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"I can't definitely understand why the Tok'ra doesn't really want to work with Earth unless they have to, because this is ridiculous."

It was the third and final day of the Tok'ra/Tau'ri conference, and Buffy was frustrated. No, she wasn't politically inclined, but still. There had to be a better way to solve this and build an alliance that didn't involve Mr. Coolidge and his constant objections, snide remarks, and attempts to use this timeline's Buffy's actions against them.

She glared at the man, "If you can't behave like a real adult, then I strongly suggest you leave the room, and then go and find a class on how to behave before you destroy any chance Earth has to forge an alliance with the Tok'ra."

General O'Neill, bless the strange man, took the choice away from Coolidge and kicked him out along with a few others. It was a little odd given that O'Neill clearly wasn't very fond of the Tok'ra, but then again the alternate Cam she had known had told her that O'Neill had been a grudging host, only to have his own beliefs used against him.

"Thank you," she smiled at the officer. "Now if everyone is ready to act like adults we might actually get something done in the little time we have left." Then she gave control to Egeria, who, unlike her, was politically inclined.

Five hours later they had finally agreed on a temporary draft for their alliance, with further details to be worked out at a later date. A sticking point had been Buffy/Egeria's many journeys to Earth for both personal and professional reasons.  It was something they refused to give up on and also refused to have monitored by the SGC. They, and other Tok'ra, all had friends on Earth, and some of them also had work there as well.

Buffy/Egeria also went to Earth so they could slay vampires and help the other Buffy with some things for the Defender's Council, mainly without any of the other people knowing about it. Their meeting initial meeting with the so-called 'Scoobies' had not gone well, and it hadn't really improved over the years either. So by mutual, unspoken agreement, they avoided each other whenever possible.

Two of the Tok'ra had wanted to speak more privately with General O'Neill after the meeting so they had decided to go and chat with Dr. Jackson again.

"I hope I didn't take it too far by some of the comments I made back there, and by asking Coolidge to leave."

Jackson sort of smiled, "Pretty sure you said what we were all thinking, but didn't want to say because of the consequences. Coolidge is an idiot, we all know that, but he is an idiot with a lot of financial and political backing, so there isn't really much we can do about him."

She cocked her head to the side a little, "What if we demand that he is not allowed to attend any further meetings, and neither is anyone else who can't be professional? What Earth is asking of the Tok'ra is a lot, and we're not willing to even consider it if we're going to be treated like criminals and slow children by some of Earth's representatives.

"And while the other Buffy and I are essentially the same people, we've had very different lives. I am not responsible for her or her actions, and she is not responsible for me and my actions."

"I get it, I really do. What he's doing is unfair, especially since there isn't even any hard evidence that either of you has committed any crimes, but he is looking for a weak link, and he's convinced you're it."

Buffy considered him for a moment, "Then he is not a very good judge of character, because neither I nor Egeria will ever give in to him or anyone else. There's too much at stake to fold when a weak little man like him attempts a power play and fails."

Jackson wordlessly indicated the doorway they were standing right inside, and they went through it and slowly made their way down to the Gateroom. Their Jaffa guards followed at a respectable distance.

"We tried to avoid the politicians when we announced that you and a small group of Tok'ra were coming here for a preliminary meeting about a possible alliance, but they insisted. Similar meetings in the past didn't go all that well either, mainly because of people like Coolidge who are more interested in what a possible alliance can do for them than what it can do for Earth as a planet."

"Imagine that," she replied dryly before asking sarcastically, "and naturally they took their failure to heart and improved themselves significantly for the next one."

"Yes, of course." He replied, equally as sarcastically.

They walked in silence for a little while.

*Any suggestions?* Buffy asked her symbiote.

*Perhaps you could suggest we hold the next meeting on neutral grounds. An untouched or long-abanded world might work for our purposes.*

Buffy gave a mental 'nod'. It would be better than this claustrophobic underground base. A little fresh air, while they debated, might do them some good. Maybe.

They made it to the Gateroom before the other two Tok'ra and General O'Neill, but they arrived within minutes. Once they were all there, Buffy spoke up.

"This has been... Shall we say interesting? Or maybe enlightening is a better word. It definitely explains why the Tok'ra is opposed to making anything official with the Tau'ri. However, we are willing to give you another chance, but only if the next meeting is on a world of our choice. You will also need to pick people who are less aggressive and more willing to make compromises, because if the next meeting is anything like what's been going on for the last three days then the offer is off the table."

"We understand," Jackson said, ever the diplomat. "We'll make sure something like that doesn't happen again."

"What Daniel said, and for what it's worth that was not how we intended this to go."

They hashed out a few more detail and the Tok'ra delegation left Earth for a random planet before returning to the Tok'ra High Council. They had a briefing to attend there.