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A Crew Should Always Remember their Musician

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There is more magyk in the world than many believe there to be. More that has been forgotten than is rumored to exist. Not even the government that stomped away so much knowledge remembers all the types of magyk that flowed through the waves. 

It has already been covered that there are Gifts held by those who inherit the Will of D, but they are not the only magyk that has been erased, been forgotten. There is a magyk that sits in the lungs, the throats, the minds of every person who devotes themselves to the waves. These magyks can be called by any, but are weapons in the hands of captains who hold hearts in their hands, and bring them into their chests. But these magkys are best weapons in the hands of musicians who can masterfully weave them. 

There is a reason that musicians should be feared across the seas. 

There are songs that resonate with power, songs that are woven with the winds, and can change them in turn. There are songs that have been written with the waves at their heart, and songs that may stir the depths. These songs when sung in the right situation with the right intent can change, can rally, can inspire, can comfort, can influence. 

But this power is so oft forgotten, assumed to be a one off, just a pinch of luck, so oft ignored, that even when other magyks make their reappearance before being forgotten again, that this one lies buried within the depths. 

But there are those who do realize, who do see the power that their words, their voices, their hearts can carry. One such crew who promised themselves to the waves, and brought up songs long forgotten, but imbued with power, were the Rumbar Pirates. They flew the Black Flag as rebellion to the Government and they turned hearts with Song. Their story is not one of joy, but of tragedy. 

They came from the Blue of the West long before the first titled King in living memory came to power. Through song they befriended a baby Island Whale, and through song they went through the Grand Line. While they never passed to the New World, they did gain notoriety in their time. The sickness that took half the crew was not a mistake. The poisoned blades in the Florian Triangle were not a mistake. 

They were not Revolutionaries, but the government saw the potential of what they could do. Saw the untrust they carried for Justice, and chose to see them destroyed. This was before the King was crowned before the Revolutionary rose, they still had much more perceived control. They were not going to allow a crew that could turn hearts at strum of strings to continue. 

There are few things more terrifying than a crew of musicians who were well on their way to discovering the power of Song. Especially because by the time the second captain reemerged he had a mastery of Song, he knew some secrets of the depths. 

Brook, second Captain of the Rumbar Pirates, was a solitary figure. By the time he managed to make his way back to his body it was naught but bones. All else had long since rotted. He spent years in the Florian Triangle after the deaths of his crew, he did not know what was going on in the world in the years that passed. But he did not languish either. 

He spent the years learning, listening, composing. He learned the ways and patterns of the waves. He learned some secrets of the depths. He listened to the songs on the winds, that rippled from the waves, that stirred the depths. He composed songs that changed the paths of the winds, that caused new waves, that stirred the depths. He let his songs go forth on the winds to be heard by those who would need them. 

But he accepted the fate that the Sea gave him. He heard the whispers of the waves as he made his way back to his bones. That it was not time for him to leave the Triangle. That the danger he posed had not been forgotten. But a day would come, the New Dawn would rise, the Second King would need the Second Captain. 

So he survived. He gave his crewmates bones to the ocean. Let them be buried for eternity under the waves that they loved. He continued, but he did not live. He did not again consider himself alive until the day the crowned Prince came upon him, and invited him to join his crew. With that simple invitation the Second Captain of the Rumbar Pirates bent the knee to the Boy who Would be King. 

The Florian Triangle is not a kind place. It was a place that most avoided or touched only the edges of. It was a place that changed those who entered. If the Second Captain came across any who had known him with the Rumbar after he emerged with the Heir, they would not know him. He was not unrecognizable, but he was different.

While among the Strawhats Brook never showed the full power that he had accumulated over the years that he listened, learned, and composed. He remembered what happens when a crew shows themselves to be too powerful too early. He loves his new crew. He does not want them to meet the same fate. 

He knows they are strong, he has heard Nami refer to Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji as the monster trio. But he knows that bringing out magyks forgotten would turn the gaze of the government on them with more strength than they could handle. He knows they are strong, but they are his and he does not want to endanger them. 

Also, it was not the time for him to remind the world of the power of Song and Voice. But he did not stay silent, every request to play Bink’s Sake was a request to weave comfort, anticipation, home, through the hearts of the crew. He did not stay silent and every night that he took watch he wove Songs that would strengthen the Sunny, Songs that would hide them from those who would do harm, Songs that would help them all to heal. 

But then they reached Sabaody. They reached Sabaody and the crew was separated. They reached Sabaody and Brook was blown away. But this Brook has spent years listening and learning from the winds, the waves, and the depths. This Brook knew how to use his Voice to change his course. This Brook did not fly for three days and three nights unable to aid his Captain in rescuing his brother from the Government that would see him dead for the Crime of Blood. This Brook flew for less than a day and saw the announcement of the execution of Portgas D Ace. 

Brook did not know the relation between the brothers. But he could feel the way the world stilled at the idea, how the winds brought him his Captain’s fear. Brook decided that he would go, he would do what he could, he would meet his Captain at this event and save the young commander. 

With that choice made Brook took a deep breath and looked at the island's inhabitants who were staring at him. With a skinless smile he let the Song leave him power drenching every note. 

Safe and Sound at home again, 

Let the waters roar, Jack

Safe and sound at home again,

Let the waters roar, Jack

He watched the people relax as the Song reached them 

Long we’ve tossed on the rolling main

Now we’re safe ashore Jack

Don’t forget your old shipmate

Fal dee ral dee ral dee rye eye doe!

With the chorus they began to smile back at him and became more willing to take him where he needed to go. He did not request they take him to Marineford, no. He chose an island close enough that would be on others paths to reach Marine Headquarters. He did not want to bring his new friends to what will likely be war. He just needs them for a ride close to it. Others can take him the rest of the way. 

It took almost no time for the Musician to charm his way aboard one of the ships of Whitebeard's Fleet. His presence was ignored in ways that his Songs could not be. His Songs did not cloud the thoughts of those around them but they did focus, they did calm, they did inspire, they did frenzy. 

But the most important Song he wove upon that ship influenced the winds and waves. They moved faster, they reached Marineford faster. Not just the ship on which the Musician rode either, but the whole of the Fleet arrived faster than any expected. 

This is just the first change that the Musician wrought in the War of the Best. After all, a Musician who knows what Song can do should always be feared.