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My Final V 1984 Season 2 Story.

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Juliet, a woman who could pass for the believed to be dead Julie Parrish looked around the apartment that Diana was showing her and Kimberly, a brown haired female who happen to be Diana's daughter.

"This apartment used to be owned by the now dead Julie Parrish. I took over this apartment when she was revealed to be a resistance spy," reported Diana. Juliet couldn't believe that the apartment is still intact. Most of this area of Los Angeles has been turned to ruin.

"How could this place be intact when the rest of this area has been turned to ruin?" asked Juliet. Diana should have known that Juliet will ask that question. Juliet happen to be as smart as her.

"I have no idea. Most of the people here has either fled to the green area or have been captured and put in storage," admitted Diana. Suddenly there was a buzzing on Diana's wrist radio. Diana put her mouth to the wrist radio.

"Who is it and what do you want?" demanded Diana to the wrist radio. It was at that time Lydia's voice came on the wrist radio.

"Brenda, our mothership new commander has came in our mothership. She wanted to see you right now," said Lydia's voice on the wrist radio. Diana has no choice but to do as she was ordered.

"Brenda, our new commander want to talk to me. We need to go," said Diana. Juliet and Kimberly followed Diana back to the shuttle that brought them there. Once inside the shuttle, Diana closed the door, and send it to the sky. It flew toward the Los Angeles Mothership. It went though the open door and landed on the landing bay. They got out of the shuttle. They walked to where they saw Lydia and an older looking brown haired female. She doesn't seem impressed toward the newcomers.

"Diana, you have orders from the Leader to leave Earth on a mission to find an antidote to the red dust. I heard that you played a part in its creation. It might make up for your blunder," said the older brown haired female. She gave a piece of paper written in the language of the Voeian people. Diana read it, and she didn't like what it was ordering her to do.

"I managed to be reunited with my family and you want to leave them here on Earth," said Diana.

"I do not care about you being with your family. The Leader gave you orders to leave this planet and head toward his personal spacelab. Do it, right now," ordered the brown haired female, who happen to be Diana's superior.

"I would do as Commander Brenda has told you if I were you. The shuttle to the Leader's personal spacelab in at landing bay 2. You should go there," said Diana. Diana knew that she has no choice to to do as Commander Brenda has ordered her to. So, she walked to landing bay 2 with Commander Brenda following her to make sure that Diana obey that order.

"Do you know why the Leader want Diana to go to his personal spacelab?" asked Juliet.

"No, but I believe that if Diana is successful, it would mean more glory to her. If she fail, the Leader will have her killed," said Lydia. She out of the landing bay. Then Juliet and Kimberly left the landing bay as well. The end, for now.