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Jack quietly slipped inside the apartment he shared with Lennie. He hung his jacket in the closet by the door. "Lennie," he called.

"In here," Lennie's voice came from the kitchen.

Jack followed Lennie's tenor and found Lennie scrounging in the refrigerator for dinner. He stopped to admire the view of Lennie bending over in front of the fridge for a moment before he came to stand behind his lover. He rested a hand on Lennie's lower back. "So, how was your first day?"

Lennie straightened up, shut the fridge door, and gave Jack a warm smile. "Not bad. It feels good to get involved in cases again. And I like Salazar. He's a good detective. He's got common sense and I think we'll get along just fine."

Jack nodded, not removing his hand from it's place on Lennie's back. "That is high praise from you. What do you think of Tracey Kibre?"

Lennie had not known Kibre long but he'd long ago learned to trust his gut when it came to assessing people. "Smart lady, tough, and someone who I have no desire to cross."

Jack chuckled. "That's a pretty good assessment. She's tenacious to say the least."

Lennie cocked an eyebrow. "Sort of like you."

Jack smirked. "There is a reason that she and I get along so well together."

Lennie wrapped his arms around Jack's waist and pulled Jack closer. "She said that I'm one of your favorite cops."

Jack leaned in and captured Lennie's lips in a short but intense kiss, thrusting his tongue into Lennie's willing mouth. "You are my absolute favorite." He started kissing along Lennie's jaw. "How about I treat you to dinner to celebrate your new job and then we can come home and you can have me for dessert?"

Lennie moaned softly when Jack nipped him just below the ear. He toyed with the idea of skipping dinner and going straight to dessert but his stomach had other ideas. It really did have a mind of its own. "Sounds good to me."

Jack pulled away and grinned. "Then let's go."

Lennie bowed. "After you." After Jack turned to lead the way, it was his turn to take a moment to watch and admire. "This has definitely been a good day."

Jack grinned over his shoulder. "And it's only gonna get better. Now, come on. The sooner we leave, the sooner we get back."

In a couple of quick strides, Lennie was next to Jack. "You know, Jack, for two old guys, we have a pretty damn good sex life."

Jack grabbed Lennie's hand and gave it a squeeze. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

Lennie's eyes sparked mischievously. "Me neither."


The End