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A Quiet Evening At Home

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Summary: Quiet contemplation on the future.


A Quiet Evening At Home

by Grimalkin


The setting sun lit up the room in soft colours of amber and purple. The telly murmured to itself, footie running across the screen to an indifferent audience of two. Ray Doyle idly petted through Bodie's hair as he stared at the tree tops outlined in the darkening world. Bodie sighed, pressing his ear to his mate's chest just to hear his steady heart beat as he caressed down his side under his shirt.

"'s nice, this," he murmured."

"mn. Yeah." Doyle kissed Bodie's hair. "Like it when it's just washed," he whispered. "It's all fresh and soft." He laid his cheek against the salt and pepper hair under it.

Bodie buried his nose in Doyle's neck, snuffling behind his ear. "Could stay like this forever." He wrapped his arms tighter around Doyle's chest.

They shifted closer on the settee, wrapping themselves in each other and pulling a rug from the back as the evening cooled into night.

"Not enough days like this."

"Not nearly." Bodie lifted his head. "Ever think...."

"What?" Doyle squinted at him.

"It's daft."

"Think what?" Doyle poked him.

"About packing it in." Bodie lay his head back down, frankly cuddling Doyle like a teddy bear.

"All the time, mate." Doyle lay his head on the back of the settee. "All the bloody time."


"What? Think about it?"

"Do it."

"Thought you lived for it?" Doyle rumbled. "Excitement. Adrenaline rush."

"You like haulin' in the bad guys. Seeing justice done."

"Don't seem to be makin' much headway on that train."

"Get my rush in other ways now." Bodie continued, giving Doyle a squeeze.

They looked at each other and Bodie's face softened as he toyed with long-shorn curls.

"Liked it when it was long," he murmured.

"Was a bitch to keep." Doyle said, making a face, then softening at Bodie's forlorn expression.

"I like Patel."

"He's too damn polite. Ackers is better."

"Bull in a china shop."


"Drinks too much."

"Not any more than we ever did."

"More than both of us put together. And he smokes like Anson. Walkin' heart attack that one. What about Morris?"

"Pissed off the last three diplomats he babysat."


"Hm. Could be. Great with a handgun. Can outfight most of the squad. Quick witted. She'd need a second."

"Um." Bodie planted a kiss in the middle of Doyle's chest, then proceeded to nibble his way to a perky nipple.

"Oi! Thought we were talking about replacements?"

"Agreed on one. Got better things to do with the rest of the night." He gently bit the nipple he'd been kissing.

Doyle took a sudden intake of breath. "Like what?" He sounded a bit strangled as Bodie's hand wandered south.

"If you have to ask--" Bodie waggled his eyebrows.

"Get a kink doin' it on the settee."

"Since when do you care about creature comforts."

"Since you fell from a roof that last time."

Bodie rolled his eyes, then reluctantly stood, pulling Ray up with him. "Want the heat?"

"Make our own." Doyle tugged him toward the bedroom.

"Rubbin' two sticks together?"

"Somthin' like that." Doyle let loose with a filthy, full throated laugh as he shut the bedroom door behind them.



Disclaimer: Not mine. No money. Just for fun.

Finished: March 2023