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The Time Around Thanksgiving 1985.

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"The humans are a threat to our people. They will wipe our people out if they lose this war against us. I was hoping to use my labfarm to convince our people that we do not need to turn the humans into our foods," defended Juliet.

"Do you believe the same thing as your sister?" asked Brenda. Kimberly knew that there is no use to deny the truth. Beside, she's as a terrible liar as her wantu, Juliet.

"The humans does not need to be our food or our enemies. If we leave them alone, they could grow to become a super race. They need just a chance to do that," defended Kimberly. Brenda could see that these two believe what they believe. There will be no changing their minds. She wish that Diana could be here to witness this.

"You leave me no choice but to kill the both of you," said Brenda. There was a part of her that wished that she didn't have to do that. There was a part of her that like the both of them, but she has her duties. She got up from her chair, took out her laser gun, aimed it at the two of them, and send a blue laser beam at them. At that moment, they said a word in a language that Brenda didn't understand. A force shield surrounded their bodies. The laser beam were stopped by the force shield. Then, they said another word that Brenda didn't understand. Then, they were taken away by a white beam. When the white beam was gone, it was as if they weren't there. At last, Brenda understood how those two were able escape from that cyborg. They teleported themselves away like they did in her office. She ran to the intercom in her office. She pressed it.

"Meet me at Juliet's and Kimberly room," ordered Brenda. Then, she opened the door to her office, got into the hallway, and ran to where she knew where Juliet and Kimberly were staying. When she got there with Lydia and 2 shock troopers waiting outside. She took out her laser gun and shot att he opening to their room. The door opened and the 4 of them went inside. Once they were inside, they found that the room was empty.

"I should have known that they will figure out how to escape from us if they were caught in their treason. Those two has planned this in advance. They are as smart as their sister, Diana," said Brenda.

"I hate to say this, but Kimberly is not Diana's sister. She is Diana's daughter from her first late husband. I knew that the whole time that they were here, but i like them too much that I didn't brother to tell anyone else," confessed Lydia. A part of Brenda wanted to kill Lydia for keeping Kimberly as Diana's daughter a secret, but she knew how charming those two are. They are more charming than Diana is. People don't see them as a threat. That what make them more effective than Diana is. It was bad enough when Cynthia Adams was found out to be Diana's middle sister, but the humans animals might get an ally from Juliet and Kimberly. Diana has been known to be a failure at times, even though she tend to be loyal to the cause. She wondered what the Leader's reaction will be when he learned that the family of his old lover isn't loyal to the cause. Diana might get into trouble that she can't get out of. It might be a lousy Thanksgiving for the Visitor, but the humans in the Visitor free red zone will have a great Thanksgiving, this year. The end, for now.