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Molly And Andrea, Roommates and Maybe More.

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Molly woke up the next morning in an empty bed. Andrea was gone from the room. Molly got up and saw her clothes from the day before laying on a chair. She walked toward it. She looked at it and saw that it was clean. She took her clothes and walked into a bathroom. Then, she took a shower, dried her still green body, and put her clothes on. She got out of the bathroom and smell food cooking. She walked to the kitchen and saw Andrea cooking something in a pot. Andrea turned to look at Molly and gave a wide smile, which show her teeth.

"You should sat down. I made some oatmeal for us," said Andrea. Molly felt so hungry, that she didn't argue with Andrea. She sat down at a table. Andrea got out 2 bowls and set them down on the table. There were 2 spoons and 2 glasses of milk on the table. She put oatmeal in each of the bowls. She put brown sugar on the oatmeal on Molly's bowl. Then, Andre sat down where her bowl of plain oatmeal was.

"Your mother once told me how much you like brown sugar in your oatmeal," said Andrea, as she start eating her plain oatmeal. Molly ate her oatmeal with the brown sugar on it. She also drink the milk in her glass. Soon, they finished their breakfast, and Andrea started washing the breakfast dishes. Molly got up to dry the breakfast dishes. Soon they were done.

"What are we going to do? I doubt that we could go back to the trade school with our green skins," said Molly. Andrea snapped her fingers and their skin turned into pink skin. Molly was amazed to see their skin color change.

"We need to return to our trade school to explain where we has gone. I haven't told anyone but you the truth about myself," said Andrea. Molly have to laugh when she heard that. It was her mother that told her the truth while Andrea was inside her body.

"I doubt anyone will believe us if we told them the truth. They would think that we're lying if we told them what has happen to us," warned Molly. Andrea knew that Molly was telling the truth. After all the time that she has manage to keep her secret from others, the people at the trade school might not believe the truth.

Today is Sunday. The trade school is closed today. We'll have all day to think of an excuse. I could say that my parents invited you and me to stay at their home this weekend. That is more believable that what has really happen this weekend," suggested Andrea.

"I agree with you. your tale is more believable than waht really happen this weekend," agreed Molly. So, when they returned to the trade school on Monday, Andrea told the people in charge that they were invited to stay with Andrea's parents. The people in charge remembered that Molly has Andrea stay with her parents on the Christmas holiday. So they accepted the story given to them by Andrea. So the two women returned to their lives and studies with no one the wiser over what really happen on the Saturday after Saint Valentine's Day. It was the way the two roommates want it. The end, for now.