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Ever been to Bali?

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"You know what would elevate this song in Semi-Final 2?" Edyta Górniak said in a board room full of TVP executives, "If we made the stage look like it was Bali!"

"You do know staging won't matter if the performer can't sing!" Jacek Kurski objected.

"Well who said we were going to let Blanka sing in Liverpool without some help." Edyta answered, "Of course we will get her backing singers - the best ones!"

"Paweł Skiba, perhaps?" Mateusz Matyszkowicz, the General Director of TVP suggested.

"He charges too much." Edyta answered, "We could afford him in 2021 because we had an internal selection. Our budget is a bit low now that we opted for a national final."

"Pre-recorded vocals?" Mateusz suggested.

"That won't be enough to make our Blanka's live performance in Liverpool stand out." Edyta said, "I was thinking about getting her backing vocalists from the people who applied for the national final this year."

"Edyta, we don't have much time to decide which of them could go to Liverpool." Jacek pointed out.

"Well you're in for some good news, Pan Kurski." Edyta answered, "I was thinking that we could get Jann, Ahlena and Agata Starsiak to do the backing vocals."

"Do we really need three backing vocalists?" Mateusz asked, then added, "Plus, there is a man among them to begin with."

"Does having a male backing vocalist when you're a woman really matter, Pan Matyszkowicz?" Edyta asked, "The only thing that matters is that this specific man I am choosing for the job can hit high notes for Blanka."

"You could have gone for a female vocalist like Alicja!" Mateusz protested.

"And then what, have this entire broadcaster be dragged in another song of hers again?" Edyta asked, "None of us are stupid enough to not notice that Ej Stop was directed towards TVP."

"She is right, Mateusz." Jacek added, "Besides, Alicja is already such a huge name that relegating her to backing vocalist is going to do more harm than good to us."

"Pani Górniak, in case you forgot, I am the Head of Delegation here!" Maja Frybes spoke up, "Shouldn't I have a say in this too?"

"Well do you want Blanka to be hated even more or will you just sit down and let me fix this?" Edyta asked.

All this time while Edyta was arguing with Jacek and Mateusz, Blanka was sitting outside the board room, waiting for any news coming from Maja Frybes regarding what was to happen with her Eurovision 2023 participation. To pass time, she was on Instagram where she suddenly received a message coming from Agata Starsiak which stated:

Pani Blanka, I am excited to work with you. See you on Saturday!

It turns out, TVP already made a decision about her Eurovision 2023 staging - specifically on who her backing singers were going to be. She could only hope that the broadcaster chose a backing vocalist who wouldn't end up upstaging her vocally.