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What Happens when the Depths do Stir?

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There is more magyk in the world than the World Government would ever lead the people to know. Sure, they could not remove devil fruits from being known, but there is a reason the Blues see them as more of myth and legend than truth. There is a reason that the knowledge of Haki is not even whispered of in most areas of the Blues.

But there is more than this, some that even the Gorosei do not know. This links to why those who bear the Will of D are so whispered and feared. Few remember that every D carries a Gift, a Gift that separates them and sets them apart. The Gorosei do not know that every D has a Gift, just that they are different, they are odd and live by different laws.

There are more examples of magyk in this world forgotten by all but the winds, the waves, and the depths. But they are not the focus here. Here we are looking at the Gift of D, and Monkey D Garp and his unending repeating of time.

He has seen darkness and in his last, he has finally seen absolution. It was the longest he ever reached. He saw his grandson become the Pirate King and revive magyks long lost. He has seen the lynchpin his grandson is in the World, and the renewal that comes from the Reign of a King.

He has seen the Darkness that lives beneath the Pearly White of the Government. He has seen He Who Sits the Empty Throne. He who is King in all but Name and Title.

The knowledge of the Government’s Truth shattered Garp. He had built everything around Justice, of seeing the world be better by allowing there to be Order, of a world that will be better for All. His People reinforced the importance of Justice, that the world is better under One Order.

Even as he repeated his life, time and time again, he never changed from being built around Justice and Sengoku and Tsuru. Yes, he might waver, yes he might disagree with some actions, but the ideal of Justice prevailed within him. But he loved his son the Revolutionary, he loved his grandsons the Pirate Commander, the Revolutionary Chief, the Pirate King.

But it was his last life, the life he thought would be his last that shattered everything. He had retired. He had removed himself after he saw his oldest grandson dead again. At the hand of the government. Again. He removed himself and retired. He could feel how close he was to shattering then, so he left. He returned to Dawn, to the forest that birthed him, and decided he was done. He still spoke to Sengoku, to Tsuru, to those that sought him out, but he was done. He would not seek Justice after that.

But despite removing himself, he still learned the Truths of the Government and He Who Sits the Empty Throne. This is what broke him. That Justice was never the point, that Order was never the point. It was Control, it was Power to One, it was never for the many, only the one. There was never a goal of helping the All, just allowing Control to the One.

Garp shattered. He thought he had finally extinguished his Gift. That he had repeated his last life, that he could finally sleep. That the shards of who he was could be laid to rest, never to rise again. That he had lived all possibilities, that he accepted that he could make no true change.

But Garp was wrong. Garp could never have been more wrong, and when he woke up that day. The day of his youngest grandson’s seventeenth birthday he felt the shards of who he was chip even further apart. That he could no longer be the Hero of the Marines if the Hero was in pieces no longer whole.

So Garp made a choice that day that he awoke, when the winds of change that blew the waves that disturbed the depths that stirred under the New Dawn. And Garp? Garp was done. He knew there was nothing he could do. He was the Government’s pet D. He showed that they could corral the uncontrollable. He had been shown Truth, and he was Done.

That was the day that Garp disappeared. He knew that there was no point in choosing death, that he would just wake again on a different day. So, he left. He abandoned the Marines. He abandoned his People. He left and disappeared into the winds, let the waves take him away, and the depths to hide his path and place of rest.

But his disappearance was not unnoticed. It took only hours for his disappearance to be reported to Sengoku, for a quiet search around Marineford to begin, for spies to hear that something was off. It takes two days for him to be reported as missing, possibly even deserting the Marines.

Within a week all powers of the World knew and speculations grew. Those of the Old Guard who knew Garp, either fought at his side or against him were nervous. Garp was not one to abandon Duty. They knew he was steadfast, that his ideals were built around Justice, that like any D he would not abandon those that were his. But he was gone, and the two copies of his vivre card had not diminished, had not burned. He was gone, and all they could tell was that he was gone by choice.

The questions grew for those that knew him, that knew of the Will of D and its roots in Ideals and People. What happened? What had he learned? What caused him to disappear?

Sengoku did not know what changed. All he knew was that his closest friend was gone. It was just another day, Garp’s youngest grandson’s birthday if Sengoku remembered his ramblings correctly, but he had never even tried to head out to East Blue. Garp would have told him if was planning to go back to his home island.

He knew that the Gorosei were not going to be happy with this, that they were never happy when Garp was unreachable for long periods of time. He hoped his friend was alright. But he doesn’t know what changed. He doesn’t know what led Garp to leaving. He doesn’t know how to look Tsuru in the eye with Garp gone and the Gorosei wanting to name him a deserter, wanting to strip him of his titles.

All he knew was that Garp was still alive, and unhurt. He had Garp’s vivre card in his desk, and was checking it constantly.

The vivre card that couldn’t be used to track him as it did not tug one way or the other. Only Garp would be able to change the properties of his own vivre card Sengoku could not help but think to himself bitterly. But, no matter how much Garp annoyed him, they were still friends, Sengoku was still worried.

Monkey D Dragon was possibly the first to know about his father’s disappearance, even before Sengoku. He felt the winds of Change be hit with a cross wind that blew them just a bit aside. He knew the waves and the depths had been disturbed by that cross wind, but he could not touch them, only read them. He knew something had changed, that the course of the future would be different. Unfortunately though he could read the winds and direct them to a degree, he could not tell what caused the cross wind or where his father had gone.

When he heard hours later that his father had disappeared from Marineford he hoped that his father had gone to see Luffy, that the cross wind had blown him to witness the New Dawn. To see beginnings of change for himself. He knew it was unlikely with his steps being hidden by the waves and depths that he would go somewhere so obvious, but he did not want to guess what could have led him away.

Dragon knew how important Justice and Sengoku and Tsuru were to his father. But even able to read the winds as he was, he could not begin to guess what chased his father away from the institution that he had devoted so much, that he had justified so much for.

But as the days went on he could not be found or contacted Dragon grew worried. He knew how his father was viewed by the higher ups. He was the collared D, loyal to them and controlled by their pawn. He knew that his father’s disappearance would not be treated well.

Thus when the winds signaled that soon Garp would be labeled a deserter, Dragon pulled out the vivre card that so rarely saw the light of day. He had it just to have physical proof that his father lived after harsh battles. Even able to read the world as easily as he could, there was still a reassurance in being able to view a physical object.

But to see it unchanged, and unburned when his father was gone was a cheap reassurance indeed. It did not help his confusion as to what could have driven his father from his People, from his Ideals. What had Garp learned that drove him away?

The Revolution saw how distracted their leader was by the disappearance of Vice Admiral Monkey D Garp, and resolved to help their leader. While no direct orders were given about the disappearance, most members began to search him out when they had the time. They wanted to help the leader who organized them, and gave them purpose. Besides, it was interesting, and they all wanted to know why.

They did not know the relation between the Revolutionary and the Marine Hero, but they knew he was invested in learning about the disappearance. But still, as they looked, they learned. They learned more about Garp and how staunch he had always been in his ideals, and the ideals of the government and they too began to wonder. What chased him away? What did he learn?

They began to look further into the secrets of the government, if one so loyal was chased away then it had to be something important. One so loyal does not desert for nothing. None of them liked the government, and they knew that it hid Truths like Jewelry Bonney could eat pizza; but, that did not help in knowing that something had chased Garp away.

Edward Newgate was indisputably a member of the Old Guard of the Seas. He honored the waves before Roger had been named King, and he continued after they raged when the Government took the King’s head. He had seen all of the current leaders of the Marines reach their positions, he had fought in the battle that had seen Garp named as Vice Admiral, named as a Hero, that had seen him established as the Government’s Collared D.

He heard about Garp’s disappearance within a day, and he had to say he was concerned. Garp was one of the Marines that was so rooted in their cause that the world would end before they would deviate. To know that he left, seemingly of his own volition, changes the game. Changes the balance of the seas, the balance between the government and those that would go against it.

Newgate did not think it possible for a member of the Old Guard to deviate from the ideals they have built themselves around. They were all too old, too comfortable, too set in their ways. But Garp had disappeared, had deviated from his ideals, and had abandoned his People. Not even Captain Xebec, may the depths keep him bound, had betrayed his People, or his Ideals.

With this in mind he sent out the order to his intelligence division to find what could have forced Garp away from the marines. He also sets out the order for Ace to be returned home. While he understands the need to see Thatch avenged, there is too much in question for him to feel safe with such a volatile son so far away. He wants none of his children to be alone on the seas when depths seem to be stirring.

Besides their Captain there are few among the Whitebeard Pirates who could be counted among the Old Guard, but most of the more experienced still understood the gravity of the disappearance of Monkey D Garp. They knew how the balance of those who sailed worked, and having Garp disappear so abruptly changed the rules in an unprecedented manner.

The intelligence division at the command of their Captain under the leadership of their commander, Haruta, turned the focused gaze they could upon the marines and the government, and their most delicate inner workings. They reached out to contacts in information brokers and the Revolution to join hands and find the answer to why the Hero of the Marines disappeared.

While the intelligence division got to work trying to find answers the majority of the rest of the crew began to fortify themselves. They all knew they were going to disturb the wasp’s nest with this, and wanted to make sure they were ready for a fight. If something chased away one of the strongest and most committed marines, then just learning it could put the full power of the government against them, and they needed to be ready for that.

Some of the crew went to go and bring Ace back. Pops wanted all of them back with the fleet, or at least with a full crew at all times. If the Hero of the Marines, the man who arrested the Pirate King was gone, possibly deserting the Marines? Then the waves were no longer safe enough to traverse alone.

Marco the Phoenix was Old. He was older than most thought or assumed him to be, which was just fine with him, that’s what he wanted them to think. But he was old and he has seen many things through the years, he has seen many Ds use their Gifts through the years. He does not know what Gift Monkey D Garp carries, but he can tell from the blowing of the winds, the ripples of the waves, and even the stirring of the depths, that Garp’s Gift is part of why he left.

Just as he knows that Garp will not be found until he desires to be so. Garp has used the stirrings of the depths to hide, and only those stirrings will reveal him. No winds nor waves will change that.

Marco won’t tell anyone else though. He knows how thoroughly the government has worked to suppress any information of the Will of D, and he has no desire to endanger his Nakama by bringing that information to light.

Marco may not be a D whose Gift allows him to innately understand the world, but he is Old and he has learned. One who has lived by laws of the seas for as long as he has cannot be deaf to their meanings.

While the rest of the crew fortifies itself in preparation to the consequence of Haruta’s division kicking the wasp’s nest, Marco with a few of his crew-brothers has gone to bring Ace back to the fleet. They need all of the commanders together, more importantly no member of the crew should be sailing alone when the seas are in upheaval and the depths have stirred to this extent.

Marco does not know what truths Garp’s Gift allowed him to learn, but he will not allow his crew, his nakama, his family to be hurt by them. If that means letting the world burn to keep them safe, then so be it.

Portgas D Ace did not learn about the disappearance of Monkey D Garp until he had been found by Marco and the others. Garp had been gone two weeks by then, and the Government had declared him a deserter. He was no longer Garp the Hero, he was Garp the Deserter.

Ace was confused when he heard this, too confused to do more than to ask Marco if he knew what happened. He was too confused to even tell them that the Deserter was his Grandfather, that he had taken him from his mother’s still arms and been the one to allow him to grow up.

He knew his grandfather, he knew how important the Marines, and Justice, and even Sengoku were to him. For Garp to willingly leave was anathema to all of that. He could not understand what would lead Garp away from that, he could not understand what changed.

Ace did not know of the Gifts that follow the Will of D. He did not know that his Grandfather had always felt like he had lived his life before, until he had all of the memories of doing so. Ace did not know that he could make true suppositions that others would not believe. He did not know that Sabo lived because Ace could not imagine a world where he did not, but it was not perfect, that his truths were only found in hindsight, and the world is not kind.

It wasn’t until Ace was back on the Moby Dick and in a meeting of the commanders that he allowed himself to beg for all that Haruta learned, to reveal that Garp was his grandfather. That he allowed himself to voice the possibility that Garp would not be found until he was well and ready, that maybe he just learned Truths of the Government that he could no longer pretend were isolated incidents, that there was someone behind the curtains. For Ace to speak of Batarilla and the lengths the Government was willing to go.

Monkey D Luffy did not learn about the disappearance of his Grandfather had disappeared until after he defeated Crocodile in Alabasta. He had heard whispers when he encountered Smoker the first and second times, but he was not confronted with the Truth of the matter until after the incident was completed.

At first he had pushed the whispers aside, his grandfather could handle himself after all. Luffy could never beat Garp, so there was no reason for him to worry. But then Nami read them the paper, how Garp the Hero had deserted the Marines and become Garp the Deserter.

Luffy fell quiet with this information. There was something wrong, and according to the speculation in the article Gramps had disappeared on Luffy’s birthday. Luffy could feel something shift, change, ripple. Normally he would take note, and ignore it. All it meant was that he would find something interesting, that an adventure was at hand. But this time was different, it felt like the day that Sabo died, but different. Like Gramps wasn’t dead, but parts of him were lost.

Luffy did not tell his crew that Garp was his Gramps, that was his problem, and they shouldn’t feel bothered by it. His problems are not their problems, not like the way their problems are his.

The world changed the day that Garp woke up and chose to leave. No one knew what it was he learned, but it spurred many factors to look closer, to dive deeper, to take nothing at face value.

It would only be a matter of time before the stirring of the depths caused large ripples in the waves that changed the effect of the winds that allowed for the New Dawn to light the secrets the government would see hidden.

The Truths that Garp learned will be spread earlier than he has ever seen, and one day he will come back, and when that happens that world itself will never be the same as it was.