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The Rat's Lawyer

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The Rat's Lawyer
Imelda Antonicelli

Attorney: ... it's for this reason, gentlemen of the jury, that I ask for Alex Krycek the greatest punishment. Thanks! I have finished Your Honor.

Judge: Thank you lawyer Low.... Lawyer Antony, your turn.

Imy Antony: Gentlemen of the jury. Ladies of the jury. Look carefully at this man and tell me: does this seem the face of a killer? If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, do these seem the eyes of a murderer? No, sirs, they're not. They are not because Alex Krycek is not a murderer. No. Alex Krycek is a victim of the events, a scapegoat of a plot. A pawn in the mortal power game. The public attorney wants him like promoter of cruel crimes, spy, double-crosser and what is more heinous. Actually the public attorney has not furnished one least tangible evidence that Alex Krycek is guilty of all counts of indictment.

They have accused him to have killed the engineer of the funicular. But gentlemen, it must be a joke. Have they ever found the body? No. Were there trails of blood or fight on the scene? No. And then how can they accuse my client to be a killer?

They have accused him to have killed Duane Barry. They say that he poisoned him. But a toxicological examination has never been made to prove it. No, it 's only the conclusion of agent Mulder's report. The same agent who had ragged Barry during the interrogation, so much the first aids have stated, and after transcribed on the clinical briefcase, that Duane Barry died for suffocation. Isn't this an evidence that my client is the scapegoat of others' crimes?

They have accused him to have killed William Mulder. But the agent Mulder himself, Fox Mulder, has admitted that he hadn't seen anyone inside the bathroom. That he hadn't even looked out of the window. No, gentlemen. Agent Fox Mulder has stated, I read the words of his deposition: ".. when I entered the bathroom, my father laid on the floor knocked to death. The window was open and I had heard a car driving away." He heard a car driving away, this is what agent Mulder can say about the murderer. In spite of this, he has always accused my client to be the author of this crime. And which evidences the public attorney have alleged? A nine-gauge. A common nine-gauge that only the testimony of agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully attribute to my client, but the weapon has not been found in possession of my client and the finger-prints were confused and, among those, there were also agent Mulder's. Isn't this an attempt of cruel and aimed persecution against my client? Everybody knew that agent Mulder had a strange behavior in that period: irrational, peevish and cantankerous. Agent Mulder, in fact, had beaten his senior officer: Assistant Director Skinner. Agent Mulder, though he knew the legal proceedings, left the scene of the crime: in fact, it wasn't him who notified his father's death, and inside the house there weren't finger-prints besides his. No, gentlemen of the jury: into William Mulder's house there weren't Alex Krycek's finger-prints. So how can we accuse him of this crime?

They have accused him to sell military secrets to other Nations. But which secrets? The Government has denied the existence, and so the loss, of a file about UFO reports. What did my client commercialized, then: fresh air? Who accused him of such theft? The A.D. Skinner. So, it wasn't the Government who had the file, but the Assistant Director; how did he get it? He had stolen it from agent Mulder. Then, who had stolen the file: agent Mulder or my client? In that occasion again agent Mulder persecuted and beat my client. Yes, gentlemen: Alex Krycek was savagely beaten and taken back by force to Washington. Thanks to agent Mulder, Alex Krycek was possessed by some force of unknown origin and cruelly locked into subterranean silo, from which only the good fate has saved him. And you continue to accuse my client? If he is evil, what are the others?

They have accused him to conspire with the Russians and to be their spy, and this alliance has put to danger the life of agent Mulder. Yes... but it was agent Mulder dragged Alex Krycek to Tunguska and not the contrary. And in Tunguska it wasn't agent Mulder who was mutilated. No, gentlemen of the jury. It was my client, that same Alex Krycek who sits today at dock, savagely mutilated.

Now, gentlemen, to close my exposure, I ask you to analyze deeply the evidences brought into the courtroom. I ask you to remember that you can condemn a man only in absence of a reasonable doubt. I think, ladies and gentlemen, that the interrogative I raised show clearly that there is more than one reasonable doubt. For this reason I ask you a verdict to total absolution, above all counts of indictment, for Alex Krycek.

Thank you!



sorry for my bad english.