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Movie Talk 2

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This movie about Mo Berg that came out last year. I found it disappointing. I figured my partner would be interested as he'd played baseball, and Berg sounded like an interesting character. However the problem in writing about a mysterious person who was not open about his life is that you never get to know him and there's only so much you can learn.

For example, the movie focuses on his spy work in WWII which had an underwhelming resolution. Instead I was far more interested in how Mo Berg came to be where he was when the movie starts. A guy who speaks a dozen languages, and is both scholar and athlete, bisexual, a Jewish man educated at Princeton, etc. –- I mean there is a lot to explore there. But there's nothing about his family, his early years, or how he came to follow the path he did. At this point we are full up on WWII films. But a guy who was so out of his element in almost every setting he was in? That should have been the focus.