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Angel of Death

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It rained for the funeral. Gibbs thought it decidedly appropriate that it did. It was like the sky had volunteered to shed all the tears he couldn't....wouldn't let fall.

Tony stayed dried-eyed as well. He was pale but composed. Gibbs wanted to offer some comfort, to hold him the same way McGee held Abby throughout the service. But he maintained his parade rest stance, eyes fixed straight ahead, hoping just being close would be enough until they were in private.

Kate's mother cried with a quiet dignity Gibbs envied. He wasn't sure how Mr. Todd managed to look proud of his daughter and devastated by losing her at the same time, but Gibbs was impressed that the older man could pull if off. Her brothers just looked lost, like they weren't sure of what to say or do or how to act so they mimicked their father's posture and cried like their mother.

Ducky looked every day of his 70 years. It was the first time Gibbs had ever thought of his friend as old. But he was just as composed as Tony---although his expression was one of profound sorrow rather than someone just doing his best to hang on.

For once Abby's dark clothing didn't stand out or seem out of place. It almost hurt to think of her as blending in with the crowd. Gibbs did his best to ignore her soft hiccupping sobs. His right hand clenched and unclenched as he struggled not to reach out, not to lash out, not to just walk away. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, determined to endure.

McGee's eyes were red and puffy. His chin tended to quiver but his back was straight and he held it together. Gibbs was proud of the young agent. He was doing his best, and Gibbs made a note to be sure to tell him that his best was more than good enough.

Palmer looked even more lost than Kate's brothers. He wasn't crying but it appeared as though he might start at any moment. Gibbs would have liked to offer the young coroner some guidance... consolation...words of wisdom...but he knew there was nothing to say to make this moment any less painful.

The rumbling of thunder was a welcomed sound. The sky not only shed his tears, it expressed his rising anger, frustration and determination. It was a good thing. He felt Tony's minute flinch when lightening flashed.

Gibbs was sure Tony's eyes stayed hidden behind unneeded sunglasses simply to add one more layer of armor between himself and everyone else. God knew Gibbs wished he had worn a pair. It would have made it so much easier to not make eye contact, to not acknowledge the sorrow and devastation going on around him that he could do nothing to alleviate.

The canopy over the open grave kept the rain off most of the crowd. Other than Kate's parents, her brothers and the NCIS agents in attendance Gibbs had no idea who the hell everyone else was or what their relationship to Kate had been. He really didn't care, other than to note that she'd been an integral part in a lot of people's lives. He cursed Ari again for robbing them all.

Gibbs wanted to stand out in the rain. He wanted to feel the sting as it pelted down, cold and hard, let it soak him to the skin. He was sure the rain would feel more real than anything else he'd done today. He sighed and resisted the urge to walk away, to stride out across the manicured lawn with its neatly, precisely placed marble stones and never look back.

Some of the tension drained away when Gibbs felt Tony's hand at the small of his back. He smiled internally, careful to maintain the same stoic expression he'd been wearing all morning. It always amazed Gibbs that such a simple thing, so small, could have such a profound impact. He gave the younger man an infinitesimal nod, letting him know he was grateful for everything that brief contact represented.

Tony flinched again as another bolt of lightening lit the sky. Gibbs saw several other mourners do the same thing. He stifled the urge to give the priest a dirty look and tell him to get on with it already.

He regretted that thought a moment later as they began to lower Kate's coffin. It hit him then...the finality of it. Not that he wasn't aware of her being gone before, but this was just so concrete, so inescapable. He shuddered when Kate's mother dropped a rose in on top of the coffin, and her father let a small handful of earth slip through his fingers. Gibbs' jaw tightened. He would not participate in that particular ritual.

He was glad Kate's parents hadn't asked him to give the eulogy. A priest or family member traditionally did that for a Catholic funeral, and that was one of the reasons Gibbs was grateful Kate's family had opted for a traditional funeral service. The other reason was that he'd attended enough Catholic ceremonies he could sit, stand, kneel and repeat everything necessary at all the right times and places without having to really focus on the service.

Kate's brothers began leaving, accepting condolences as they huddled under their umbrellas. Gibbs had offered his earlier and didn't see any need to repeat the experience. He shared a look with Mr. and Mrs. Todd as they followed their sons, hoping it conveyed everything they needed from him. He still had no idea what one should say to grieving parents....other than promising them to bring the sorry bastard who'd killed their child to justice.

Gibbs moved to speak to Abby before she left. He found himself lacking any words so he just hugged her hard, holding her close for several minutes before releasing her to place a soft kiss on her forehead. She looked so tired and worn out, eyes red and puffy from crying. He ached for her. Her sparkle had dimmed and he worried that it might never burn as brightly.

She gave him a watery smile before stepping over to hug Tony. Tony murmured something in her ear that made her seem less wounded some how, less fragile and more like her old self. Gibbs wondered what the younger man had said but knew better than to ask. Some things should remain private.

To his surprise, Tony also hugged McGee. It was brief, lasting not more than a second or two, but it seemed to be enough and just what the junior agent needed. Tony lightly patted McGee's face when he pulled back.

"Doing good, McGee." Tony said softly, making it clear it was both an observation of fact and a statement of praise.

Gibbs recognized that little trick. Don't ask a man if he is doing okay, tell him that he is, sound like you believe it, and so will he. Gibbs used variations of it all the time...every time he set a deadline, every time he told his team to get results sounding confident they could and would deliver.

McGee's spine straightened just a bit, his shoulders squaring. He would be looking Tony in the eye if it weren't for the shades that Tony had staunchly refused to remove. McGee searched Tony's face, probably looking for some clue as to what he was thinking or feeling. Gibbs wished him luck. He hadn't been able to read Tony since they left the house that morning.

"You holding up okay?" McGee asked.

Tony smiled tightly. "I'm good. Thanks."

It wasn't a lie. Not exactly. Tony was a lousy liar but he was very good at telling the truth selectively. Gibbs had gotten equally good at spotting when he did it. He wasn't going to call him on it. Not now.

McGee accepted Tony's answer and the omission with a small nod. Gibbs had a feeling he wasn't fooled by it, but he wanted to be. Gibbs stifled the urge to sigh.

Blue eyes shifted to find Ducky. The ME was still staring down into Kate's grave; Palmer by his side. The younger man gave Gibbs a vaguely helpless look.

Gibbs excused himself, pointedly looking at Ducky so the others knew where he was going. He squeezed Ducky's shoulder. The older man gave him a tired, but genuine smile.

"I miss her, Jethro."

"So do I, Duck."

Ducky sighed deeply. "Promise me, when my time comes, you'll have the good sense to simply cremate my remains."

"I promise." Gibbs said without hesitation.

"Thank you, Jethro." Ducky patted the hand Gibbs had left on his shoulder. He sighed, and adjusted his hat. "Come along then Mr. Palmer. It is time for the rest of us to get about the business of living." Palmer moved to shadow Ducky, close enough to offer physical support if the older man should need it, holding an umbrella over both of them.

Gibbs was glad everyone on his team had someone to lean on. They would all come away from this a little older and a bit wiser. Losing Kate had taught them all something....although, Gibbs couldn't say for certain what the others had learned from it, he knew what he had.

He looked back to where Tony stood with Abby and McGee. Tony was nodding to something Abby was saying, his expression less tight than it had been. Gibbs rubbed a hand through his hair. It was definitely time to go.

"Time to go people." Gibbs ordered quietly.

Abby and McGee left together, holding hands as they got into McGee's car. Tony's lips quirked upward. "They make a cute couple."

"Yeah, they do." Gibbs started toward his car wishing he could hold Tony's hand the way McGee had held Abby's.

He grimaced when he stepped out from under the canopy. The downpour had increased, and Gibbs shot the sky a dirty look. It was enough to make him think God really did have a sick sense of humor.

"Should have invested in an umbrella." Tony observed sardonically.

Gibbs snorted. It was practically raining horizontally now. An umbrella wouldn't have done them much good at this point.

"Once you make up your mind you're going to get wet, it doesn't matter."

"You are just a font of wisdom." Tony chuckled. "Something else your father used to say?"

"Actually, yeah."

There was no point in running or dodging puddles. Gibbs opted for his usual brisk, purposeful walk. Tony kept pace easily.

By the time they made it to Gibbs' car they were both nearly soaked. Gibbs frowned when Tony shivered. It wasn't that long ago he'd nearly died from the plague, the last thing he needed was to come down with a cold.

"We are skipping the wake...reception...whatever the hell they are calling it." Gibbs stated flatly.


The younger man's easy agreement surprised him for a second. Tony reached up to take off his sunglasses. Green eyes that seemed ancient studied Gibbs.

"People go to those things for one reason...and it ends up being the one thing they can't talk about while they are there." Tony looked away, eyes tracking rain drops that streamed down the window. "It's like trying to dance with an elephant. I don't blame you for not wanting to do that. Hell, I don't want to do it either."

Gibbs nodded slowly, once again amazed with how neatly the younger man could sum up things. Tony sighed softly, one hand rubbing at his eyes. "Abby and McGee aren't going. Neither are Ducky and Palmer. No reason for us to. And even though they invited us, her family doesn't really want us there."

Gibbs arched an eyebrow. "What makes you say that?"

"You really do suck when it comes to people." Tony snorted, shaking his head, his expression one of amused affection as he looked at Gibbs again. "As Kate's coworkers and friends we've spent more time with her in the past two years and probably knew more about her life than they do." Tony bit his lip, shrugging one shoulder. "Time lost...opportunities missed...not something they will want to be reminded of. Not now. Likely not ever."

Gibbs remembered Sam's blunt comment when the angel appeared in his basement. 'There is no right time. There is only right now.' He was profoundly grateful that his last moments with Kate had been good ones, that he'd complimented her on a job well done, that he'd acknowledged her skill and ability to protect him letting her know in his own way that he trusted her and was proud to work with her.

Gibbs took a deep breath, surprised to find him making his decision with far greater ease than he expected. He turned in his seat to face Tony, one hand moving to cup his face. "I love you." Blue eyes held green. "You know that, right?"

Tony turned his head to place a soft kiss in Gibbs palm. "Yeah, I know that." He smiled warmly at Gibbs, his eyes sparkling in a way they hadn't since the day Kate died. "Love you too, Jethro."

Gibbs smiled, both delighted and relieved. It was the first time Tony had ever called him anything but 'Gibbs' or 'boss'. He pulled Tony in closer, giving him a soft kiss, lips barely brushing. He wanted Tony to understand he wasn't just passionate about him. This was more than lust, he cherished the younger man.

He knew Tony understood when the younger man's smile got even warmer, green eyes glowing. Tony kissed the tip of his nose, grinning broadly. It was nice to see him playful and happy.

"Let's go home."

Gibbs would swear Tony's voice dropped a full octave. The husky tone sent shivers of anticipation up his spine. He cleared his throat, suddenly finding it hard to swallow. He started the car.

"Your place or mine?"

"Doesn't matter." Tony shrugged, leaning back to settle into his seat, eyes closing. "It's home as long as we're there together."

Gibbs tightened his grip on the steering wheel, trying not to show how much that casually delivered statement affected him. It was so natural and unpretentious and was somehow more meaningful than 'I love you'. Gibbs was astounded by how Tony could regularly say things like that...just lay out what he was thinking or feeling without expecting or pressuring Gibbs to reply in kind. If any of his three wives had been able to do that, he'd probably still be married.

The rain continued its unrelenting downpour as he headed for his house. Gibbs had seen Tony repack a bag for the office and toss it in the car before they'd headed for the church so he knew the younger man had a change of clothes. He was sure neither of them would care to don black suits again any time in the near future.

Gibbs had contemplated wearing his dress uniform to the funeral, but decided against it at the last minute. It wasn't a military funeral, and he dreaded the idea of standing out in the crowd of mourners. The military regalia might attract attention Gibbs thought would be better spent on remembering Kate and offering comfort to her family. For once he was perfectly happy just to blend in. And it didn't hurt that every one on the team wore the same severe, unadorned much a statement of their solidarity as how close they stood to one another during the service had been.

Seeing Tony shiver again, Gibbs turned on the heat. He was feeling a bit of a chill from the rain himself. It was rather refreshing after the oppressive heat and humidity that preceded the arrival of the thunderstorm producing cold front.

Gibbs drove at what would be a sedate pace for him. The rain was hard enough to make hydroplaning a definite possibility. Visibility was lousy and Gibbs had no faith at all in his fellow drivers.

He breathed easier turning on to his street and into his parking spot. Gibbs flexed his fingers, suddenly aware of just how tight his grip on the steering wheel had been. He glanced toward Tony, wondering if the younger man had nodded off.

"Didn't want to distract you, Boss." Tony gave him a rueful smile. "Thought that little Honda was going to take us out there for a minute."

"So did I." Gibbs shook his head. "I hate traffic." He muttered.

"Don't think the other drivers out there are real fond of you either, Boss." Tony chuckled. "In fact, given the number of 'fuck you' signs I've seen you get over the past four years, I'm sure of it."

Gibbs rolled his eyes. His driving was just fine. Other people were the hazards.

He eyed the steadily falling rain, and sighed. "Might as well get out. Not going to let up any time soon."

"Not like we aren't already wet." Tony pointed out with a wry grin.

They got out of the car together and headed inside. Gibbs shed his dripping suit coat at the door, and watched as Tony did the same. It had been too hot and humid when they left for the funeral to bother with a heavier jacket.

Gibbs frowned when he noticed a faint blue tinge to Tony's lips. Without thinking he reached out and embraced the younger man, wanting to warm him up. The passionate kiss he got in response definitely raised Gibbs temperature more than a few degrees.

He moaned when Tony's very talented tongue massaged his. God. He wasn't sure how Tony did that...whatever the hell he was doing...but he really didn't want him to stop doing it. Ever.

He reveled in the tastes he encountered. Mint and coffee and something he still had yet to really identify. He hadn't gotten tired of trying though. Didn't expect to ever get tired of trying.

The need to breathe broke them apart. Gibbs rested his forehead against Tony's, his hands having already moved to cup his face. He stared into eyes so dark with passion and arousal they were nearly black.

"Need to...get you out...of these...wet clothes."

"Oh yeah." Tony laughed breathlessly. "Definitely."

After waiting so long, Gibbs was unwilling to let go of Tony. He dove in for another kiss, desperate for more of that tantalizing mouth. Under his fingers Tony's skin was cool to the touch, but his mouth was so hot, so damn a glowing fire on a cold December day. Gibbs couldn't believe he managed to live so long without this.

He pulled Tony in closer, reveling in the feel of that solid form against his. Gibbs released the young man's mouth to nibble along his jaw line and throat. He breathed deeply, taking in the heady fragrance, wanting to imprint it permanently on his soul.

He licked away the moisture the rain had left on Tony's skin. Tony tipped his head back, baring his throat to Gibbs. Gibbs sucked on the pulse point that beat strongly beneath the soft skin he played with. Tony whimpered, his hips moving lazily against the older man in an instinctive response. Gibbs applied his teeth and was rewarded with that faint sound again. He could feel Tony tremble and made note of that spot for future reference.

Tony sighed, his hand moving restlessly over Gibbs back, pulling at his damp shirt. "Clothes...Jethro."

"What about 'em?" Gibbs asked without any real interest, he was too intent on nuzzling Tony's neck some more.

"Off." Tony swallowed hard. "Need them off."

Gibbs almost growled, resisting when Tony tried to push him away. Tony pushed at him again. And again Gibbs resisted, hands fisting into the younger man's shirt to hold him tighter as he continued to explore that delectable neck.

"Please." Tony breathed out in a whisper, long fingers wrapped around Gibbs forearms, clenching tightly. "Please...Gibbs...Just for a second...Please."

The soft, broken plea was all it took. Gibbs released Tony, stepping back as though he'd been burned. He shuddered, suddenly worried he'd been moving too fast, forcing Tony to give him what should be freely offered. He opened his mouth to say something, anything, but snapped it shut when he realized he didn't know what to say.

Gibbs took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "I'm sorry."

Tony blinked, dazed eyes looked up from where normally deft and graceful hands fumbled with stubborn buttons. "For what?"

Gibbs chuckled, realizing Tony had simply wanted room to be able to disrobe. He shook his head, amused by his feeling of chagrined relief. "I...ah...I'd planned on us actually making it to the bedroom this time."

Tony snickered. "I'm not complaining." The younger man grinned brightly. "Truth is...I'm flattered." He waggled his eyebrows, giving Gibbs a wink and a leer. "Just needed a second to catch my breath and slip into something more comfortable."

Gibbs snickered. He reached out to capture one of Tony's hands before tugging him toward the bedroom. "C'mon."

Tony followed easily, his free hand patting Gibbs ass. "Like these pants." Another affectionate pat was delivered. "Don't know if anyone's ever bothered to point it out...but you have got a great ass."

Gibbs was glad he was facing away from Tony so the younger man couldn't see him blush or see his smile. He rather liked the proprietary feel of Tony's touch. If Tony belonged to him now, he belonged to Tony.

When they got to the bedroom, he turned to face Tony. He held up his hand, raising one finger, silently asking the younger man to stand still and wait. Tony raised an eyebrow but did as Gibbs asked.

Trying not to feel silly, Gibbs lit several candles. During thunderstorms, he occasionally lost power, so Gibbs had gotten out the candles when he'd heard the weather report. But he lit them now, not for light, but ambiance. It was a romantic gesture his wives had often indulged in. Seeing Tony lit by the flickering light, dancing shadows that alternately highlighted his features before obscuring them, Gibbs understood why his wives had found candlelight so appealing.

Tony smiled. Gibbs found himself smiling in return. He made a sweeping gesture, bowing slightly as he offered the bed to Tony.

Tony chuckled. He looked up coyly from under his lashes, green eyes reminding Gibbs of a cat playing with a mouse. Agile fingers no longer shook as they moved to undo buttons but they moved with agonizing slowness. Gibbs breath caught, eyes unable to look away from the steady, tantalizing revelation of smooth skin.

Tony shrugged out of his shirt with an innate grace that Gibbs couldn't help but envy. His mouth was as dry as the desert as Tony did a smart pirouette, showing off his nicely toned upper body. Tony toed off his shoes before he executed a neat little shimmy slipping out of his pants and silk boxers in a move that would have done any exotic dancer proud. Gibbs swallowed hard, licking his lips as he took in the vision before him.

"You. Are. Beautiful." He whispered, feeling more reverent at this moment than he ever had in church. Gibbs knew his awe had been heard and understood when Tony ducked his head. The younger man was clearly embarrassed and flattered by the open appreciation.

Gibbs approached Tony slowly, just as desperate to touch now as he'd been earlier, but in far more control. He wanted to take his time, to fully explore what was being offered. He ran the tips of his fingers up Tony's arms, enjoying the satin feel of his skin.

Gibbs kept his touch light as he ghosted over Tony's collarbones, a small furrow in his brow forming as he noticed how prominent they were. Tony hadn't had time to regain the weight he'd lost. The recent stresses hadn't helped his appetite any.

Refusing to dwell on the negative, Gibbs continued to move his fingers, moving down Tony's chest. He expected the light covering of chest hair he encountered to be coarse, but it was baby fine and very soft. It tickled him, almost caressing Gibbs fingers in turn.

Tony sighed, leaning into Gibbs' touch. Gibbs index finger lightly flicked one pert rosebud nipple, smiling at the growling purr he got in response. Remembering that Tony was a bit ticklish around his ribs, Gibbs increased the pressure of his touch as he let his hand drift downward.

He loved the way Tony responded to his touch, soft sighs and moans telling him everything he needed to know about what the younger man liked, what he wanted. Gibbs leaned forward placing kisses on Tony's chest, tracing the same path his fingers had taken. He paid special attention to Tony's nipples, laving them with his tongue before sucking and carefully applying his teeth. Tony's hands cupped his head, his chest arching encouraging Gibbs to continue his tender torment.

Gibbs sighed as long fingers lightly carded through silver hair before gently pulling his head up. Green eyes met blue for a second as they shared an intense moment. Then Tony kissed him.

Gibbs moaned into Tony's mouth, willingly giving up control. Like so many things Gibbs had learned about Tony, the kiss was a blend of contrasts...playful and passionate, fierce but gentle, soft yet demanding. Gibbs could live on kisses like these. He was sure of it. God.

A sound of loss and disappointment escaped him when Tony released his mouth. Tony rubbed Gibbs' lower lip with this thumb. Gibbs curled his tongue around the digit, sucking it into his mouth, playing with it in a highly suggestive rhythm.

Tony shuddered. He cleared his throat, his voice raspy and low when he spoke. "You...ah...still have on...too many clothes."

Gibbs released his hold on Tony's thumb with a wet pop. He quickly moved to shuck his clothing. He was eager to be naked; felt such an acute need for more skin to skin contact it was almost physically painful.

Gibbs growled in annoyance when he couldn't get rid of his shirt, tugging at the fabric, frustrated by its stubborn refusal. Tony laughed softly, halting his frantic movements by placing a hand flat on his chest. He captured one of Gibbs' hands, raising his to nibble softly on the inside of his wrist.

"Need to undo the cuffs, Boss." Tony murmured against his skin, the moist warmth of his breath raising goose bumps.

Gibbs blinked in surprise when Tony deftly undid the buttons using nothing more than his teeth and tongue. Tony grinned at him wickedly. "Can tie a knot in a cherry stem too."

Gibbs raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

"Really." Tony confirmed with a small tip of his head. "Took me a dozen jars of maraschino cherries to learn how." Tony's husky laugh sent shivers down Gibbs spine. "Can't stand to eat cherries any more... but I think it was time well spent."

He took Gibbs' other wrist once more kissing the sensitive inside before he undid the buttons. He smiled as he lightly brushed Gibbs' shirt off to fall to the floor. Tony ducked his head to place a butterfly soft kiss on the bullet scar on Gibbs' left shoulder.

His hands moved to mirror the way Gibbs had touched him only seconds ago. Gibbs was surprised by how much that light touch affected him. He could feel his heart rate increasing, his pulse pounding in his ears as he struggled to stay still and give Tony free rein to explore.

Tony undid Gibbs' belt. Gibbs sucked in a breath when Tony's hands slid inside his pants to knead his ass. The younger man's touch more like a massage than one intended to arouse. It felt very good.

"You have got a great ass." Tony whispered with honest appreciation, as he leaned into nibble on Gibbs' neck, lips brushing lightly just under his ear.

Gibbs had to lock his knees to stay upright when Tony started sucking on his earlobe. He bit his lip trying to keep those little mewling noises of pleasure from escaping. They were so damn embarrassing. A grown man shouldn't sound like that.

Tony started to slide to his knees, but Gibbs stopped him. Tony looked at him in askance, brows pulling together in a small frown. Gibbs lightly kissed the tip of Tony's nose, pleased to see him smile.

"Don't want you to suck me off this time." Gibbs lightly caressed Tony's cheek with a knuckle.

He licked his lips trying to find the right words to tell Tony what he did want. It had been years since he'd asked another man, and those had been one-off, no strings attached sort of things. This...this was so much more. He didn't want to just fuck Tony, he wanted to make love to him.

"If it's okay with you I..." Gibbs cursed wishing he knew just how much experience Tony had. It wasn't something they'd talked about, and given the eagerness and expertise Tony had already displayed he'd just assumed the younger man was not a virgin in any way, shape or form. But Gibbs didn't want to make a mistake here. Didn't want to do anything that might hurt Tony, or worse yet, say something that might offend him. He took a deep breath. "Not sure if you've ever...I'd like toâ€""

"Yes." Tony smiled warmly. "I've played catcher before." Tony winked. Another raspy chuckle sent shivers down Gibbs spine as he got what Tony was saying. "Would love to do whatever you want to do."

Gibbs blinked, once more surprised by how easily Tony understood him. He pulled the younger man in for a hard, breath stealing kiss. He frog walked them to the bed, releasing Tony to push him on to it. He might not be Tony's first, but he damn sure intended to be his last.

Tony bounced, testing the bed. "Not bad."

"Glad you approve."

Tony's passion darkened eyes raked over him from head to toe with a nearly tangible touch. "Oh...I approve." Tony licked his lips, drawing Gibbs eyes like a month to a flame. "I definitely approve."

Gibbs hoped the candle light was insufficient to completely reveal the blush he knew had to have risen to his face. He'd gotten comments and looks like that before, when he was younger, but it had been a long time since anyone made him feel as wanted as Tony just had. And this was definitely more than physical. It had to be. Tony knew him...knew about is obsessions with cases, his abrasive personality, his impossibly high expectations, had been on the receiving end of his sarcastic commentary and nasty displays of temper...and he still wanted to be with him.

He left his pants and underwear on the floor. Gibbs leaned down and let one hand trail up Tony's leg, noticing muscle definition that spoke of a lot of miles of jogging. He shivered as an image of those long legs wrapped around him rose unbidden in his mind.

Gibbs lowered himself slowly, covering Tony completely. He braced himself on his hands, intent on supporting his own weight, worried about being too heavy. Tony wrapped himself around Gibbs pulling him in close, foiling the older man's efforts.

"Not fragile, Jethro." Tony nuzzled his neck. "Pretty damn durable, actually."

Gibbs wanted to argue that point. Tony wasn't fragile...not exactly, but he was all too mortal, something Gibbs was painfully aware of. And he was precious to Gibbs, someone the older man wanted to handle with care, wanted to treasure. He'd nearly lost him. Just thinking about what he might never have had made Gibbs shudder, clutching Tony tighter to him.

Tony's hips moved against his creating an enticing friction that only came from skin to skin. It effectively derailed Gibbs thoughts. It forced him to focus on immediate physical sensations, on the warm and willing man holding him. Tony's hips moved again, a slow, sensual roll that made Gibbs quiver, responding to the internal hum of erotic tension as it spiraled upward again, gaining intensity as it went.

Gibbs wanted fiercely to stake a claim, to place his mark on Tony. He found that spot on Tony's neck that had elicited such delightful noises from him before. He sucked hard, worrying the sensitive flesh with his teeth and tongue. Tony arched against him, head tipping back to give him greater access, a deep sigh of satisfaction escaping the younger man.

Another of those growling purrs came from Tony when Gibbs slid down far enough that he could place a similar mark above Tony's heart. Gibbs felt as well as heard that sound as it vibrated through Tony's chest. He liked the feeling, so he marked him, imprinting the feel, taste and sound on his psyche.

Tony's hands caressed his back, flowing smoothly over his skin. His touch was sure and confident; he knew just how much pressure to use to ease away knots and tension even while arousing even greater hunger for more. Gibbs never would have thought of his shoulders and back as erogenous zones, but he moaned in response to that wonderful touch craving more. It was like Tony's hands had been made with Gibbs in mind.

He reluctantly released his hold on Tony so he could reach for the drawer in the nightstand. His fingers fumbled as they searched for lube and a condom. He shivered when Tony took advantage of the room he'd created to nibble delicately at his throat. Gibbs was torn between asking him to stop so he could grab what he sought and begging him to keep doing that thing with his tongue.

He huffed out a breath in a soft sound of triumph as his scrabbling fingers located what they'd been seeking. He dove in for another kiss, celebrating his small victory. He was panting and breathless when he pulled back.

Gibbs held up the lube. "Need toâ€""

"Oh yeah." Tony agreed with a grin. He pulled the condom packet from Gibbs hand. He arched an eyebrow as he held the condom between two fingers. "You clean?"

"Yes." Gibbs answered. Given the number of times they were exposed to blood and other bodily fluids in their job regular testing was required.

Tony nodded. "Good. Me too." He eyed the small foil package. "Don't need this then."

Gibbs shivered, his skin tingling with pleasure. It was one hell of a turn on to know he'd be making love to Tony with nothing between them. He took a deep breath, struggling for control.

Tony popped the top on the tube. "You wanna do it," his lascivious smile giving his expression a slightly mischievous tenor, "or you want me to do it for you?"

"I'll do it." Gibbs nearly growled, holding out his hand. Tony licked his lips slowly, teasingly, as he put a generous dollop of slick stuff on Gibbs' fingers.

Tony raised his hips, green eyes glowing. He gave Gibbs a look that was both wanton and challenging. "Do me."

"You could tempt a saint." Gibbs muttered as he used one finger to lightly circle Tony's entrance, teasing that pucker just a bit before sliding in.

Tony whimpered a little, rocking back into Gibbs' hand. "S'good." He hissed, eyelids drifting to half-mast. Smokey eyes stared up at Gibbs. "More." Tony demanded.

Gibbs added a second digit, struggling to keep his movements slow and easy. He didn't want to rush this, wasn't going to hurt Tony, no matter how willing and eager he seemed to be. He waited for the tight ring of muscle to relax more before adding another finger.

Tony sighed deeply, his hips moving in a lazy rhythm as he fucked himself on Gibbs fingers. His eyes were closed now. The blissful expression on his face made Gibbs feel smug and awed at the same time.

Tony's hand moved to touch his hard, leaking cock, but Gibbs caught his wrist. "Mine." Gibbs stated clearly.

"Yours." Tony agreed breathlessly.

Gibbs made a soothing gesture down Tony's chest at the sound of disappointment and loss he'd made when Gibbs removed his fingers. "Shhh... it's okay."

Gibbs ran his slick fingers over his own cock. He pinched the head hard enough to ease some of the escalating pressure. He was closer than he'd realized, and he didn't want this to be over too soon.

Tony wiggled a bit before pulling his legs upward in a deep curl. Gibbs was impressed by the younger man's easy flexibility. He wasn't sure he'd ever been that limber.

Gibbs positioned himself. He took a deep breath before breaching Tony's opening, holding himself still for a moment, letting the younger man adjust to his presence. Even though Tony seemed more than ready, opening up for him effortlessly, Gibbs needed to be sure he wasn't hurting him.

"Open your eyes, Tony." Gibbs rasped out, voice rough and needy. Green eyes met blue. There was so much heat in Tony's gaze Gibbs could almost feel it warm his skin.

Gibbs slid into him, slow and steady. It was so familiar and yet still unique, old and new at the same time. It was like coming home after a long day. He wanted to stay in this timeless moment forever.

"So tight...God, Tony." Gibbs bit his lip.

Tony's legs wrapped around him and pulled him impossibly closer. Tony's hands fisted the sheets. "Please...please....please." It was almost a chant.

Gibbs didn't have to ask what Tony wanted. He started to move, wrapping his right hand around Tony's cock to stroke it in time with his own thrusts. He started slow, languidly pulling almost completely out each time before once more sheathing himself completely.

He reveled in the feel of that tight heat surrounding him. Tony was saying something in what sounded like Spanish but Gibbs could be sure. He understood the intent if not words, building speed and altering the angle so that he hit Tony's prostate.

His strokes weren't smooth any more, taking on a frenzied aspect as he got closer to the brink. Gibbs could feel tremors rippling through Tony. Muscles tightened and flexed, growing impossibly tight before release.

Gibbs was vaguely aware of the storm still raging outside, thunder rumbling and a flash of lightening added a strobe light affect to the room. It was as if the storm echoed the building passion of their love making, as if Mother Nature was sharing the moment with them.

Gibbs felt Tony's climax as his come spurted out to coat his hand, internal contractions tightened around his cock at the same time pulling his own climax from him. Gibbs came with a hoarse cry of Tony's name, thrusting into that tight heat as deeply as he could.

Gibbs braced himself on the bed with one hand, breathing hard, waiting for his heart rate to slow. He leaned down to share a soft kiss with Tony. He pulled back so he could make eye contact.

"You okay?"

Tony chuckled, stretching his torso a bit, arms curling up and around Gibbs' neck as he did so. "Very."

Reluctantly Gibbs pulled his cock free, missing the intimate contact almost immediately. Tony sighed. He uncurled his legs from around Gibbs, letting them fall bonelessly to the bed.

Gibbs trembled from residual aftershocks as Tony pulled his come coated hand to his mouth, cleaning his fingers with his tongue. Gibbs swallowed hard and looked away. If he hadn't just come, he'd have gotten hard again just watching Tony do that.

Tony's sly smile, and knowing look told Gibbs he knew exactly what he was doing. Gibbs lightly cuffed the side of his head. "You are a tease."

"Not true." Tony smirked. "A tease promises and doesn't deliver. I didn't leave you hanging."

No, no he certainly hadn't, Gibbs mentally agreed. Gibbs stretched, tension from the day now a distant memory. He felt relaxed, content, and very good as he lay down next to Tony.

Gibbs smiled and gave Tony another quick kiss. Tony sighed and snuggled into him, warm and solid.

Gibbs used his toes to snag the blanket folded at the foot of the bed. The throw was made of a soft chenille. Gibbs had found during one shopping trip he'd grudgingly gone on a few years ago. Once he'd touched the soft material, felt it against his skin, he simply couldn't leave it behind.

"Hmmm....nice." Tony murmured sleepily when Gibbs drew the small blanket over them.

Gibbs eyed the still burning candles. He was too comfortable to do anything about them now. They could be dealt with later.

Gibbs was content to ignore everything else for the moment. Tomorrow they'd take on new cases, tracking down Ari, and getting on with the other business of living. Right now he just wanted to bask in the afterglow, enjoying this seldom known sense of satisfaction that came with being warm, safe and content.

"Love you." Tony whispered against his skin, placing a soft kiss on Gibbs shoulder.

"Love you, Tony." Gibbs rubbed his cheek against Tony's silky hair, pulling the younger man closer to him, eyes drifting closed in a deep and dreamless sleep.