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Molly And Andrea, Roommates and Maybe More.

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Molly Regular, a red haired female walked into her dorm room. She was carrying a brown suitcase. Then, she saw a female with dark green hair went things away. She must be her new roommate. Molly walked to her. She stopped near her new roommate. The new roommate turned to looked at Molly.

"You must be my new roommate. My name is Andrea," said the roommate who gave her right hand to Molly. Molly put her brown suitcase on the empty bed and took the right hand with her right hand in the spirit of friendship.

"My name is Molly," said Molly. Like Andrea, she didn't give out her family name. Then, she gave a look at Andrea's dark green hair.

"It's a strange color for your hair," admitted Molly. Andrea smiled when she heard that.

"I dye it dark green, a while back. I like the way it looked on me," explained Andrea. Molly took Andrea's excuse at face value. She shouldn't have, because it was a lie to cover up that she has green skin before she used her powers to disguised herself as a pink skin. Andrea couldn't disguise the dark green coloring of her hair, which is why she thought up that excuse. Then, Andrea saw Molly put her things away. Things was going as her people has planned. It's just a matter of time before Molly trust Andrea enough to make her pay for her father's crime.

Weeks has passed as Molly was getting used to her life in this trade school. Andrea was attending the same classes as her. They were learning to become vets. Molly always wanted to be an animal doctor, since she start helping out at the Regular family farm. Molly has also started to date a lot of guys in her trade school, even though she managed to stay a virgin, as she has promised her mother.

"I have seen you date many guys, but you didn't have sex with any of them," said Andrea, sitting on her bed on a November day. Molly was sitting on her own bed as well. They were in their shared bedroom at the time.

"I have promised my mother that I won't have sex until I marry my future husband. I don't know what he looked like since I haven't met him yet," confessed Molly. Andrea was secretly glad that Molly was still a virgin. Andrea was send to the same trade school as Molly in order to put her in a trap. That trap would have killed her if she lost her virginity. If she managed to keep her virginity by the time the trap is set, she will become Andrea's life mate for the rest of her life. There will be no escape for her after the trap is set. Andrea got off her bed and walked to the window. She looked outside. It was cold outside and she and Molly are warm inside.

"A penny for your thoughts, Andrea," said Molly. Andrea turned to look at Molly. She knew that she wasn't to blame for what her father did, but her people couldn't find where he went with the pot of gold that he has stole. It took her people a while to find the family farm where the thief has settled in. The person who found the thief couldn't find the stole pot of gold. He could have gave it to someone else. that was when the plan to punish the father by trapping his daughter in a test that will either kill her or sexually enslaved her came in their mind. To be continued.