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Affliction Sequel: Affectation

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It's not that he's sick -- it's not that at all.

It's what I've been trying to make you and everyone else understand.

It's that it isn't really him anymore.

Besides.. he *can't* get sick now, isn't that right? Because of that damn virus, or whatever the hell it is inside him. They still don't know exactly what the disease is. Hundreds of years ago, they would have called it a curse. I think I still would.

Why? Because I've seen the effects, I watch the news. It's not just a physical change. I've seen what happens when people get it.

When they get it, they're not really people anymore.

You think I'm being too harsh? I'm not; I'm just facing reality. That isn't my husband anymore; it's just something that looks like him. It's an animal.

Why? Because they have to be taught not to kill, that's why. *How* not to kill. Their first instinct, once they've changed and they're hungry, is to tear out the throat of anyone unlucky enough to be nearby. Why do you think the government responds so quickly, whenever a new case is diagnosed? Someone's sent right away, so that nobody gets killed. That's also why they're given those identification cards -- if they don't have to worry about where to get blood, they probably won't hurt anyone to get it. Probably.

Plus there's that whole territoriality thing -- 'increased possessiveness', according to the literature -- that we would have to worry about, on top of the danger that's already there. They look at us like we're things that belong to them. *Property*. Do you really want that? What if he won't let us go?

I know, sweetie, I know. I hate it too. I hate that damn disease for taking your father from us.. for taking that sweet, shy, gentle man and turning him into a monster.

Yes, maybe they'll find a cure someday.

How do I think he's doing? I don't know. Yes, he has been phoning a lot; and no, I don't think we should call back. Not yet. If anything was wrong, Ryan would call. Yes, I'm sure Ryan is perfectly fine. I don't think your father would hurt him.

Ryan would tell us if anything important happened.

Wouldn't he?