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The Contest To Create A New Wonder Woman.

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Hippollyta was waiting for the news about her daughter getting a miscarriage. She was shocked to see that her daughter came back with a smaller bump in her body. Her daughter still has a new life growing inside her body.

"I hope that you're pleased, mother. It will take my future child longer to get out of my body. I wanted to create new life to make up for the life that I has taken, mother," explained Diana. She could see that her daughter wasn't happy With her orders to get rid of the fetus.

"Diana, it's for your own good. You shouldn't carry the creation of the man who has enslaved you," protested Hippollyta. Diana didn't accept the excuse of the mother of her host body.

"I can never be Wonder Woman again. I need to become a mother to make up for what happen to me," explained Diana. She hoped that Hippollyta will accept her reason of wanting to be a mother. The queen looked away from her daughter. She couldn't look her daughter in the eyes. Then, she walked away from the body of her daughter.

'Please don't make me bear your child from my body,' begged the thought voice of its original owner. Diana could sense that the weaken mind of her host body doesn't want to become the mother of the child from his DNA.

"My future child will come out of your body, princess. You will pay for killing my original body by becoming a mother," casted the metal voice of Robert Witman, who have been in total control of Diana's body. Robert could make Antonio pay by using Diana's body to have sex with her. He could make Antonio his sex slave if he wanted to. Then, he thought better of it. He can't risk anyone on this island finding out the truth about their princess. He would have to show self-control while he was on this island. He need to do something to protect the life growing inside the host body.

Pantha was thinking that she could be the next Wonder Woman. As she was training, she could sensed that the other Amazons are not as good as she is. The only person who have a chance to defeat isn't even going to join in this contest. Pantha was dreaming about her upcoming victory when she noticed that her queen was alone and sad. She walked toward her queen.

"Are you all right my queen?" asked Pantha. As much as she believe herself to be better than most of her fellow Amazons, she still have some respect and loyalty toward her queen. Of course, that her queen is the second person who could beat her in this contest might have done something to do with it.

"My daughter is angry that I wanted to get rid of the invader inside her body," answered the queen. Pantha began to get worried. If Diana lose that baby, she might want to challenge her.

"With that thing inside her body, she might not want to be Wonder Woman. You should let her become a mother if it keep her here," suggested Pantha. To be continued.