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Angel of Death

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Gibbs followed Tony into his place. He found himself mentally drawing parallels to the last time he'd been there. He smiled to himself, glad that at least this time they weren't emotionally and physically exhausted. Tired, yes, but at least they weren't dead on their feet.

He was so lost in thought, he was caught off guard when Tony turned around and pinned him against the door. The younger man smiled warmly, bracing his hands on either side of Gibbs' head before he leaned in to kiss him. The kiss was soft, gentle, a simple meeting of lips that was more of a tender welcome than passionate greeting.

Tony pulled back well before Gibbs want him too. "Hello, Jethro."

Gibbs immediately understood. That morning at breakfast Tony made a point of letting him know they were something other than supervisor and subordinate away from the office, that he wasn't exclusively in charge here and that suited him just fine. "Hello, Tony."

Tony grinned, resting his forehead against Gibbs'. He playfully kissed the tip of Gibbs' nose. "You are a smart, smart man."

Gibbs smiled back, enjoying the way Tony leaned into him, effectively pinning him against the door. "So they tell me."

Gibbs watched as Tony's eyes darkened, his pupils growing so large they nearly obscured the green. Even with that bit of advance warning he was still surprised by the intensely passionate kiss Tony bestowed. The younger man ravaged his mouth, an odd blend of aggression and encouragement, gentle and fierce at the same time. Tony's tongue found its way into Gibb's mouth, and he sucked on it, capturing the intruder in a warm, wet embrace.

When Tony's tongue retreated, Gibbs' followed. He unconsciously classified the flavors he with a hint of caramel, vague bit of mint as if Tony had been chewing gum only a moment ago, and something unidentifiable but very, very appealing. Gibbs delved deeper, seeking more of that unique taste, mapping Tony's mouth, intimately learning every bit of new territory encountered.

Gibbs pulled Tony closer to him, hands moving to knead his ass, enjoying the feel of firm muscle beneath his fingers. He swallowed Tony's moan, before reluctantly pulling away to breathe. He gasped when Tony immediately started nibbling along his jaw line, working his way to Gibbs earlobe before stopping to lavish attention there.

Gibbs shuddered, very glad his back was against the door because standing on his own would have been impossible. He had no idea how Tony knew that hollow below his ear was a personal hot spot for him, or just how in the hell he could do whatever it was he was doing with his tongue. At the moment, he didn't care, just as long as Tony didn't stop.

He was vaguely aware of Tony's hands burrowing inside his suit jacket. They slid up his torso, gliding over the soft material of his shirt, the heat of them almost searing him through fabric. He shivered when Tony made a sound that was an odd sort of purring growl.

"Too damn many clothes on." Tony whispered, voice deeper and rougher than normal, his tone a blend of arousal and frustration.

By the time Gibbs got his brain in working order to tell him to go ahead and do something about that situation, Tony's hands were already busy getting rid of his tie and undoing buttons. He found it reassuring that the younger man's usually deft, graceful hands were a bit clumsy, trembling slightly with desire and urgency. He wanted to return the favor, but couldn't quite convince his hands to let go of the younger man's ass.

Tony pushed Gibbs' jacket and shirt half off his shoulders. He leaned in to nuzzle Gibbs' neck. The former Marine arched into the touch, trying to create more contact. His breath hissed out in surprised pleasure when his overheated skin came into contact with cool silk.

Tony chuckled softly, green eyes warm with mischief as he held up his own tie with one hand. Gibbs wasn't even sure how Tony had managed to undo the damn thing without his noticing. His own tie had been casually discarded, relegated to the floor somewhere.

Tony grinned wolfishly as he deliberately ran his tie gently up and down Gibbs chest, paying particular attention to his nipples. Gibbs tilted his head back to thump dully against the door, reveling in that exotic sensation. He finally got his hands to move, but only so far as to let go of Tony's ass and end up fisted in his jacket desperately hanging on as the younger man sweetly tormented his sensitized flesh.

He sighed when Tony nibbled on his neck, the exquisitely soft application of teeth and tongue made it hard for him to think about doing anything but simply enjoy the assault. Ordinarily, Gibbs was the one to take charge, be the aggressor, but he was enjoying Tony's onslaught too much to care about his own lack of action.

He shivered as Tony gracefully dropped to his knees, his entire body slithering down Gibbs as he did so. Tony grinned up at him before he undid his belt buckle. Nimble fingers pulled down his zipper. Gibbs sighed as his cock was freed from confinement.

He cupped Tony's face with one hand while the other began to lightly card through his hair. Tony's hair slid through his fingers with a sinful softness that rivaled the feel of the silk tie against his skin. He was delighted when Tony made that soft growling purr noise again.

Tony leaned forward and breathed delicately on the head of his cock. Gibbs' hips thrust forward automatically, craving more contact. He bit his lip when Tony obliged, taking just the head into his mouth, tongue working the same magic it had earlier.

Gibbs groaned, a low, guttural sound. He struggled not to thrust mindlessly into that moist heat. He had no idea how much Tony could handle and didn't want to hurt him---although, if the current skill level being demonstrated was anything to go by the younger man was no stranger to this activity.

Gibbs felt a surge of jealousy thinking about Tony touching anyone else like this. His hand in Tony's hair fisted tight enough to be painful. Tony looked up, wincing slightly, green eyes questioning.

"Sorry." Gibbs gasped out, opening his hand to pet Tony, soothing the pain he'd unintentionally caused.

"S'okay." Tony smiled up at him, licking his lips. Gibbs shivered. The younger man looked like a cat that had been eating cream.

He nearly screamed, mouth open in a soundless cry when Tony surprised him by leaning in to take his entire length in one easy motion. He hadn't expected that, was totally unprepared for it. The only thing keeping him in place was the firm hold Tony had on his hips, something he'd only just noticed.

Gibbs continued to play with Tony's hair. He left his other hand on Tony's face, thumb lightly caressing his cheek as it hollowed out when he sucked on Gibbs' cock. Gibbs shivered, eyes drifting closed, head tipping back against the door once more as he opened his mouth to try and breathe deeply.

He was vaguely aware that he was saying something but he had no idea what. Part of him wanted to tell Tony to stop. Gibbs didn't want their first time to be like this, but it had been so long since he'd felt this damn good. So long since anyone had touched him, stopping now was nearly impossible.

He heard himself almost begging. "Please....God...Tony...Please don't...stop."

He was panting, unable to really catch his breath or think clearly. He was too wrapped up in the sensations. Gibbs moaned when Tony began to increase his speed, bobbing smoothly, sucking with greater force. On each up stroke the pad of Tony's tongue laved the head of Gibbs' cock.

Gibbs hips strained against Tony's firm hold, instinctively wanting to thrust harder and deeper as he got closer to completion. He bit his lip when Tony hummed. Mother...of...God...but that felt incredible. Gibbs would almost swear the vibration was thrumming through his very bones. He wanted more of that, and Tony seemed only too happy to oblige.

He could feel muscles flexing, tightening reflexively, and that tell-tale tingling started at the base of his spine. " need close," he gasped out trying to warn the younger man.

Instead of pulling back as Gibbs expected, Tony deep throated him again. He felt Tony's hand on his balls, massaging gently. When Tony's throat worked, muscles contracting around his cock as he hummed again, Gibbs felt like the whole universe had just condensed into one point and then exploded.

He sagged against the door, panting, waiting for his heart rate to slow. He felt like he'd just run a marathon except for the incredible surge of well-being. Only locking his knees kept him upright and on his feet. He lightly pet Tony, smiling when the younger man sighed and rested his head against his thigh.

"That was....damn," Gibbs grinned, looking down, blue eyes meeting green, "amazing."

Tony smiled, looking smug and content in equal measure. "My pleasure."

Gibbs sighed, and caressed Tony's face with gentle fingertips, feeling a faint flash of regret. "Shouldn't have been just me." He whispered.

Tony laughed softly. "Why?"

Gibbs blinked. That wasn't exactly the response he'd expected. Tony smiled up at him, eyes dancing. "It's not selfish to take what is offered." Tony winked, his tone full of gentle teasing when he spoke again. "Would actually be rude to refuse. And it would have hurt my feelings...not to mention doing irreparable damage to my ego."

Gibbs chuckled, shaking his head. Tony never failed to make him laugh. "C'mere."

Tony rose to his feet with an easy, fluid grace Gibbs envied. His knees would have protested loudly if he'd attempted the same move. He cupped Tony's face, pulling him in for a deep, leisurely kiss. He was surprised to find how much he enjoyed tasting himself on Tony's tongue.

He pulled back enough to rest his forehead against Tony's, stunned by how intense holding eye contact at this close distance could be. "Thank you."

Tony smiled. "You're welcome."

Gibbs grinned when Tony kissed the tip of his nose again. It was an oddly endearing, decidedly personal gesture.

"C'mon." Tony pulled away, holding out a hand in invitation. "I want a shower."

Gibbs pulled up his pants enough that he wouldn't trip and kill himself following Tony down the hall. The younger man shrugged out of his jacket leaving it trailing after him on the floor. Gibbs wanted to say something but when the shirt immediately followed he was too entranced by the lovely display of smooth skin and muscle to give a damn about clothing. It was somehow all the more enticing than it had been last night.

Probably because I know I can touch, Gibbs thought to himself with a savage grin. He reached out and let his fingertips trail down Tony's spine, enjoying the feel of that warm, soft skin, watching goosebumps rising to trail after his touch. Noticing a small thin white line of ridged scar tissue that followed the contour of Tony's shoulder blade, Gibbs traced it with one finger, curious as to what caused this small imperfection.

"What happened here?"

Tony looked over his shoulder. "What happened where?"

Gibbs deliberately traced the faint line again, adding more pressure. "Here."

"Oh. That." Tony shrugged carelessly, stepping into the bathroom, flicking on the light as he did so. Gibbs blinked at the sudden brightness before making eye contact with Tony in the mirror.

"Back when I was a rookie, still in uniform. Got called out on a domestic disturbance. Was cuffing the husband when the wife got me with a knife." Tony undid his belt, and started to shimmy out of his pants in a move that almost made Gibbs forget what the hell he'd just asked.

He forced himself to refocus, once more tracing the scar. He winced, realizing just how many stitches it had probably taken. "Where the hell was your partner?"

"She got him too." Tony smirked. "Bet Lee still has nightmares about that woman. She could peel paint with that scream of hers."

Gibbs leaned forward to place a delicate kiss on the scar. He knew it was impossible, but he still wished he could erase it with his touch. Wished all the hurts and ills Tony might have suffered could be so easily taken away.

"It's okay." Tony turned to look at him, smiling softly. "Pretty sure you got more than a few scars of your own."

And stories to go with them, Gibbs thought balefully. He was almost sorry he asked, afraid that Tony would return the favor. He really didn't want to rehash memories about how he'd gotten hurt and when.

Tony cocked his head to one side, studying him. Gibbs wasn't sure what the younger man was searching for or what he found that made him give the former marine such an understanding look. He pulled him into a warm embrace, one that Gibbs returned. He buried his face against Tony's neck, breathing deeply. He couldn't help but classify the fragrances he encountered....musk and mint he knew came from Tony's soap, but under it was something indefinable that he could only label as 'Tony'.

"You need to get out of those clothes." Tony kissed his temple before pulling away. He waggled his eyebrows. "Know you like to buck convention...rebel with a cause and all that, but in this case, I really think naked is the way to go."

Gibbs snickered. He'd almost forgotten that being with another person could be fun and casual, that not every moment had to be intense and fraught with meaning. He shrugged out of his shirt and jacket, uncharacteristically following Tony's example of letting them lay where they fell. He'd deal with them later.

"Good boy." Tony patted his shoulder. "Hope for you yet."

Gibbs snorted, amused at the brief flash of pleasure he felt getting that flippant, teasing compliment. He glared half-heartedly at Tony but only got a smile for his trouble. He was pleased to see the smile shift into more of an appreciative leer when he quickly removed the rest of his clothing. It was a nice ego boost to know Tony found him as attractive as he found the younger man.

Tony whistled silently, showing his admiration. Gibbs hoped like hell he wasn't blushing as brightly as it felt like. He hadn't blushed in years.

Tony turned away and leaned into the shower to turn on the water. Gibbs lightly patted his bare ass in a gesture he recognized as more possessive than just approving, but he couldn't stop himself from doing it.

Tony looked over his shoulder, a Cheshire grin appearing. "Giving a whole new meaning to my ass being yours?"

"Yes." Gibbs admitted with an unabashed grin of his own. "Don't you forget it."

"Forget it?" Tony arched both eyebrows. "Shit....Gibbs, I'd have it tattooed on my forehead for all the world to see." His expression turned to one of exaggerated thought. "Might be worth it just to see the looks I'd get."

In spite of the humor in Tony's response there was no mistaking the underlying seriousness. It was more of a commitment than Gibbs expected to get so early into this ....this thing between them. It was so new, Gibbs wasn't even sure what to classify it even in his own mind. Before Gibbs could say anything equally profound, Tony stepped into the shower.

"You going to join me?" Tony made a 'come here' gesture with two fingers before ducking back inside the shower stall.

Gibbs stepped into the shower. He might not be sure of what this was between them or where it was going or might end up, but he was certain he wasn't going to pass up the chance to enjoy it. Not this time.

The water was still set at a temperature a little warmer than he cared for, but Tony obviously loved it. He had braced his arms against the wall, letting the water cascade over him. Gibbs breath caught for a moment, unable to do more than just stare at the vision in front of him.

Water lovingly traversed muscle contours, highlighting and accentuating Tony's long, lanky frame. Blue eyes followed droplets as they glided easily down Tony's back to where they hesitated for a moment before going around and over those perfect pale globes of the younger man's ass. They clung like crystals to the fine hair that lightly covered his legs.

Gibbs shuddered. For the first time he regretted that he wasn't as quick to recover as he used to be. The mind blowing orgasm he'd just had meant he wouldn't be hard again for awhile yet. He grinned....but that didn't mean he couldn't explore the beautiful body being so blatantly offered.

He picked up the soap and lathered it, running hands over Tony's back. Gibbs instinctively started to gently massage the knots and tension he found along the way wanting to make Tony feel good. Tony's low moan of pleasure seemed to vibrate and echo around the shower stall.

"'re good at...that." Tony hissed when Gibbs found a particularly tight spot but didn't pull away from him.

Gibbs worked his way down Tony's body, finding himself enjoying the opportunity to focus exclusively on him. It was highly erotic but there was no driving urge to reach completion for him, no building urgency or spiraling intensity. His own needs already sated for the moment made this a languid study, letting him concentrate on finding what pleased his partner, mapping Tony's body intimately. He wondered if this was how Tony had felt earlier.

He paused to knead Tony's ass. Gibbs smiled smiling broadly at the way the younger man widened his stance and his hips began thrusting slowly. He leaned in kissing a trail down Tony's spine, enjoying the taste of freshly washed skin.

Tony shied away when he his hands lightly shifted to ghost up his sides. Gibbs smiled. "Ticklish?"

"Yeah. A little." Tony admitted, turning to in Gibbs hold to face him. Before he could think to exploit that new found weakness, Tony kissed him.

Gibbs sighed into Tony's mouth, reveling in the chance to taste that intoxicating flavor again. He remapped that wet grotto with his tongue chasing that indefinable something. Only the need to breathe broke the kiss.

Gibbs was suddenly attracted to the pulse point he could see throbbing in Tony's neck. He nibbled at it, unaccountably pleased at how the younger man tipped his head back to bare his throat to him. He gave into the temptation to mark Tony as his, sucking hard and applying his teeth before licking away that bit of pain with his tongue. He was delighted with the little encouraging whimpering noises Tony made.

He lathered his hands again to cover Tony's chest. The younger man made little mewling noises when Gibbs lavished special attention on his nipples. "Bet you could come just from that....couldn't you?" He whispered hoarsely, leaning in to nibble on the lobe of one ear.

Tony groaned. "Maybe....Dunno." Tony's hips were thrusting lazily again, his erection sliding against Gibbs thigh, hot and hard.

Tony grabbed the shower curtain rod, his other hand braced against the wall as one leg came up to curl around Gibbs drawing him closer. Gibbs encircled him with one arm, stabilizing their position and incidentally pulling Tony closer. He let one lathered hand drift south, following the faint line of hair on Tony's abdomen that lead to the treasure he was looking for.

Gibbs stroked Tony's cock. He chose a familiar hold and rhythm that worked for him, letting Tony's response guide him as to what worked for the younger man. His other hand moved first to cup Tony's ass before his fingertips found their way to his tight, puckered opening.

Tony did another of those growling purrs when Gibbs slid one finger into him. The younger man shivered, his grip on Gibbs tightening, his breathing ragged. "God.... Gibbs...Don't stop."

"I don't plan to." Gibbs nibbled on Tony's neck, shifting to suck at the hollow of his throat when he realized that spot elicited a deep sigh.

He continued to stroke Tony's cock, finding the younger man preferred a tight grip that had to verge on being nearly painful. He timed sliding that one finger in and out to co-inside with the thrusts of Tony's hips, letting the younger man fuck himself. He added a second digit and Tony shuddered.

"So...good." He kissed Gibbs. It was a passionate, breathless, sloppy meeting of their mouths, and was quite possibly the best kiss of his life. Tony knew how to do more with his tongue than just talk. Lord.

Tony's thrust became more urgent, harder. Gibbs watched his face, enjoying the 'lost in the moment' expression. The young man was whispering something in what sounded like broken Italian, but Gibbs couldn't be sure. He understood the meaning easily enough...Tony was close, very close.

Tony began to tremble, minute shivers rippling up and over his frame as muscles grew impossibly tight. Gibbs reached inside seeking that sweet spot. He knew he'd found it when Tony thrust hard into his fist and froze in an endless moment. Tony's back arched in a bow that brought him flush against Gibbs as come, hotter than the still cascading water, coated his fingers. The younger man's cry of completion was astonishingly soft, little more than a faint puff of air against Gibbs skin as Tony's head came forward to rest on his shoulder.

Tony clung to him, breathing hard, shaking as small aftershocks rocked through him. Gibbs shifted his stance enough to more easily support Tony's weight. He ran a hand up and down Tony's spine in a soothing gesture, waiting patiently for Tony to come back to himself.

Tony sighed, lifting his head to place a gentle kiss on Gibbs cheek. It was as much a gesture of affection as one of gratitude. Gibbs took in the peaceful, relaxed expression so at odds with the tension of building ecstasy of just a moment ago. Tony really was beautiful.

He smiled. "You with me?"

"Dunno." Tony chuckled dryly, eyes closed as he nuzzled Gibbs neck. "Maybe."

Gibbs laughed lightly, hugging Tony to him before forcing himself to let go. The hot water was bound to run out some time. They couldn't stay in the shower forever.

"We need to finish up in here."

"Yeah, yeah." Tony agreed, eyes opening half way.

Gibbs shook his head. Tony looked half asleep. Gibbs moved them so they could rinse off before he shut off the water.

Tony sighed as he stepped out, his movements slow, almost lethargic. He handed Gibbs one of the dark blue fluffy towels before taking one for himself. Gibbs was disappointed when Tony wrapped his towel around his waist. He rather liked having the chance to see the younger man in all his glory.

Tony smirked, giving him a knowing glance. "Never would have pegged you as a voyeur."

"Just where you're concerned." Gibbs was delighted to see a faint dusting of color appear on Tony's cheekbones.

Tony yawned wide enough his jaw popped. He rubbed one hand over his face and smiled sheepishly at Gibbs. "You...mind if I grab a nap before dinner?" Tony glanced down at the clothes still scattered around the floor. "Before we do laundry. And whatever else we still have to do today."

"I don't mind." Gibbs reached out to lightly cup Tony's face, thumb caressing his cheek. "You mind if I join you?"

"Might be a bit offended if you didn't." Tony smiled warmly, turning his head to place a kiss in Gibbs palm.

Gibbs followed Tony out in to the bedroom. Tony had left the bed unmade and the disorder might have annoyed Gibbs except for the simple fact it made sliding back into that nest of blankets and pillows decidedly easy to do. Damp towels were tossed in the general direction of the bathroom.

Gibbs sighed in satisfaction as Tony snuggled into him, his head pillowed on Gibbs shoulder. Somehow when he got up that morning he hadn't really expected to end up back in the same place. He couldn't really say he was disappointed. Not in the least.