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I found The Summer Wives a mixed bag. The book had gotten a lot of promotion and seemed to be well regarded, and it was indeed an easy read, one of those that you can zip through. (No spoilers)

I hadn't read any of her other books but I'm not sure I'm that interested in reading more. I liked several things about it such as the setup, the time periods, and the setting. The story has three parts, told by two different characters but they were each in their separate sections so there was no jumping around in time, although you had to pay attention to information and resolutions of an earlier period in the later narration.

Unfortunately while there's a few unexplained events at the center of the book it didn't seem very mysterious to me. After the first third I'd pretty much figured out all the different things that came together in the final 30 pages. The second problem is that if your plot is only ok then you need characters. But there weren't really many strong characters in the book. The two narrators were the most developed, but the men in the book seemed there mostly for purposes of plot and there was a lot of instant attraction that works better in a film or show where the actor chemistry can explain a lot. There were various secondary characters but we got to know very little about them.

There's some attention paid to the townies/visitors contrast in the story which is also almost entirely a class and ethnic divide. It's central to the main plot but it isn't really delved into otherwise. I also disliked the way that some stuff was handwaved because it would be inconvenient for things to be otherwise. So a character that should have been present at a critical time was never mentioned and his complete inaction is inexplicable. A federal marshal gets shot yet apparently the shooting is never investigated (much less is anyone held to account), and at the end of the story a lot of stuff is simply told not shown, even though you'd think there would be a lot to explore character wise with various people in the story.

In short, an easy enough read as long as you don't look at it too closely.