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Lab Rats

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Maes Hughes was facing his worst nightmare. He had just found out the terrible truth about the Philosopher's Stone when he was attacked. He was able to run away with a blood trail dripping after him.

He chose to call Mustang on a more secure line so he wouldn't be heard when he was attacked in a phone booth by another one of those Humunculi Fullmetal drew a picture of a while ago.

This one could change it's appearance at will, while he had his head turned to sneakily go for a weapon of choice the bastard went and morphed into the face of his beautiful wife.

He couldn't do it. He couldn't kill her. So instead he was slain inside the booth while the other line hadn't even been picked up yet.

He bled out, vision blurred and body soon succumbed to the cold. There was a sudden jolt, he looked up to see a weird green gelatinous blob thing.

"What the hell was that?" It exclaimed. "Who the hell are you?" It asked of Maes.

"I'm dead."

"You look pretty alive to me."

Maes glanced down to see the puddle of blood had vanished, as did the hole that made him bleed out. "Huh, well that's odd." He got up to dust himself off when he noticed a shadowy figure above him. "Can I help-" The figure pushed Maes backwards. He felt himself hit the blob before he found himself sitting at a desk with other people around.

Everyone seemed confused.

His hands became gelatinous and he could think of nothing else to do but cry out in panic.

He wasn't the only one.


"House, you caused a man to have a seizure and then if that wasn't bad enough you decided to give his father, who was in a coma a large dosage of L-Dopa and amphetamines."

"Well he woke up didn't he?" House replied to Cuddy who exhaled loudly. "By the way he wasn't having seizures, those were convulsions due to him being Akinotopsic. Heard of it?" Cuddy just gave him an infuriated look. "Look it up on Google. It's an extremely rare neurological disorder which leads the brain to believe things that are in motion are invisible while unmovable objects they can see just fine."

"His father was in a coma for ten years House."

"Yeah and I gave him back his life which, by the way, you're welcome. Guy comes to after ten years and all he cares about is a great big juicy steak."

"Where are you going? We aren't done here."

"Going to see a plumber about a leak." House said as he hobbled off towards the bathroom.

"Yeah I'm here." He heard a female voice say accompanied by a high pitched whining noise only made by electronics. "Where are you?"

"I'm in the men's room hearing voices. Either I'm hallucinating, having schizophrenia or I need a really, really long nap." The floor below him began to shake. "Earthquake, just what I need right now, my damn pants to have urine all over them." He looked up just in time to see the ceiling fall in too of him.

He too was tossed into the classroom.

"And now I'm clearly dead."


"I sense a disturbance in the force."

"Oh no Hana-chan's brain waves are going off." Tooru exclaimed with a smile on her face.

"I detect a lie is clearly at work here."

"Oh so your bullshitometer is going off huh?" The blond girl beside them asked smirking. "Okay spill it, what are you hiding?"

"Fine, fine you caught me." Kyo muttered, putting his hands up. "I fold."

"And to the victor goes the spoils!" She said, claiming the reward that was set out in front of them.

"You lose again Kyo." Shigure commented.

"Can it will you? I know that already.

"Well you at least need-" He stopped to listen as there was frantic barking and howling outside. "What the devil is going on here?" He listened. "We should get to high ground before the stampede arrives."

"Are they planning on invading through the front door?" Yuki asked.

"Just get to high ground."

"Uh guys, we should probably-"

"No way old man. I know this is your spot and all that but you can have it when I leave." She cut across Tooru.

"Uh guys." Tooru whined when the ground started shaking. "We should probably-" The rest was lost in a scream as several dogs broke through the wall and barreled straight for them.



"My house!" Shigure cried. They were being surrounded by animals to the point that they were being walked on.

"Help me!"

"Here." A hand reached for her, she grabbed onto it and came face to face with Shigure. "Uh Tooru?"


"Why are you-"

"Why am I-"

"A cat?"


Arnold had plans with Gerald to save the neighborhood by bus, they were being sneaky on the way in but had to separate so the two of them wouldn't be spotted.

The phone rang.


"Don't go out in the hall, it's swarming with guards."

"Deep Voice?! How do you know where I am?"

"I'm everywhere and I'm nowhere. But mostly I'm everywhere. Listen I'll make a distraction-" Arnold however wasn't listening as he had seen a shadowy figure outside and went to investigate. His suspicions were correct. He confronted Deep Voice.

"Who are you?" The figure revealed themselves after a bit of a scuffle. "Helga?"

"That's me."

"Why? I thought you hated me."

"No Arnoldo I don't hate you. I actually kind of like you a little."

"Like me?"

"Oh who am I kidding Arnold. You want me to say it fine. I love you, okay."

"Did you just say you love me Helga?"

"Arnold-" Gerald's voice came in over the radio.

"Not now-" Helga said, throwing the radio off the ledge. "You heard me Arnold, I love you, I've always loved you ever since I laid eyes on that silly little football shaped head of yours. I've filled books with poems about you, built shrines to you in my closet, I helped you Arnold because I don't want to lose you, not before I fulfill my wildest fantasy and have those dreamy lips on my own."

"Helga…we're nine?"

"Guess I found my soulmate early eh football head?" She managed to kiss him passionately, his hat flew off in the wind.

"Uh, I hate to cut the crazy train short but we need to go. Demolition is in 30 mins." Gerald said as he and Phoebe happened upon the scene. They used the rope to climb down.

"What the heck?" Gerald said as they planted their feet to the ground. "We're definitely not in Kansas anymore."

"Yeah but where are we? And…oh my gosh you guys, look at us!"

"Definitely teenagers."

"I'm so hungry I could eat a horse." A horse magically appears in front of them.

"Weird coincidence."

"I'm serious Gerald, I'm as hungry as a hip-" The game hungry hungry hippos fell out of the air.

"Hang on back up." The game proceeded to lift itself off the ground, disappear and reappear.



Harry Potter was the boy who lived to see another day, until today. As Voldemort was smiling triumphantly Harry jumped out of Hagrids arms to have one last battle together.

Their wand strands collided, a sliver ended up hitting two portkeys causing them to appear in a room full of people.

The magic in their wands died.

"What the hell is this?" Voldemort cried out loud.


Evai Wei, winner of Oban, was sleeping on a nice comfortable bed that was in her room. She had finally found her father after ten years of boarding school hell. And a race that ended up almost costing everyone their lives.

She had spent many nights dreaming of a certain dreamy Nourasian Prince wondering when he'd whisk her away to his planet.



"Wake up Molly."

"Prince? What-" She opened her eyes to see she was indeed staring up at the Prince. "Are those…?"

"Corpses? Yes I believe they are."

"Why are they moving?"

"I'm not sure Molly." Aikka had his own problems, he was seeing dead people. His swords were useless if they weren't real.


The demons were attacking in droves, they were supposed to be finding more information about these creatures as there were suspicions it would lead to Sakura's feather. Instead they were fighting them head on.

"I think that's the last of them." Kurogane said. His red eyes scanning the darkness in mistrust.

"Good job Kurgs." The blond said. Kurogane growled at the nickname wishing Fai would stop giving them to him and just use his normal name for once.

"Let's move." The fight made them late, the person they were supposed to see had already left. "Figures."

"There's always next time no need to be so hasty."

"We've been here a month, Fai, longer than any of the other worlds we've landed and I'm starting to think we're being messed with. I don't like it."

"Me neither, but what can we do?"

"Find them and start asking questions that's what."

"You seem rather surely."

"Tired, hungry and I'm getting annoyed by your presence."

"I'm offended."

"Doesn't sound like it." Fai was about to say something else but he bumped it into Kurogane who had stopped suddenly.

"Ready up Fai, we got company." They both went in for the attack and came out the other side in a bright room filled with people.

Several screams already filled the air.

"Now what?"

"Nani?" Fai said beside him.

"Great, we can't understand each other because the meat bun isn't here."


Dr Delbert Doplar stood in front of the room with a terrified look on his face.

Captain Cold wasn't sure what to do.

Sonic (OPM) couldn't see.

Meanwhile Hitoshi Shinso rubbed his temples in frustration at the chaos, where had all his previous classmates gone to. The only other person he recognized was Gregory.

"Enough!" He shouted. They all turned to him with questions but as soon as the thought left their mouths they were brainwashed. He sighed and picked up the phone. "Aizawa, bring Nezu to General Studies. We got a problem."

"I'm in the middle of class-"

"And 18 of my classmates are gone and have been replaced by someone else…even the teacher."

"Hold on."

"Well…this a conundrum isn't it?" Nezu said when he entered the room with Aizawa. "Mr. Aizawa, please tell your students to go home for the day. Vlad's too. We got a situation on our hands."