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Diana's Return To The Mothership

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Diana's Return To The Mothership
by mbozzo

Juliet and Kimberly were walking together inside the halls of the Los Angeles Mothership. They heard from Lydia that Diana was on her way back to the mothership.

"I can not wait to see my mother," said Kimberly.

Juliet doesn't blame her. It has been a while, since Diana was told to go the the Spacebase Supreme. Rumors has said that Diana has tested a red dust antidote, and it didn't work as planned. It has made the red dust even deadlier.

Diana wasn't in a good mood. Diana landed her craft inside the landing bay. A door opened and Diana has walked out of it. She saw her sister and her daughter. She walked toward them. "The antidote has failed. The red zone is even deadlier than ever," said Diana.

"What a pity. The Leader is not going to be please about it," mocked Lydia.

Diana looked at Lydia. She gave Lydia, the evil eye.

"I am sorry to hear about it, but you should know the labfarm is working as planned. We are going to ship the first shipment of food plants to the homeworld," reported Juliet.

Diana looked at her sister. She has to admit that Juliet know how to do her job. "That is some good news. I want to see the first shipment as soon as possible," said Diana.

"You will see the first shipment, tomorrow," promised Juliet. Then, she and Kimberly left the landing bay.

Diana gave a small smile. She know that Juliet always keep her promises, if she could. Then, she went to her quarters, to get some rest.

The end for now.