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The Contest To Create A New Wonder Woman.

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It has been a week since their princess, Diana, has returned to Paradise Island. When she first arrived, there was a health check-up, which show her in good health, except for the new life being created in her body. The red haired Amazon doctor, who name is Antonio, suggested that she used the healing ray to shrink the new life to nothing, but Diana refused it. She wanted the new life stay in her body until it come out as a baby. The other Amazons has no choice but to respect their princess's wishes, even if it doesn't make sense to them.

"Antonio told me that you were asking to how to used the healing ray to help Man's World. There is a reason that we don't share our machines with Man's World," said Queen Hippollyta.

"I believe that you're afraid that Man's World will misuse the healing ray. From what I know about your history, the humans has once enslaved your people, until your people managed to free themselves," said Diana.

"The Amazons are your people too, Diana. You were born and raised among them," protested Hippollyta. Diana realized that she must calm the mother of her host body down before she realized that her daughter is being controlled by a stronger male mind.

"You are right. I have spend enough time in Man's World, that I'm starting to think like them," said Diana. She was trying to laugh this off. Hippollyta looked worried at her daughter. Could something be wrong with her. She was about to said something, when the red haired Pantha appeared in front of them. She looked like she wanted to challenge Diana.

"You should get rid of that invader inside your body. Your days as Wonder Woman will be over if a baby come out of your body," said Pantha. Diana was beginning to feel anger at Pantha.

"My days as Wonder Woman was over when Robert used his mind powers to make me lust after me. I became his willing sex doll as a result of that. That thing inside my body is not to blame for what happen to me," protested Diana.

"That man almost kill you. He would have done that if you didn't kill him though a heart attack," argued Pantha. Diana wanted to mind blast her, but didn't do so, because it would reveal the truth of who is really in control of Diana's body.

"If you think that you could do a better job as Wonder Woman than me, go ahead and try it. Maybe there should be a contest on who would be the next Wonder Woman, since it won't be me," said Diana. Pantha was shocked to hear Diana suggest a contest.

"Maybe, Diana has the right idea. Maybe there should be a contest on who would be the next Wonder Woman. Man's World does need a Wonder Woman, even if that woman isn't my daughter," suggested Hippollyta. To be continued.