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The World Has Changed

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Davy Jones was once a mortal man. Was once a man who loved the Sea more than any other. But Davy Jones was not a name, Davy Jones was a title. One who passed from one to another. Each who used the name loved the sea more than any other, each were Kings of the Sea, for who can love something more than a King loves what is his. 

Davy Jones was the first to fly the Black Flag. The first to declare against the Government. The first to defy He Who Sits the Empty Throne. There was no need for pirates as they are, before the Government did as it did and changed what it did. If it did not eradicate what it did, if it did not conquer what it did. 

Davy Jones is not a name, it is the title of a King. A King whose throne was destroyed by the Government of He Who Sits the Empty Throne. But the King has survived and the magyks of his throne have not been lost. It has been changed though, and the clan of Davy Jones who carry the same Will have been scattered. 

Davy Jones was the first to hold the title of Pirate King and Davy Jones will be the last to hold the title of Pirate King. For every crowned King will be titled such when he walks beyond the waters of the world to board the ship that was his own but is now the Flying Dutchman. His Crew will be his Court, and that which he commands will sail beside him. 

But this is unremembered and forgotten.

There is one figure who is thought of when those who raise the Black Flag pay their tribute. There is only one Davy Jones they remember, it is not the last crowned King who gave his head to the Government to safeguard his crew. No, it was the first. The one whose other names and titles have all but been forgotten. Who is only known to sail beyond as Davy Jones. The one who loved the Sea. 

They remember the Davy Jones who was the last to sit the Throne of the Sea. The throne that was opposite to the Empty Throne that was once known as the Throne of the Land, before the Land-bound King grew greedy and with the aid of his loyal vassals destroyed the Throne of the Sea, leaving just the Pirate King behind. 

But they were not entirely successful, for the King of the Sea did not die, he survived and became the Pirate King. His kin were not all killed and their Will survived. Borne of this world they may be, but their blood is of the Sea and they will one day return. There is a reason the vassals who titled themselves as Dragons fear the Will of D, the Will of the King and his Kin.

The Kin of the King did not die out. Their Will continues on and each is a marvel and a wonder. Each carries a Gift that sets them apart. There is the Old Man who repeats his life again and again. There is the Old Man’s Son who can read the winds, the waves, and the depths, and manipulate the winds. 

There is Captain who became King, who was the first to be crowned as Davy Jones in centuries who could see the impact of actions until the time of his death. There is the woman, who was a captain in her own right, that loved the man crowned King who could speak truth in every sentence. 

There was the Wicked Captain who was named evil that spoke with honeyed voice that could bend any to his word. There is the traitor, the False D who hungers until he consumes all that there is, all that there will be, all that there has been. 

There is the son of the King who speaks truth that is only clear when looking at what has been, truth that can alter lives that he will never confirm. There is the Boy who Will Be King that sees those who need him, those that can be his, those that he will impact. 

The Kin of the King did not die when the throne was destroyed and there will always be a consequence of such. They will carry power that they do not remember, and the world will tremble when their strength grows. 

There is a power when a young inheritor of the Will of D looks at the man who was once Court and Kin to the Executed King and declares that he will be King. 

There is a power when said man hears the declaration and accepts. When he gifts the young inheritor the crown that was his hold and to pass on, but not his to claim. 

There is a power when the young inheritor becomes the crowned Prince. The Boy Who Will Take Up the Kingship. The Boy Beloved of the Seas. 

There is a power when a cycle of the world begins to come to a close and the boy has already consumed the Fruit of the First Pirate King. 

There is a power when the Prince repeats his declaration to any and all who hear him. No matter their place in the world the Prince is steadfast in his declaration that he will Inherit the Seas. That he will be King. 

The Boy who is Crowned, Who Will One Day be King has a power that he does not know. But Davy Jones who Sails Beyond knows this power, and he watches. He knows the Boy and cannot wait to see the future he unfolds. 

There is a power when Will and Intent mix, there is a truth.  

Joy Boy was never the King’s only name, only title. Davy Jones was once a mortal man who loved the Sea more than any other.