved it! Zeus exiled my brothers and I to live as mortals, until he decides to let us back home. He hasn't had one of these insanity bouts this since then, until today. This time he decided to almost kill Ares and take away his godhood. If it wasn't for dad, Ares would have died today."

"Thanks for telling me, Joxer. I'll tell Gabrielle tomorrow." Xena said, seeing that she couldn't do anything to change Joxer's mind.
Joxer closed the door behind him and walked back to his bedroom, smiling when he saw Ares lying on the bed hugging the pillow. Joxer was amazed at what had happened, a part of his mind insisted it was all a weird dream.

"What are you thinking about?" Ares asked as Joxer walked into the room.

As he walked over to the bed taking the lit candle with him Joxer said, "I didn't wake you, did I? Oh, just the plans for getting even with Zeus. I want to make sure I haven't forgotten anything."

Joxer placed the candle on the table next to the bed, and leaned in to kiss Ares. He loved the way Ares looked when he woke up; well to be honest he loved the way Ares looked all time.

"Tell me what you've planned and I'll see if I can think of anything." Ares said, as he broke the kiss, as much as he loved Joxer he wanted their first time to be special. There was no need to rush they had eternity to love each other.

Joxer said, "I asked dad to make this bracelet that will stop Zeus from hurting any god or one of his children, it can't be taken off. Dad worked on it with Apollo, they seem to think it will work. Apollo said there's some kind of curse on Zeus but can't think of a way to take it off."

Taking breath he looked at Ares too see if his love had seen any problems with the plan. Ares was just staring Joxer just hoped it wasn't a how-could-you-think-of-something-so-terrible stare.

"How are you going to get it on him?" Ares asked, amazed at Joxer's plan.

Joxer said seriously, "Dad's going to do that, Zeus likes him so that will make it easier. After we've got it on him, we're going to play with him a little. Then we're going to get him to return your godhood and let us all go back home."

"I don't think it's going to be that easy. If this bracelet doesn't work, you could get hurt." Ares said as he pulled Joxer closer to him.

"Dad wouldn't let me go through with this plan if there was any chance that the bracelet doesn't work. Everything will be okay, Ares." Joxer said patiently, although he loved the concern, he felt Ares was going a little overboard.

Ares yawned as he opened his mouth to explain his worries to Joxer. At his yawn, Joxer gave him a reproachful look and moved off the bed. Ares scowled, was Joxer going away now?

Joxer said cheerfully, "Don't worry, I'm just moving so I can get inside the covers. Go to sleep, Ares. Everything will seem better in the morning." He didn't really believe that but he had to be positive for Ares.

"Night, Joxer. Love you." Ares said as he moved so that his head was on Joxer's chest, allowing him to hear the mortal's heart beat.

"Night, Ares. Love you too. You know, this is far better than I imagined." Joxer said, looking over at Ares, he was shocked to see Ares asleep. Smiling Joxer closed his eyes, knowing Ares would hear his declaration of love in his dreams.

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Part 4

"Xena, I had the strangest dream..." Gabrielle started as she woke up, then looking at her surroundings she groaned.

"I'm guessing that wasn't a dream?" Gabrielle stated looking at Xena.

Rubbing circles on Gabrielle's back soothingly Xena said. "If you mean Joxer being the son of Hephaestus then, no. Joxer came to talk to me last night and told me what's going on."

"What's that?" Gabrielle asked warily, she knew from the way Xena was acting that she wouldn't like the news.

Bending the truth, just a little Xena said, "We're going to an island with Joxer to rest for a while. He said he didn't want us here where something could happen to us."

"That doesn't sound too bad. What's the catch?" Gabrielle narrowed her eyes at Xena.

"Ares and Jett are coming with us," Xena replied looking Gabrielle in the eyes.

"We're going to be stuck on an island with those murderers (?)" Gabrielle asked, looking at Xena in shock.

Seeing that Gabrielle was about to go into one of her moods Xena replied, "Either we go with them willingly and they let us move around or we try to stop them and spend the whole time chained up."

"When you put it like that there's only one thing we can do," Gabrielle answered sullenly.

"Joxer won't let them hurt us and it's been a while since we had a break," Xena said, trying to make the bard see that their unexpected vacation might not be a bad thing.

Not willing to try to understand Joxer's motives Gabrielle said stubbornly, "How do we know what he's going to do? Joxer's not the man we knew, the man who as our friend."

Understanding Joxer's motives Xena said, "Zeus attacked his mother so Joxer and his brothers fought Zeus. The three were cast out until the day he wants them to return, and Zeus can hold a grudge for a long time. Joxer didn't do anything wrong he was just trying to protect his mother, like I would do, like you would do."
"Blondie, Xena. Are you ready? We really need to get moving," Jett asked as he strolled into the room dressed completely in black wearing a black cloak with a wolf on it. Strapped to his side were two silver daggers with wolves on the hilt.

"Ready for what?" Xena asked, moving so that her Amazon could dress in relative privacy.

Willing to keep talking if it kept the annoying do-gooders from bothering his brother Jett said, "To go to the island. Dad said he`d best take us now so Zeus doesn't find Ares. We still have to wake up Res and Jox, sometimes I think nothing short of Grandmother's temper will wake them."

The reason why Jett was talking to Xena was so that Joxer didn't get angry and accidentally kill the warrior princess. Although Joxer had given up his position as the God of Wrath he still had the abilities and the perseverance to go on a rage at someone if they deserved it. That little trick had come in useful in the past when they needed to remove a particularly unpleasant character. That was one of their main jobs when they had been Gods and they still felt it was their duty despite the fact that they were mortal.

"I guess we are. Where is this island?" Xena asked, seeing that Gabrielle was still in a mood.

Jett smirked as he said, "I'm not telling ya. Why would I (?) Ya don't like us and most of us don't like ya."

"Bro, we're ready to go. Since when have you been afraid to wake us up?" Joxer said with a grin as the three joined him and Ares in the main room.

"Since I know you, besides I felt it would be more interesting to let Dad wake you up," Jett commented, lounging on one of the chairs.

Ares commented with a short laugh, "So you're the one I have to thank for that. You know there are better ways to wake up than seeing your lover's father glaring at you."

"Enough chit chat, let's get going. Have you got your bags?" Hephaestus asked the room, receiving only nods he continued, "Let's split then."
There was a large flash of light seconds before the small band of travellers appeared a mile away from a large house. The house and its surroundings were the perfect place to relax; all you could hear were the sounds of nature.

Joxer took the lead and started walking towards the house, not worrying about possible enemies. No god could enter unless Ares had given them permission and mortal eyes couldn't see the island so there was nothing to worry about apart from Gabrielle. Joxer knew that Xena could be trusted to keep her word but the bard was another matter entirely.

"It is beautiful." Gabrielle gasped as the house game into view, patiently waiting on top of a large hill.

"Yeah, it's great. Can you get a move on?" Joxer said to the frozen bard, he could see Ares was starting to tire.

"Okay, okay. Who died and made you god?" Gabrielle muttered as she ran to catch up with the group.
Joxer ignored the others as he settled Ares onto his favourite chair, determined to do everything to stop the still healing man from moving. He knew that Ares would need all his strength for later when they tortured Zeus. There was no way Ares would want to miss out on that!

Hephaestus grinned, "I'll be back as soon as possible, Strife and Cupid might call by later. Everyone thinks that Ares is simply avoiding everyone for a while so you should be okay."

Joxer and Jett said as one, "Thanks dad."

The god flashed out the room with a grin on his face. Zeus would pay for what he had done to his sons. Hephaestus loved Zeus but nothing was more important to him than his children, and Zeus had made his children hurt.

Joxer grinned as he considered just how he would get his revenge. By the time they where finished with him, Zeus would be begging to die. Oh sure, they couldn't kill him but that didn't mean they couldn't hurt him a little.

"We're going to have a look around." Xena said, looking at the three men.

Joxer said with a cruel smirk, "Fine. Don't bother trying to leave, there's only one way out and that's the way you came in."
"Just how are we going to stop Zeus from leaving?" Ares asked, knowing his father could easily teleport off the island.

Jett said thoughtfully, "Dad's said he's going to put some manacles on his feet to stop him from using his powers. "

"Who wants the first chance at punishing him a little?" Joxer asked a bloodthirsty grin on his face.

"I think we should leave that to mom and dad. They've been wanting to hurt him since he made us mortal." Jett said knowing his mother had other reasons for wanting revenge.

Joxer countered, "Actually mom's been out for blood ever since that sick fuck raped her."

"So we agree, Eris can torture him first. Then Heph and us," Ares smiled cruelly.

Ares hated what the rape had done to his sister. It had made her a lot more cynical and bloodthirsty. She still loved Strife with all her heart, though despite the fact that he was the result of the rape.

"Yeah. Think we should tie them up while we play?" Joxer asked, referring to the two women.

Ares said honestly, "If Xena knew Zeus raped Eris she would happily torture him." Stopping to let everyone consider that fact Ares continued angrily, "Blondie should be tied up anyway. I don't trust her."

"She was my friend." Joxer reasoned, knowing that he didn't sound sure of that.

Jett said with a laugh, "Yeah right (!) As far as she knew you were some idiot; who couldn't defend himself and was in love with her. Despite that she treated you like dirt and never bothered to help train you. All she did was make fun of you and hurt you."

Joxer said sighed, "Okay, we'll tie her up. I already told Xena not to interfere so everything should be okay."

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Part 5

In a small temple at the outskirts of town a woman was leaving her offering, thankful that everything had happened as she had planned. Soon there would be no one to stand in her way, revenge would be hers!

"Why do you seek us again?" Atropos asked, as she and her sisters appeared each one a little annoyed at the mortal who kept plaguing them.

"I just wanted to say thank you for answering my prayer," Alcheme answered regally nodding her head.

"You have your vengeance on Zeus. Heed my words mortal, there are more forces at play than you realise. We are no longer at your disposal, do not call us again." Clotho said as they disappeared from mortal eyes with a grin.

The three watched bored as Alcheme started to destroy their temple, they had expected far worse. Now that everything had reached it's critical stage, the fate of Olympus depended upon Zeus now. They did not know which was more worrying that they had to rely on Zeus or that their compulsion was responsible for the situation.
Gabrielle watched the three men with in disgust, unable to believe what she was seeing. Why had no one stopped the perversion? It was just wrong, Joxer was supposed to be hers, even if she didn't want him.

As she sat staring into space, Gabrielle was trying to figure out some way to help Zeus. She didn't particularly like the God but it was against her beliefs to allow the God to be tortured without doing anything. She just knew that Xena would help her, then they could get off the island but more importantly Zeus would owe her a favour.

Walking over to the warrior princess Joxer asked, "Can I talk to you alone, outside?"

"I suppose, as long as they don't hurt Gabrielle." Xena glared at Jett who was busy sharpening his dagger, looking at the Amazon from time to time.

Thinking with a smirk `not permanently' Joxer said quickly, "They won't."

Ares watched worriedly as his daughter walked outside with Joxer. Ares loved his daughter even though she had virtually no contact with him, but he would kill Xena without a second thought if she hurt Joxer again.

"What do you want to speak to me about?" Xena asked watching closely her former friend.

Joxer shrugged, "I just wanted to tell you what we're going to do when Zeus arrives and warn you again not to interfere."

Xena sat down and just looked at him, willing to listen to him just in case she heard something that could help her stop what they were going to do.

Joxer gave a bloodthirsty grin, "Zeus is going to made to pay for his crimes, vengeance is deserved. There more is happening here than you can ever understand. Be warned Xena, I won't let you hurt my family!"

The pair walked back into the house in complete silence, Joxer was just taking the time to make sure they had covered every angle. Xena on the other hand was trying to think of some way to stop Gabrielle from interfering and getting herself killed.
"Strife, I have something to tell you." Eris said as she entered her son's home.

"What's up?" Strife asked worried at the tension flowing from his mother.

"You know Joxer's plan?" Eris asked, at his nod she continued, "Well, we're putting it into practice. So I just wanted to know if you wanted to help?"

"Yeah! Ya know where Ares is?" Strife said remembering the way Cupid had been panicking earlier.

"That's one of the reasons why we're doing this now. Zeus decided to beat up Ares and make him mortal. He's with your brothers but don't worry, Jox won't let anything happen to him."

"They hooked up, yet?" Strife asked with a grin, he had known about Joxer's feelings for Ares before Joxer had.

Eris said with a laugh, "Yeah, yesterday. Look, you can tell Cupid but that's it."

"Cupie's been worried sick," Strife said as he disappeared from the room.
Meanwhile Hephaestus was planning just how he would get the bracelets on Zeus. He would have to do it soon; they couldn't take the risk of someone finding out their plan. It could destroy everything they had worked for and the only chance to get his children back on Olympus with him.

Hephaestus decided that he would do it the next day, at his meeting with Zeus. Zeus had requested to see him about the latest weapon he wanted. Apparently Zeus felt he needed something a little scarier than a thunderbolt.
Angry at being ignored Gabrielle whined, "Gods you really are stupid! Not even you could come up with such a ridiculous idea, Joxer!"

Ares quickly picked up a knife from the table and threw it smoothly. It landed in her shoulder.

Jett quickly moved to the injured woman, kicking the bard in the stomach he hissed, "Don't ever speak to my brother like that!"

"Jett, Res, save the aggression for Zeus!" Joxer said knowing it would work. There was no one any of them hated more than Zeus.

"You tell them, Jox!" Cupid said with a laugh as he and Strife appeared.

Grinning at the shock on Gabrielle's face Strife said, "Ya tryin ta kill the harpy?"

"Yeah, how's mom?" Jett answered hugging his brother tightly, Cupid asked as he quickly examined his father's injuries, "You okay, dad?"

"Yeah, I'm as good as new." Ares said ignoring the matching glares from Joxer and Cupid.

Joxer declared, "Or he would be if the idiot stopped moving around so much!"

"Gotta agree with Jox on this one." Strife said as he materialised a chair and sat down.

Cupid said sitting on Strife's lap, "What a surprise (!)"

Xena raised an eyebrow at the pair, wondering just how close they were. As far as she knew Cupid was still married to Psyche and she knew love gods didn't encourage adultery.

"Has dad told you when he's planning to get the bracelet on Zeus?" Jett asked as the family gathered round ignoring the two women.

Cupid said thoughtfully, "Nah, but it'll be soon. He's in a bit of a mood, mom keeps asking me if I know anything."

"You want to stay here for a while?" Joxer offered knowing that Strife would want a go at torturing Zeus.

Knowing that Strife had some sort of issues with Zeus Cupid said, "That'd be great. We can't stay any longer than about four days or Mom will come looking for us."

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Part 6

Cupid said nervously, "Joxer, can I ask you something?" Strife was acting stranger than usual and he was worried.

"Can this wait until everyone's asleep?" Joxer said getting the feeling that the conversation had to be private.

"Yeah." Cupid whispered looking up he said in his normal voice, "I'm gonna heal the rest of your injuries, okay dad?"

Ares nodded that simple movement taking all his energy; he had pushed his injured body too much and was paying the price. Cupid smiled and put one hand on his father's arm, he healing all the remaining cuts knowing that his father had plans to torture Zeus for a while.

Four hours later Cupid and Joxer carefully made their way down stairs to the kitchen. It was far enough from the bedrooms to ensure they wouldn't wake up any of the others. Joxer gave Cupid a glass of wine and sat down waiting.

Cupid took a drink and looked at Joxer saying, "Why do you want to hurt Zeus? I get the feeling that it goes back further than your exile."

Joxer looked his cousin in the eyes, "That's the understatement of a lifetime, kid. I'll tell you what happened but you can't interfere - no matter what."

Unseen by the pair Xena was hiding in the doorway listening to the conversation and looking in at the morose pair. She could tell that what Joxer had to say was hurting him and wondered what could be so painful to her strange friend.

Knowing he had to remain emotionally detached Joxer said, "One day Ares came home to find Eris on the floor of his temple covered in blood. For three days she just sat there just crying and holding onto us like we were her lifeline. Do you have any idea what it's like to watch your mother fall to pieces and not able to help?"

Anger and pain in his voice Joxer continued to tell of an event few knew had occurred, "Mom had been working in her garden when Zeus appeared. He threw her into the wall of the temple knocking her unconscious. When mom woke Zeus had chained her to his alter so that she couldn't use her powers. For four days he tortured her, using his powers to make sure that she couldn't go unconscious. On the fifth day he raped Eris three times, then dumped her at the war temple in Corinth."

Joxer knew the part would be difficult for Cupid to hear, "A week later we discovered mom was pregnant. The baby was Strife. She was hysterical and worried that everyone would take her baby away. Everyone was told mom had been seeing someone who had dumped her when he found out she was pregnant. Zeus knew the truth, he distorted Strife's power signature so that no one would find out he was the father. Strife was told of his parentage when he was ten years old, although he kind of already knew."

"That sick fuck! How could he do that to her and to Strife?" Cupid said wanting nothing more than to kill Zeus repeatedly.

Joxer smiled seeing the young God's anger for what it was, "Strife wanted to tell you but Zeus said if Strife told anyone he would kill mom."

Cupid started pacing, "Ya think Strife would let me help teach Zeus a lesson?"

Having heard enough appeared Xena said, "I would like to teach that bastard a lesson, as well."

Joxer said with a smirk, "You're more than welcome to help, Xena but we'll be taking care of the main part. Ares, Dad and Mom get him first. Then Cupid, my brothers and I."
Cupid walked into the bedroom, unsurprised to find Strife awake. The pair had always been particularly in tune with each other and knew when the other was upset. It was one of the things he loved about their connection, that they always knew when the other needed something.

Hugging his pale cousin Cupid said gently, "Jox told me about what Zeus did. I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry about what the sick bastard did to you and that I love you."

Strife asked in disbelief, "Ya mean that Cupie?"

Cupid felt anger burning through his veins at most of his family for making Strife feel so inferior. Smiling reassuringly he said, "Yeah, dude. Can I sleep with you? I just want to hold you and be there in case you need me."

As he lifted up the covers Strife said, "Love ya, Cupid."

Cupid gently slid into the bed, wrapping his arms around his pale cousin. He held on tightly, realising just how much pain Strife must have been in not being able to tell anyone the truth, having to hide who he was from everyone.

"I'm gonna make sure no one ever hurts you again." Cupid whispered his vow as he fell asleep never seeing Strife's grin.

Joxer asked as he looked in at the pair, "You okay, bro?"

"Yeah, Cupie's here." Strife answered ignoring his older brother's amused grin.

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Part 7

"Anyone ever told you that you think too loud?" Ares asked with a grin as he felt Joxer slowly get into bed.

Sighing Joxer said, "Sorry Res, I'm a little worried about Strife."

"What's happened?" Ares asked concerned, he had always considered Strife to be one of his children.

Joxer explained quickly, "Strife's fallen hard for Cupie. I don't think he can handle it if Cupid doesn't feel the same."

"You don't have to worry about that, Cupid's in love with Strife. After Strife died Cupid realised that he's been in love with Strife for the last two hundred years. He doesn't think Strife will ever feel the same for him after Deimos."

Joxer remembered how much Deimos had hurt his brother before they had interfered. Joxer gave a bitter smile, "Strife was over him a long time ago, he's just wary about getting involved. He's been hurt too much to wear his heart on his sleeve. Think we should set them up?"

Ares said with a grin, "They'll get together on their own. Anyway, we've got more important things to think about right now."

"Like what, love?" Joxer said with a teasing grin.

"Like just what we're going to do when we get back to Olympus," Ares answered in the same tone.

Joxer smirked, "Personally, I'll settle for some great sex followed by a couple of months alone somewhere."

"I *think* that can be arranged, love. I meant what are we going to tell everyone else?"

"How about that Zeus finally decided to let us come back to Olympus and that you disappeared to tell us the good news?"

"You honestly think anyone will believe that?" Ares asked amused.

Joxer said with a laugh, "They'll be too busy freaking because of our impending marriage to worry about that!"

"Our marriage?" Ares questioned with a grin. Okay, he had every intention of proposing to Joxer but he had wanted it to be a surprise!

Giving his lover an incredulous look Joxer said, "Like I'm going to let you get away now I've finally got you (!) I'm sure mom and my brothers would be more than happy to convince you to marry me."

Ares said with a pout, "Of course I want to marry you! I just wanted to surprise you."

"This is me, love. You can't keep much from me," Joxer said with a smirk.

Ares retorted with a grin, "I kept the fact that I'm in love with you a secret for over two hundred years!"

"That was a fluke, " Joxer said quickly with a grin.

"Yeah right (!) As much as I'm enjoying this conversation, I'm exhausted. Can we go to sleep now, Jox?" Ares said with a regretful sigh.

"Sure, I should have realised you'd be tired after everything that's happened." Joxer said wrapping his arms around Ares' body.

"Night love." Ares said softly, wrapping his arms around Joxer's waist and gently kissing the man's head.

Joxer said sleepily, "Night Res."
The Fates looked at each other with matching smirks on their faces, thinking that Ares and Joxer were remarkably cute even if it was a little nauseating sometimes. Turning back to the tapestry the three worked in silence praying that they would be able to avert the Twilight.

Their only hope was the group on the island, and they knew it would take a lot to get Gabrielle to work with the Gods. Not that they felt the Gods deserved to be punished by her presence on Olympus. The bard would be one of the most important people in averting the Twilight if only she could get over her preconceived notions and Hercules' own method of brainwashing.

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Part 8

Zeus flashed into the forge, hoping to get the meeting finished quickly as he had a little rendezvous with that delightful nymph in an hour, which meant he would have to see Asclepius and get the potion his grandson called Viagra.

"Hephaestus, I've been thinking about my weapon, it needs to be a little more terrifying! Could you combine a mace and a sword?" Zeus asked sitting down.

Hephaestus said hiding a small grin, "No. Oh, can you hold these for me? Dite made them for one of her favourite matches. They increase sexual performance and stamina. She asked me to mind them until the wedding, it's the only pair of its kind." He knew Zeus' greed would do the rest.

Zeus nodded and quickly put the bracers on, this way he wouldn't have to worry about his sexual performance. `Songs will be written about my virility!' Zeus thought to himself with a smirk.

"You're so predictable, you know?" Hephaestus said with a bloodthirsty grin as he pushed the Zeus to the floor, roughly manacling the god's hands and feet together.

Ignoring the muffled shouts coming from the now gagged king of the gods Hephaestus continued conversationally, "Now you may wonder what all this is about, well just say that I've had enough of you. You're cold, cruel and heartless. Finally you will pay for the crimes you committed against those I love!"

`I haven't hurt Aphrodite!' Zeus thought in confusion, there was no one else Hephaestus loved. The God of the Forge was obviously insane Zeus decided with a sigh.

Hephaestus grabbed hold of the older god and they disappeared in a flash of sparks, he would have his revenge.
"Kids, I've brought a present for you!" Hephaestus shouted jovially as he appeared in the main room of Ares' power centre.

"Cool!" Jett said with a grin, roughly taking Zeus from his father a smirk on his face as he considered just how he would torture the man who had caused him to loose his family.

"I'll call mom!" Strife said as he walked downstairs ignoring his father. Zeus was nothing to him, the older god had caused nothing but pain to Strife and the people he cared about.

Cupid waited until Strife wasn't looking and bent down whispering in Zeus' ear, "I know what you did and I'm going to make you get what you deserve. Henceforth you will never receive or experience love. No one hurts someone I love without paying for it, bastard!"

"Cupie? What ya doin'?" Strife asked with a grin, from the way the king of the gods had shivered what ever his cousin had said wasn't very soothing.

"Just making a little promise to the bastard," Cupie said with an unconcerned shrug, moving to wrap his arms around Strife's waist. `I wish I could hold Strife like this forever,' Cupid thought with a sigh.

Eris flashed into the room with a bloodthirsty grin, finally Zeus would pay for the pain he had caused her and her sons. Her three sons immediately hugged her tightly, she could feel the anger burning through their bodies, demanding retribution. Joxer had done very well in planning this, she would have to remember to congratulate him.

"What is this about?" Zeus asked confused as Eris roughly removed the gag.

Ares laughed lowly, "Revenge, what else (?)"

"Revenge for what?" Zeus questioned honestly confused as to the reason why the group were so angry with him.

Jett growled, "Keep quiet until we want to deal with you! You're not to speak to us, understand?"

"He really doesn't know what we're talking about!" Cupid exclaimed as he read the emotions Zeus was unconsciously sending.

Joxer said in shock, "That's ridiculous! How can he forget raping his own daughter?"

Hephaestus put his hand on the older God's forehead and started to read the god's mind, thankfully it wasn't that difficult due to the manacles.

Hephaestus swallowed and told what he had learned, "Zeus doesn't know what happened. He can't remember any of it, it's like it wasn't him doing it. He doesn't remember raping Eris, or anything about the triplets. Nor does he remember turning you mortal, Ares."

"How can he not remember?" Strife said angrily still unwilling to believe the man that had caused his family so much pain had forgotten about it so easily.

"Let's find out!" Eris said as she lightly touched Zeus' head ignoring the way her children, Cupid and Ares had moved closer to protect her.

Eris shouted outraged, "The Fates have a compulsion on him so he hurts those of our line, Ares! It's to do with us being the first born of his relationship with Hera. He only hurt my children because of me! I'm sorry, sons."

Joxer said calmly, "Mom, it's not your fault."

"We love ya mom," Strife said tenderly talking his mother's hand in his.

"The only ones responsible are the Fates!" Jett said with a snarl.

Still glaring at Zeus Ares promised, "We can talk to them later."

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Part 9

"You know he still deserves to be punished," Jett commented sneering at the man.

Joxer asked with a grin, "You think maybe we shouldn't kill him like we had planned? How about a torture instead?"

"I *love* a good torture session. If you want we can still kill him, Jox." Ares said his arms wrapped around Joxer's waist.

Joxer smiled, "If he's innocent then we'll have to let him go. Otherwise we'll have to listen to Athena rant again, you know what she's like over the old goat."

"Yeah." Cupid said reluctantly.

Joxer smiled wickedly, "But there's nothing to say we can't hurt him after we get our godhoods back. We can't kill him but that's it, everything else is fair game."

"I love the way you think," Ares whispered kissing Joxer's neck.

Zeus stared in shock at the scene in front of him; Ares was kissing a mortal. A mortal fool at that, when had that started? Why hadn't Hera stopped it? Ares' destiny was to be married to the God of Wrath as soon as Zeus managed to figure out who that was.

Hephaestus grinned at the stray thought from Zeus he had known for years that there was something between Joxer and Ares, something that was amazing and powerful.

Eris grinned manically, "Zeus, I will allow you to read my mind and know what you have done. You are to give Ares and my sons their godhoods back or I'll let them have you."

`What sons?' Zeus thought in confusion, the thought was immediately received by the four gods.

Hephaestus said seriously, "Jett, Jace and Joxer. Mine and Eris' children, the children you sent out into the mortal world two hundred years ago."

Eris placed a hand on Zeus' head and the god flinched. As the images formed in his mind of what he had done, Zeus gasped in pain and horror unable to believe he had been so cruel to his own children.

With a pained moan Zeus said, "I will restore your godhoods."
Strife, Cupid and Eris formed moved forward blocking Zeus from getting near their family while Hephaestus unfastened the manacles. Zeus concentrated and returned the godhoods to their rightful owners. He didn't try to escape, he deserved everything they were going to do to him.

"What now?" Zeus asked nervously seeing a lot of pain in his future.

Joxer gave a chilling smile, "Now we deal with the Fates, Ares and I get married and we deal with you."

"There is no need to seek us," Clotho said as the Fates appeared in the room,

"You hurt my babies!" Eris snarled grabbing the spinner by the throat.

Joxer growled, "And *my* mate!" With that the newly restored god of wrath sent a blast of pure energy at the two shocked sisters who were shaking in fear.

Lachesis said petulantly, "Its not like we meant for anything bad to happen. We were bored!"

Zeus shouted outraged, "You did this to me, to my blood because you were bored?"

Atropos retorted, "Well, yeah. Do you have any idea how dull it is to just sit there cutting threats all day?"

"I can't say I care. How do you think we should punish them?" Ares asked the room at large.
Hera flashed into the room, "Are you ready for what must happen Joxer?"

"Yes," Joxer answered seriously holding Ares' hand.

Hera smiled placing one hand on Joxer's head and another on Zeus' letting the power flow through her. She had waited for this day for eons a day that only she and Joxer had known would come. The day that Zeus would loose his title as King of Olympus and the Twilight would begin.

"Can someone tell me what is happening to my son?" Eris snarled as Joxer's knees collapsed and was caught by Ares.

Lachesis replied with a smile, "Joxer is receiving his destiny."

"Love? Jox, wake up!" Ares shouted as Joxer's eyes rolled to the back of his head.

"It is finished," Atropos declared with a grin.

Clotho said, "Hail Joxer, King of the Gods."

Joxer opened his eyes and smiled ignoring the emblem of the king of gods now on the front of his clothes.

Strife asked nervously, "Does that mean he has to be married to Hera?"

"No child. I am giving my power to my son as it should be," Hera answered as she and Joxer each placed a hand on Ares' cheek giving him the position that was always meant to be his. She smiled widely as she gave up her position as queen of the gods, knowing that now she could divorce Zeus as she had always wanted.

The three fates said together, "Hail the King of the Gods, Joxer, God of Wrath and his Consort Ares, God of War."

"What the fuck?" Eris shouted in shock at the declaration, she was sure Ares wouldn't be too happy at being Joxer's consort.

"Cool! My bro is king of the gods." Jett, God of Justice shouted with glee.

"So what was your real motivation for the compulsion," Joxer asked the Fates with a smirk.

Clotho said with a grin, "Zeus' actions brought you and Ares together, without the compulsion you would never have gotten involved with Ares and would never fulfil your destiny."

Atropos said slowly, "Now for you, Gabrielle. We need you to work with us, to help people see the truth about the gods!"

Gabrielle said smiling, "I'll think about it. Can I go back to my Amazons?"

The gods looked at each other before nodding, with a wave of his hand Joxer made the bard and Xena disappear. As soon as she had gone the Fates let out a breath and sat down knowing it was now time to tell the truth about what was to happen.
Lachesis said sternly, "Gabrielle will start the Twilight of the gods and we cannot stop her. It is her destiny. You must understand that the Twilight must come."

Atropos finished, "The Gods will be destroyed unless they allow the world to believe they are dead. It is the only way any of the gods will survive."

"So we have got to just disappear?" Strife shouted angrily, looking at his family.

Joxer said seriously, "How can any of us survive without our followers?"

Atropos grinned widely, "You will have followers but they will not know your names. As long as people still believe in and feel what each god stand for there is a chance."

"The gods must sleep until The Child awakens one of you." Clotho declared her voice echoing in the room.

Ares frowned, "What Child?"

"A Child who is both dark and light." Lachesis said not able to divulge any more.

Anxiously as to how the new king of the gods would react Atropos said, "It will not happen for millennia but when it happens the world will be ready to accept the gods once again."

"I will make sure everyone knows." Joxer said and the Fates disappeared.
Joxer groaned as he looked at the room, all the gods had been forced to come to the meeting an he knew the majority were unhappy at being told what to do. Tightly holding Ares' hand he walked in the room.

Joxer declared, "I am now the king of the gods, and Ares is my consort."

The room erupted into chaos as the gods shouted out their questions, most worried that Zeus had been hurt or killed.

Ares shouted over the rabble of voices, "SHUT UP! Zeus is alive but he is now simply God of Thunder and Hera is the Goddess of Marriage. The Fates have declared that this is how it must be if we are to have a chance of surviving the Twilight."

Joxer continued, "The Fates said the Gods must go to sleep, and that we will not awaken for millennia. If you do not do as the Fates have commanded there is no chance of you surviving."

Joxer said with a sigh, "Go to your Olympus temples and sleep. Today the world will believe the Greek Gods have died."

There was a shocked silence before the gods slowly disappeared from the room, not wanting to believe what they had heard but willing to do anything if it gave them a chance.
"I love you, Res." Joxer said as he and Ares materialised in their new home on Olympus.

"I love you too, Joxer." Ares answered kissing Joxer passionately before pulling the man down on the bed. The pair closed their eyes holding onto each other.

In the temple of love Cupid was holding his son and Strife, wanting Strife with him until they could return. Cupid loved Strife even if he hadn't told the god yet, when they next woke up he would declare his love, he decided with a happy grin.

Down the corridor the newly restored God of Sexuality, Jace, was sleeping next to his brother Jett who had insisted he wanted sleep in the same room as Jace so he could protect his younger brother in case anything happened.

Quiet descended on Olympus as the Gods slept a dreamless sleep each hoping they would survive. On earth chaos erupted as people called out in desperation to their gods only to receive no answer.

Gaia smiled, happy that young Joxer had the wisdom to do as the Fates instructed. She would watch her children until the time came for their rebirth.

The End