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The Afterlife Fate Of Julie Chapel.

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How long has it been for Julie Chapel? One moment, she was a dying blonde human female, and the next, she has become a ghost, floating up in the sky. Is she going to heaven? She was trying to remember her past. Will she be judged fairly? Then, she found herself in a hall. She got this feeling that she has been to this hall before. Then, she saw a white hooded figure walked toward her. It stopped near her.

"I was wondering if you're going to come back here," said a male voice from the hooded figure. Then, she saw 3 more white hooded figures coming toward her. Julie could sensed that they mean no harm to her.

"Where am I? Am I dead?" asked Julie to the 4 white hooded figure. She turned to look at a mirror at the wall close to her. She have this feeling that she saw this mirror before. She walked toward it. Then, it show her a Number Eight model holding a baby on her right arm. She was looking at the baby with love in her eyes. She looked like the Syrian doctor who has slapped her when she first arrived at the Angel City Mothership.

"That woman that you're seeing on the screen is you in your second body. The baby came from your second body, Julie," said a female voice from one of the hooded figure. Julie remember that one of the white hooded figure was a female.

"Show your faces. I need to know if you're the same 4 people that I met when I first came here," said Julie. At that moment, the 4 white hooded figure removed their white hoods allowing Julie to see their faces. She has met those 4 before.

"You have met us before when your previous body was in a healing coma. You were shown a picture of your future. You have died before that doctor who has slapped you could download your mind into your second body," said the double of Troy Forster.

"Now, for you to fulfill your part in saving your people from the Syrians and the Cylons, we have to do the job ourselves," said the double of Saul Tigh. Julie wondered how are they going to do that. Then, she got her answer when she saw white lights from the hands of the 4 members of the Final Five.

"You have not finished your job to save your people yet. We will send you to your second body. Once that happen, you will need to find a way back to your people. They will need your help in freeing their planet from The Syrian people," said the double of Sam Anders. Suddenly the room was fulled with white light. Julie couldn't see what has happen next. Then, she woke up to see that her arms was chained to a pool of water. She also saw that she has orange skin. She looked up to see a room of Number Eight Cylons. They seem to be happy to see her.

"You have awaken in your new body, hive-sister. We will take care of you until you no longer need us," said the Number Eight close to her. She removed the chains from her arms and lifted her up. She was given a tan towel by a second Number Eight. She wrapped it around her body. Then, she passed a mirror and saw that she now looked like a Number Eight Cylon. Her new life has just started. Her mission to save the humans of the planet Eden is far from over. To learn how will she find her way back to the planet Eden, you would need to read a future story. The end, for now.