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The Best Laid Plans

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Seth liked plans.

He'd planned the trip to Deadwood with Sol. He'd planned to open the hardware store, he'd planned how to get the lot from that Swearengen cocksucker, he even had a plan for how all the merchandise was going to be laid out in the store.

He didn't plan on meeting Wild Bill Hickok and having every single one of his plans go *right* to hell.

He hadn't planned on finding the best friend he'd ever known in the most well-known gunfighter in the Western territory. He hadn't planned on that friendship going deeper than any other relationship he'd ever had. He hadn't planned on fucking Bill Hickok, and he sure as *fuck* hadn't planned on loving the son of a bitch.

And he hadn't planned on losing Bill less than a month after their first meeting.

Now Bill was gone, and so were all the other plans that Seth had carefully formulated. But that was all right, because now he had a new plan.

He planned to kill the cocksucker that had shot Bill Hickok.