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AJ and Travis Chicago con Q&A

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AJ and Travis were great fun to watch and time flew by in their session. Unfortunately, given the speed of their talk and the fact that there were two of them, I'm not sure how much useful stuff will come out of this. Video was definitely needed.

Paraphrased, few actual quotes, I couldn't always keep track of who said what.

How many people are actually from Chicago? What do you call you people, Chicagoans? I'm a Blackhawk Chicagoan. Vancouver, you guys crushed us, so we're really excited to be here and say hello to everyone. What are you doing, just hanging out with these Chicagoans. It always surprises us, we did that one little episode, and it turned into this spinoff thing, and it's all because of you guys. Yeah, our little web series, we apologize to everyone outside the U.S. who can't see it. It was so frustrating for us because they had this geoblocker, we're sorry, we kicked up as much dust as we could.

When they came and said, Kripke called us, I (AJ) just came from the beach, we thought we were in trouble, called to the principal's office, Travis came from somewhere, the yogurt place, and we entered a room of 15 people. I thought I was in the wrong room. Clearly important people, all the brass, and then Kripke said "We're thinking of doing a spinoff thing with you guys and we want you to write it." I was just like, Travis, kick me in the face, am I dreaming? So we got to write and direct. (They joke around about how Travis got to call Action). You have to be dramatic about it. Oh, there's questions, this is a Q&A.

Q: We're queuing for the queue. Do you guys think you ever found the fish and when you got to L.A., did they make it?

Travis: I don't think we could have not noticed the fish, I think we put two and two together and came up with Sam and Dean. (Joke about having eaten the fish for dinner). I got worms from eating the fish, our first sushi. In L.A., I think they were having a blast, hanging out, sunshine. We needed to go back to Appleton, WI and live with our parents. Are there people here from Appleton? (Cheers) Represent! I did a lot of research for it since that's where we were raised. We did a lot of Wikipedian. We wound up broke in L.A.

AJ: (After pointing them out) I got distracted by your guns.

Q: Are you ticklish?

AJ: Yes, very. (Travis shakes his head). We were drunk.

Q: How does it feel to be admired and how does it affect your acting?

AJ: We were just saying to the people backstage, Ed and Harry are the best roles we ever got to play and we don't want it to end. We have so much fun to show up for work and laugh, this is a dream role, we say that to Kripke and all those guys. (To the next person) I like your shirt. (Ghostfacers) Green shoes, well put together. Wassup?

Q: If you could put Ed and Harry in any other TV show, which one would it be?

AJ: Hawkeye. (Audience: MASH!!)
Travis: I would like to personally apologize to each every person who just yelled MASH.
AJ: Love Boat!! Love and it's haunted, things would happen.
Travis: Hart to Hart, oh I love that show. I thought it was so cool when I was growing up, it was a husband and wife who kicked ass.

Q: What's in your DVRs?

A: Ultimate Fighter on Spike (AJ), and it helps us with all those martial arts moves. When a ghost comes in with a vital swoop, you ground and pound. If they see your (martial arts level) belt, they'll be afraid. Have you seen the Ghostfacers' GMA episode? We were making this up on the fly. Travis let's put a sheet over your head. He has headgear, this is going to be too much fun. The camera is rolling so we can't stop.
Travis: We could have stopped!
AJ: "I can't see!" Ghosts can't talk!
What's in my DVR? (Travis) It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Venture Bros, and SPN. (AJ imitates Jensen's "Sam!" and Travis climbs on a chair to imitate Jared's height difference. Then AJ tells the story of how he was never more frightened than when Jared decided to lift him in the air). He gives me this look, Jared comes over and with one hand holds me up. The entire crew is like "Jared put him down!" The Crew went from "Ha ha Jared" to OMG! Those guys, as you know, are the nicest, coolest people we've ever had the privilege to work with. For us to show up on their set and for them to give us free reign, awesome guys.

Q: What's the best moment in Eurotrip?

Travis: It was working with Fred Armiston from SNL. Easiest, funniest people I've ever met (AJ mocks coughing) besides AJ. I've only fallen out of a take once when the cameras are rolling, and it's when he comes into the train car and sits next to me. The way he kept looking at me. That day with Fred was my favorite.
AJ: For CSI it was last week's episode, he got to get out of the lab and do some things.
Travis: I got that taped. (Next questioner steps up whose shirt says "Who you gonna call.")

Q: Do you think you will be on any more episodes of SPN?

AJ: We got a call yesterday about something we can't discuss. We're pretty excited, we heard a month ago that the Ghostfacers symbol was up on the board in the writing room. Our producers had pitched this concept about the Ghostfacers returning. We'll be shirtless, a calendar photo shoot.
Travis: I'll be in a fireman's helmet.

Q: Do you think your characters will grow to like Sam and Dean?

A: Ed and Harry, we chuckle at Sam and Dean's attempts to hunt ghosts when they're amateurs. We're the ones taking stuff seriously. It's forever fun to banter back and forth with them.

Q: Two questions for AJ, how much of you did that CSI fight scene?

A: We had one of the Land of the Lost stunt guys, but I did most of it. I always wanted to be an action hero so that was fun.

Q: I liked you in Disturbing Behavior, you had an awesome laugh, can you do it for us? (AJ Complies)

Q: If you could switch with any character on SPN, who would it be?

AJ: I would have to say Jared, I want to know what it's like to be able to flip a car. That would be all I would do all day. I want muscles and to be 6'9" (mimes being giant Jared).
Travis: I can't follow that, what are you talking about? If we were bound together we would be his thigh. (They stand back to back and demonstrate how they would move together). Wonder twins activate!

Q: You guys are my favorite boys besides Sam and Dean.

A: Sweet, thanks!

Q: When they brought you in for the first episode, did they discuss you being an alter ego of them?

A: I think there was a lot of discussion of that, we were seen as the less socially adapted version of Sam and Dean, while still possessed of that manly quality,
Travis: We're the diminutive mirror of Sam and Dean.

AJ: (To next questioner) Love your shirt.

Q: This was a gift from Patrick (their producer) at Comic Con.

Travis: He was the Ghostfacers' shirt fairy.

Q: He told some great stories. Could you share how you found space for writing in a supply closet at the SPN offices?

A: There's no budget for Ghostfacers, it had to be squeezed into an advertising budget. People didn't know we were supposed to be in there, so when they'd open the door to put something away we'd scare them. We had a Corbett puppet as a mascot.
Travis: Did that bit with The Corbett puppet ever make it into the Christmas thing? (AJ seems to say no, they go on to the next questioner who is wearing horns and a devil tail).

Q: I love Ghostfacers but hate the other ones on TV, what do you think of the Ghost Hunters?

A: Have they seen real ghosts? Remember the movie Rudy? We appreciate their heart. They annoy me too. But we do watch them a lot because they give us great material.

Q: I saw you (Travis) on Justified (something).

A: Have I ever played a bad guy before? You get so much room to be mean, as an older brother I have a lot of experience with it. This movie in the 90s, the first thing I ever did, and I got to be a bad guy.

Q: Could Travis do his best impression of Monarch?

A: (Travis does) I love how 15% of this audience got that.

Q: Do you guys ever prank one another or with other casts?

A: I think it's more in takes and we'll say stuff to each other. We do a lot of improv – things happen. I called Jared chisel chest, Jared fell on the floor and had the giant laugh, and then got up and walked off the stage and fell down laughing and kept going. For a good 15 minutes we were shut down, it was great.

Q: Have you guys ever had any paranormal experiences?

Travis: Yes, there was that one time your door opened while we were writing the Ghostfacers.
AJ: No, that was my mom. Maybe just weird feelings, and you think about someone and the phone rings. When my grandfather passed away, I had a weird dream about it and then we got the call that he had died.

Q: Are you guys going to Comic Con again?
A: Phenomenal experience. It was suggested that we could go down there and crash the panel and we were all excited about it. Then on the day you could see that when we were there everyone was afraid it was the worst idea ever.
Travis: We were psyching ourselves up by doing head bashing. For hours.
AJ: But when we walked up on stage and we got this great response from you guys, that changed everything. The president of WB was there and said "They like you guys."

Q: What comic book heroes would you want to be?

Travis: Spiderman.
AJ: Daredevil. I didn't like the movie, it was bleaaaah. I just want to wear tight leather pants.

Q: If you guys could work with any 2 actors, who would it be?

AJ: Gary Oldman.
Travis: I was going to say it.
AJ: I was reading your mind.
Travis: I would like to do a scene with Clark Gable and Angelina Jolie. I don't know what I would want to do in that scene but I'd just watch (Makes "This is awesome" motions).
AJ: I would write a scene with me and Jolie spooning.

Q: Will there be a S2 of the webisodes?

A: All we can tell you is that yesterday, we got a call. We were on a conference call on the other sides of the airport and we could see each other, and were going (making excited victory gestures) and people had no idea what was going on.

Q: In the webisodes, there was a scene shot with Castiel, what happened to it?

AJ: The secret tape of Castiel, it is awesome, we weren't allowed to release it. What would happen if Castiel came down, we pitched to Kripke.
Travis: Interview With an Angel.
AJ: Misha is so funny, his Twitter is even more funny. I follow him.
Travis: Make sure to tell him we love him and miss him.
AJ: He actually came up to us and asked how to get involved with the webisodes. (He then flubs Misha's name and the two do a long riff on Misha's name). We were going to York at the Ghostfacers-only con, so we wrote the Castiel thing and ran it by Eric, got the greenlight. Might come out at the next con.

Q: Would you rather be killed by sharks, zombies, or velociraptors?

AJ: I hate sharks -- clowns and sharks scare me.
Travis: AJ had this idea for a penguin called Shark, as a children's book. This is life with AJ by the way, we're eating lunch and he just puts down his fork, and just says "Penguin named Shark."
AJ: Every time I watch zombie movies, that looks awful. What's the quickest?
Travis: Shark. If there were zombies I'd be terrified, a shark it would just be a lot of pain. But I'd like to see a live dinosaur before I died.

Q: That's the most logical reason for it so far.

AJ: Anytime you need logic, just hit us up. Travis is going to be in Zombie Hamlet produced by AJ. Our first venture outside SPN, films next week. The best part is we've formed this great relationship.

Q: What were your first impressions of one another?

AJ: A great guy, one of those things where we showed up and started riffing. We just got on set and in rehearsals we clicked.
Travis: We did push ups, I can do 9 in a row.
AJ: Yeah, we got into a push-up contest, it's true. (AJ then makes the audience sing happy birthday to Travis for his birthday on the 8th.) Travis got engaged, special announcement. Very proud.

(They're then told they're out of time)

Q: About CSI and SPN both being on Friday.

AJ: What Ed calls the Ghostfacer movement would not go on without people showing up and giving us ongoing support. CSI is on same night as SPN but it's such a different demographic. I can branch out, before I signed my contract I had already been on SPN so I had a small loophole. Is Jared going to hassle me? Say I was one of those trolls with the hair, I am the little troll on the pencil (compared to him).