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Joxer's Revenge

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Title: Joxer's Revenge 1/9
Author: Stephanie M wicciangirl51@...
Disclaimer: Any characters from the Xena Warrior Princess television show belong to RenPics and all.
Pairing: A/J (eventually), X/G

Part 1

Joxer trailed behind the two women once again questioning his decision to help Ares keep an eye on his daughter. Ever since he had joined up with Xena, he had been treated like dirt, not that he did anything to the stop the women. But how could he say no to the one person he could honestly call a friend?

A sound nearby caused the small party to stop suddenly. Joxer, feeling that something was wrong ignored Xena and Gabrielle and approached the sound. Joxer stopped in a mix of shock and horror at the sight before him.

A man was lying on the ground, although the face was covered in blood Joxer knew the identity of the man. It was Ares, he could tell that Ares was badly hurt but what worried him the most was the fact that Ares hadn't gone to his temple to heal.

Ignoring the women who had moved closer while he was staring at Ares' body, Joxer quickly moved forward. Cradling the man's head in his lap, Joxer brushed the bloody locks from his beloved's head. Joxer knew that only one man could have done this Zeus, in that moment Joxer made a vow to make the God pay for what he had done. No one was allowed to hurt his beloved.

The anger, rage and hatred in Joxer's eyes made Xena stop in shock, in that moment she could see that Jett's bloodthirsty rage wasn't that far below the surface, obviously Joxer had the same deadly abilities and anger as his brother. At that moment, Xena gulped hard, feeling sorry for whoever was on the receiving end of Joxer's anger.

As Xena moved closer she could make out some of the words Joxer was whispering, the love in his voice, bringing tears to her eyes.

Guilt flooded him, if only he had gotten here just a little earlier. Joxer whispered into Ares' ear, "Oh Res, what happened this time? I promise you they'll pay for hurting you, love. I swear it, my beautiful Res. I'll look after you. I'm sorry I didn't get here in time."

Joxer turned at the feeling of someone moving closer, ready to protect what was his. Few people saw behind the image of the fool he had perfected which made it all the easier in a fight. Joxer's smile changed, unconsciously imitating a grin he had seen on Ares' face shortly before the God had disappeared into battle.

At the bloodthirsty look on his face Xena stilled, she had to get to the man on the floor but she didn't know what this new Joxer was capable of doing. Moving her hands in a sign of surrender, Xena moved forward careful not to make any aggressive moves towards the man, Res, knowing that Joxer would try to attack her if she did.

Once she had finished dressing the worst of the wounds Xena turned towards Joxer, who hadn't let go of the other man's hand the whole time. She realised that Joxer cared deeply for this man and perhaps even loved him just as much if not more than she loved Gabrielle.
Ares was slowly regaining consciousness; a feeling of safety and security was all around him. He knew that he was safe to heal, away from his father. Ares slowly opened his eyes, seeing nothing but Joxer's concerned face looking back at him. Ares smiled knowing that he was with his friend.

"I found you then, Jox. I'm guessing you know what happened." Ares stated not wanting to say the words.

"I know, I suppose the only question is how do I get revenge?" Joxer replied, his voice serious, a grin on his face as he thought of ways to terrorise Zeus. Although he knew what he was going to do to Ares' father he didn't quite know how he could get the older God alone.

"I'm guessing that you know him, right Joxer?" Gabrielle asked intruding on the private moment. She pouted as he ignored her, thinking to herself by the Gods he was supposed to be worshiping her

"Joxer, we need to move him, do you know anywhere safe around here?" Xena said softly as she fixed the stranger to a makeshift stretcher.

"Follow me but be careful with him." Joxer replied, his eyes promising death to Xena if Ares was hurt further.
With one last look back, Joxer walked through the forest, apparently not following any path but with a determination that made the others follow him. After about fifteen minutes Joxer stopped at a tree and moved his hand up to the fourth branch and pulled.

Within seconds there was a hum as a door appeared in the dense trees in front of the group. Joxer walked inside waiting for the others to follow, as he walked towards the bedrooms.

"What is this place?" Xena asked as she placed the prone man on the bed, taking care not to reopen any of the wounds.

"It's my father's house now I'm going to call him." Joxer replied leaving the room, making Xena and Gabrielle stare after him in amazement.

"This can't be his family home we've more than ten days away from Corinth and this place was hidden." Gabrielle whined at Xena.

"Well I get the feeling that Joxer hasn't told us everything." Xena replied remembering the way Joxer had acted earlier.

Both the women jumped as the man on the bed started shouting deliriously, his voice full of pain, "JOX... JOX... NO...JOXER!"

Joxer ran into the room stopping Xena who was moving towards the man. In the blink of an eye Joxer at the man's side, tenderly stroking the man's head. "Its alright Res, I'm here, love. Dad's coming soon, I promise everything will be alright."

At his touch Ares calmed and fell back into a somewhat restless sleep, Joxer went to leave but found that Ares still had hold of his hand. Ares was burning up; Joxer could feel the heat from his position next to the bed.

"Dad, I need you. Res is hurt! Dad, it's bad." Joxer said into the room, surprising the women who looked at him like he was insane.

There was a flash of blue sparks as Hephasteus appeared concern on his face. Not looking at the other occupants of the room, he walked straight over to Ares. With a wave of his hand he healed the large gash on Ares' head and removed all signs of infection. Concentrating he searched for other injuries, anger burning in his eyes when he
discovered that Ares had been whipped and beaten. Healing the cuts he turned to his son expectantly knowing Joxer would have something to say about what had happened to Ares.

"It's great to see you dad. I take it you know what happened?" Joxer said, as his father walked over.

Hephaestus said with a sigh, "It was Zeus but from your face I can tell that you're not too surprised. I think its time to put that old plan of yours into action."

"Cool! Can you get Jett for me? He's still in prison, but since when has that bothered you." Joxer replied with a smile, he hadn't thought about the plan for at least twenty years.

"Stop, this must be a joke. Joxer is not the son of a God." Gabrielle said, obviously holding in laughter.

"He's my son, and I will not have you upsetting him, you blonde bimbo." Hephasteus said, angrily.

"Who's that on the bed then, Ares?" Gabrielle said bursting into laugher.

"Not that it matters but yes, its Ares." Joxer said as Jett appeared.

The two brothers hugged tightly, Jett moving to stand guard on Ares while the injured God slept, reaching out for Joxer. Joxer held onto Ares' hand and looked at the startled women.

"You two can stay here in one of the guest rooms. Dad, can you teleport them? I need to talk to you and Jett alone." Joxer said, smiling as the women disappeared in a flash of Sparks.

"I've locked them in their room. Now we can plan." Hephaestus said, grinning widely.