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In Between

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Chouchou always said pretty girls had secrets. Sarada wasn't sure if she would call herself a "pretty girl", but she did have a secret she wanted to keep to herself at all cost. After all, why expose herself and risk being hurt by rejection when she could spend her days peacefully at her best friend's side? That was more than enough.

Yet, as she invited Chouchou to spend the night at her place, the knowing look Sakura and Ino exchanged made her realise that maybe her secret wasn't so secret anymore... She just hoped they could keep it to themselves.

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Boruto jumped when Mitsuki fell onto him, his head on his laps. The cat who had been sleeping on him jumped too and ran away, meowing furiously as Mitsuki watched him, smirking.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Screamed Boruto, stunned.

“It's my turn, now.”

Boruto was used to not understand what Mitsuki did and said, but he had never asked for something that embarrassing. Yet, after a few seconds hesitating, he started to pet his head shyly, just like he had done with the cat a few minutes ago. He tried to ignore his mother's smile as he blushed.

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When Sarada had asked her mother to bring her a father as a gift from her last trip, she hadn't expected she'd suddenly have two. Dealing with her biological father coming back to Konoha was already hard enough, so accepting he was about to start a new life with the Hokage was even worse.

But Sarada would try. She only wanted her parents to be happy after all.

However, as she watched her mother come home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in her hands, Sarada wondered if she was ready to welcome a third father into their small family.