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Originally posted February 8, 2019

I watched S1 and S2 of Medici over the last month. I was expecting a bit more of a historical drama whereas this seemed to be rather light on the history and heavy on the drama, romance, etc. We had a bit of a mystery, good guys and bad guys, family drama, etc. I did like the fact that as S2 went on it became more of a political thriller.

It's certainly an interesting historical period, and while I had tuned in for S2, I found that S1 was plenty interesting in the attempt to establish a dynasty, the different political factions (inside and outside Florence) and the different loyalties within the Medici family.

S2 had a bigger role for star crossed romance and men behaving badly. I guess I was taken enough that I'm curious to see what will be done with a S3, which seems necessary given that there are definitely loose ends left.

My partner commented that Bradley James seems to be typecast as a soldier. Given that I've not yet been able to watch Bounty Hunters I would tend to agree, since he's had more of those type of roles than any other. I have to say it suits him better than the passionate lover. He's never pulled off being a romantic interest very well. But I was glad I got to see him in something new, although I was amused that he played the son of Lady Catrina. I'm also surprised I haven't seen way more gifs of him from this role as he spends various scenes underdressed.