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Annabelle's First Thanksgiving With The Shorter Family.

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"What make you think that Annabelle will be a grid defender one day?" asked Mick. Nicole try to think of an answer. Maybe she should tell him what Tensu has told her.

"Tensu told that she'll be the leader of the next generation of grid defenders. I want her to have a childhood before her training start," answered Nicole. Mick knew that the training will start when she become a teenager. Then, they heard Marion called to come for the thanksgiving dinner. All 5 of them ran back to the house. They put their coats away before they sat at the table in the dining room. Soon, Marion set up the foods for the Thanksgiving dinner. There was turkey with stuffing, string beans, mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, corn, cranberry sauce, and apple cider to drink. They took turns fulling their plates. Then, after Marion sat down, they gave thanks to God and start eating. They have 2 serving of turkey as well as the fixings. Soon, they were done. Marion removed the dishes in order to wash them. Nicole went to the kitchen to help Marion. Marion did the washing while Nicole did the dying. Mick and the 3 kids went to the living room to watch television. It was getting dark outside and it was becoming colder outside as well.

"I'm surprised that you ask us to have you and your daughter come here. We haven't seen you for almost 4 years. Why did you decide to ask us to host you and your little daughter?" asked Marion.

"Recent events make me think about Annabelle and the fact that she might have Shorter DNA. Annabelle Shorter came back and hinted that my daughter, Annabelle is her daughter. I found her when she was a baby. She lay her head on my neck. It was as if she trust me. When I show her to Tensu, she suggested that I raised her as my own. She told me that she might become more important to her fellow human in the future. When my husband want to raise her as a Christian, I resisted at first, but Tensu told that I should let Peter to raise her as a christian. It seem that the upcoming next generation of grid defenders will be christians, and Annabelle should know how to deal with them," answered Nicole. Marion gave some thoughts to what Nicole said. 2 hours after dinner, the family has tea, coffee, and sweets. The sweets are pies as well as the brownies brought to the house by Nicole. Soon, they has their full of deserts and then, the deserts was put away for a future time. After Marion and Nicole finished washing and dying the desert dishes, they sat down with the rest of the family to watch television. I can't tell you what they watched because I have no idea on what they were watching. Then, around 8 PM, they heard a harking sound. Nicole and Annabelle got up to get their coats. Mick got up to see who is harking in front of the Shorter family home. As they got to the door, they saw Peter come out of the car.

"Daddy," said Annabelle. She opened the door and ran toward her father, smiling. Peter saw her coming toward her and decided to pick her up. Soon, she put her arms around his neck and kiss him on his right cheek.

"Does she do that often?" asked Peter. Nicole was getting ready to walk to the car.

"She does that every time when he come home from work. She have been doing that since she was a baby," answered Nicole. She walked toward her husband. She looked though the window at the back seat to see that her 2 youngest kids were sleeping peacefully. She took Annabelle from her husband and put her in the back seat with her siblings. Then, Annabelle fell asleep.

"How was your days with the Shorter family? Is the princess one of them?" asked Peter, as he opened the front door of his car. Nicole went to the other side of the car and opened the front door. She went inside and sat down. Peter went inside, closed the door, and drove away. He wanted to get as far from this place as far as he can.

"You know something. Since our 2 younger children has Finer DNA, maybe we should have them meet the rest of the Finer family," said Nicole. Peter didn't like this idea.

"Can we talk about this some other time, Nicole?" asked Peter. He was becoming worried that Nicole is going to ruin the rest of the day, but he shouldn't have brother to do so.

"OK. We can talk about this some other time. It's a good day for us to enjoy. I can wait until after the weekends," agreed Nicole. Peter was relieved for now. He can rest from debating with Nicole about her children for now. She have become more asserted about their children lately. He knew that she want the best for her children. He have this feeling that she will get her way with getting their children to be with her side of the family. He'll will be spending more time with the Shorters and the Finers and he have this feeling that he won't be the same as a result of that. He doesn't know how to handle that. The end, for now.