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Cold hands

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“Ash! It's going to rain soon, we should really go back!”

Gou sighed as Ash ignored him to continue his search for new pokemons. The grey clouds above them did not look good and he had no desire to be out in the street when the upcoming storm would eventually break. He was sure they would end up sick for days if they didn't avoid the rain.

Just as this thought crossed his mind, and as if to mock him, it started to pour, making him jump. All he got as a warning was Ash's cry of surprise before the latter grabbed him by the hand and pulled him after him, running to take refuge in the nearest shop.

“Hurry up, Gou! We'll end up getting sick!”

Despite the urge to tell him he had warned him, Gou found out he wasn't angry. The warmth of Ash's hand in his and his friend's laughter caused a multitude of butterflies to flutter inside him and he could only smile softly. He would never regret spending his days following Ash's crazy and stupid decisions.

(And even when he was bedridden with a cold, Gou didn't regret following him on this new adventure.)