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Joxer's Revenge

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Part 9

"You know he still deserves to be punished," Jett commented sneering at the man.

Joxer asked with a grin, "You think maybe we shouldn't kill him like we had planned? How about a torture instead?"

"I *love* a good torture session. If you want we can still kill him, Jox." Ares said his arms wrapped around Joxer's waist.

Joxer smiled, "If he's innocent then we'll have to let him go. Otherwise we'll have to listen to Athena rant again, you know what she's like over the old goat."

"Yeah." Cupid said reluctantly.

Joxer smiled wickedly, "But there's nothing to say we can't hurt him after we get our godhoods back. We can't kill him but that's it, everything else is fair game."

"I love the way you think," Ares whispered kissing Joxer's neck.

Zeus stared in shock at the scene in front of him; Ares was kissing a mortal. A mortal fool at that, when had that started? Why hadn't Hera stopped it? Ares' destiny was to be married to the God of Wrath as soon as Zeus managed to figure out who that was.

Hephaestus grinned at the stray thought from Zeus he had known for years that there was something between Joxer and Ares, something that was amazing and powerful.

Eris grinned manically, "Zeus, I will allow you to read my mind and know what you have done. You are to give Ares and my sons their godhoods back or I'll let them have you."

`What sons?' Zeus thought in confusion, the thought was immediately received by the four gods.

Hephaestus said seriously, "Jett, Jace and Joxer. Mine and Eris' children, the children you sent out into the mortal world two hundred years ago."

Eris placed a hand on Zeus' head and the god flinched. As the images formed in his mind of what he had done, Zeus gasped in pain and horror unable to believe he had been so cruel to his own children.

With a pained moan Zeus said, "I will restore your godhoods."
Strife, Cupid and Eris formed moved forward blocking Zeus from getting near their family while Hephaestus unfastened the manacles. Zeus concentrated and returned the godhoods to their rightful owners. He didn't try to escape, he deserved everything they were going to do to him.

"What now?" Zeus asked nervously seeing a lot of pain in his future.

Joxer gave a chilling smile, "Now we deal with the Fates, Ares and I get married and we deal with you."

"There is no need to seek us," Clotho said as the Fates appeared in the room,

"You hurt my babies!" Eris snarled grabbing the spinner by the throat.

Joxer growled, "And *my* mate!" With that the newly restored god of wrath sent a blast of pure energy at the two shocked sisters who were shaking in fear.

Lachesis said petulantly, "Its not like we meant for anything bad to happen. We were bored!"

Zeus shouted outraged, "You did this to me, to my blood because you were bored?"

Atropos retorted, "Well, yeah. Do you have any idea how dull it is to just sit there cutting threats all day?"

"I can't say I care. How do you think we should punish them?" Ares asked the room at large.
Hera flashed into the room, "Are you ready for what must happen Joxer?"

"Yes," Joxer answered seriously holding Ares' hand.

Hera smiled placing one hand on Joxer's head and another on Zeus' letting the power flow through her. She had waited for this day for eons a day that only she and Joxer had known would come. The day that Zeus would loose his title as King of Olympus and the Twilight would begin.

"Can someone tell me what is happening to my son?" Eris snarled as Joxer's knees collapsed and was caught by Ares.

Lachesis replied with a smile, "Joxer is receiving his destiny."

"Love? Jox, wake up!" Ares shouted as Joxer's eyes rolled to the back of his head.

"It is finished," Atropos declared with a grin.

Clotho said, "Hail Joxer, King of the Gods."

Joxer opened his eyes and smiled ignoring the emblem of the king of gods now on the front of his clothes.

Strife asked nervously, "Does that mean he has to be married to Hera?"

"No child. I am giving my power to my son as it should be," Hera answered as she and Joxer each placed a hand on Ares' cheek giving him the position that was always meant to be his. She smiled widely as she gave up her position as queen of the gods, knowing that now she could divorce Zeus as she had always wanted.

The three fates said together, "Hail the King of the Gods, Joxer, God of Wrath and his Consort Ares, God of War."

"What the fuck?" Eris shouted in shock at the declaration, she was sure Ares wouldn't be too happy at being Joxer's consort.

"Cool! My bro is king of the gods." Jett, God of Justice shouted with glee.

"So what was your real motivation for the compulsion," Joxer asked the Fates with a smirk.

Clotho said with a grin, "Zeus' actions brought you and Ares together, without the compulsion you would never have gotten involved with Ares and would never fulfil your destiny."

Atropos said slowly, "Now for you, Gabrielle. We need you to work with us, to help people see the truth about the gods!"

Gabrielle said smiling, "I'll think about it. Can I go back to my Amazons?"

The gods looked at each other before nodding, with a wave of his hand Joxer made the bard and Xena disappear. As soon as she had gone the Fates let out a breath and sat down knowing it was now time to tell the truth about what was to happen.
Lachesis said sternly, "Gabrielle will start the Twilight of the gods and we cannot stop her. It is her destiny. You must understand that the Twilight must come."

Atropos finished, "The Gods will be destroyed unless they allow the world to believe they are dead. It is the only way any of the gods will survive."

"So we have got to just disappear?" Strife shouted angrily, looking at his family.

Joxer said seriously, "How can any of us survive without our followers?"

Atropos grinned widely, "You will have followers but they will not know your names. As long as people still believe in and feel what each god stand for there is a chance."

"The gods must sleep until The Child awakens one of you." Clotho declared her voice echoing in the room.

Ares frowned, "What Child?"

"A Child who is both dark and light." Lachesis said not able to divulge any more.

Anxiously as to how the new king of the gods would react Atropos said, "It will not happen for millennia but when it happens the world will be ready to accept the gods once again."

"I will make sure everyone knows." Joxer said and the Fates disappeared.
Joxer groaned as he looked at the room, all the gods had been forced to come to the meeting an he knew the majority were unhappy at being told what to do. Tightly holding Ares' hand he walked in the room.

Joxer declared, "I am now the king of the gods, and Ares is my consort."

The room erupted into chaos as the gods shouted out their questions, most worried that Zeus had been hurt or killed.

Ares shouted over the rabble of voices, "SHUT UP! Zeus is alive but he is now simply God of Thunder and Hera is the Goddess of Marriage. The Fates have declared that this is how it must be if we are to have a chance of surviving the Twilight."

Joxer continued, "The Fates said the Gods must go to sleep, and that we will not awaken for millennia. If you do not do as the Fates have commanded there is no chance of you surviving."

Joxer said with a sigh, "Go to your Olympus temples and sleep. Today the world will believe the Greek Gods have died."

There was a shocked silence before the gods slowly disappeared from the room, not wanting to believe what they had heard but willing to do anything if it gave them a chance.
"I love you, Res." Joxer said as he and Ares materialised in their new home on Olympus.

"I love you too, Joxer." Ares answered kissing Joxer passionately before pulling the man down on the bed. The pair closed their eyes holding onto each other.

In the temple of love Cupid was holding his son and Strife, wanting Strife with him until they could return. Cupid loved Strife even if he hadn't told the god yet, when they next woke up he would declare his love, he decided with a happy grin.

Down the corridor the newly restored God of Sexuality, Jace, was sleeping next to his brother Jett who had insisted he wanted sleep in the same room as Jace so he could protect his younger brother in case anything happened.

Quiet descended on Olympus as the Gods slept a dreamless sleep each hoping they would survive. On earth chaos erupted as people called out in desperation to their gods only to receive no answer.

Gaia smiled, happy that young Joxer had the wisdom to do as the Fates instructed. She would watch her children until the time came for their rebirth.

The End