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Even if Takashi refused to talk to Miya, he couldn't help keeping an eye on his skating. He was an amazing skateboarder and he knew perfectly he could never be near his level – not when he could hardly nail a basic trick. When he would fall or come back to school with scratches on his hands, he couldn't stand how Miya would look at him.

As if he was weak.

As if he could never be as good as him.

Even today, he still regretted ending their friendship so brutally. He knew Miya had no one else and most students avoided him at school. But he couldn't face him, not when he couldn't hold a candle to him.

Yet, he couldn't help looking up his name on social media, watch him racing and count how many prizes he won. Takashi followed everything that was related to Chinen Miya as if he was his biggest fan.

He wasn't a fan though. He wasn't even a friend. At best, he was someone he knew.

And as he watched Miya at the World Cup Skateboarding, Takashi felt weirdly sad. Miya wasn't smiling. It didn't look like he was having fun. He seemed... bored.

Deep down, Takashi knew it was his fault.

More than anything, he wanted to go find Miya, apologise and get his best friend back. He wanted to spend his days with him, go with him to his competitions, see his smile, hear his laugh. He missed their friendship and he felt so guilty he felt like crying.

Takashi just wanted to be by Miya's side.