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The Time Around Thanksgiving 1985.

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It was the third week of November in the year 1985. Inside the part of America that is still free from the rule of the Visitors, people there were planning to celebrate Thanksgiving. The Parrish family was of no exception. Toni Parrish, a blonde teenaged girl couldn't wait for the Thanksgiving holiday to come. It's her last year of high school and she can't wait to get that paper. Once she was finished with school, she can't wait to join in the fight against those stinking upright lizard. Her mother, a blonde female named Jillian, walked into the room.

"What are you thinking, dear heart?" asked Jillian. Toni turned her head to look at her mother. She was trying to do her homework. It wasn't the easiest thing to do.

"I'm guess that I'm thinking about this year's upcoming Thanksgiving dinner. It's a pity that Julie wouldn't be there," said Toni. Jillian became sad when she was reminded of her older daughter's death. Toni noticed the look in her mother's eyes.

"I'm sorry to mention Julie's name. I still miss her. I wish that she was still alive," said Toni. She thought about how the Visitors fool her into believing that they were here to help her people. She was ashamed of how she joined the Visitors Youth alongside her 4 closest friends. For a while, she want to believe the lies told to her and her 4 closest friends by the Visitors. She remembered what has happen when she learned the truth. The Visitors could control her when she trusted them. When they destroyed that trust, they mistakenly destroy any control that they has over her.

"This is not easy on us. We must remember when we got the news about Julie's death and how she gave up her life to save a life of her friend," reminded Jillian. Toni has to admit that her mother has a point. Julie died in order for other people to keep living. She need to keep living to honor her dead sister. She is grateful that she's still alive and is now smarter than when she was a member of the Visitor Youths. The Visitors has no right to this planet. Until the day that she can fight those stinking upright lizards, she will pray for those human who fought them as well as the humans who become their victims. That is all she could do.

Meanwhile, in the city of Los Angeles, inside an office inside that city's mothership, Brenda, an alien female disguised as a brown haired female, was scanning the report about a certain sister of Diana. It doesn't tell much about her, but what it tell her caused her to doubt the loyalty of this woman. Like her older sister, Diana, she's good at covering her tracks. Now that she think about it, Diana's family are very good at covering their tracks. Juliet has been acting like a loyal Voeian, but the report gave her some doubts about Juliet. It was bad enough that she came to Earth looking like Julie Parrish, but she has, alongside her assistance, an alien female disguised as a brown haired teenaged female, named Kimberly, done some suspected things that the report couldn't explained about. So, she walked to an intercom, pressed the button to start it, and called for Lydia.

"Lydia, when Juliet and Kimberly arrived from the labfarm, will you send them to my office. I need to talk about something to them," explained Brenda.

"I will do as you have ordered, Supreme Commander," said the voice of Lydia, from the intercom. Brenda turned off the intercom. Now, all she has to do is to wait for them to come to her office. To be continued.