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The Revenge Of The Gridwives.

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It was early November in the year 2007. Gary Egger, a brown haired male was working at his job. He was very focused on his assignment. He was hoping to get it done before quitting time. He was so focused, that he didn't noticed the wind that entered his office. He got a shock when an Asian lady wearing black armor appeared in his office.

"Was this office worth betraying your wife?" asked the Asian female. Gary looked at the black armored Asian female facing him. He could guess that she wanted to kill him. Gary got up to face her.

"Get out of here before I can someone to remove you," threaten Gary. Gary shouldn't have done that. Suddenly, her hands glow black. She send a wide black beam to kill him. It struck at him and turned him into ashes. Then, she teleported herself from the office of the ashes that was once Gary Egger. Gary Egger was the first to be killed, but he wasn't the last one to be killed by their angered former wives. Since the Stanford spell gave these women from killing their husband. These women decided to have their husbands killed by their fellow gridwitches. Since they were killed in their place of employment, the police was trying to figure out how the killers were able to get in and turned their victims into ashes. They were trying to figure that out.

Peter Zeddton, a blonde male, was reading about the death of his fellow junior planners. He can guess that their former wives may have done the deed, even if there was no proof that they have done it. He was beginning to think that trading their wives for the witch hunters was a bad idea. Then, a blonde female wearing green armor appeared in a flash of green light. He mistaken her for his wife, who could pass as her younger sister. He got up.

"We can argue about the princess being a member of the Shorter family, when I get home, Nicole," said Peter. Nicole's hands began to glow green. She didn't look happy to see him.

"I'm not your wife. My ex-husband has been killed and you will join him," said Nicole. Peter started to noticed that this woman is older looking than his wife. She send a green beam to kill him, but he got out of the way. Then, his hands began to glow red.

"How can you do that? I only know one person who can do that," said Nicole. She was shocked to see Peter's hands glowing red.

"This is a side effect from when Annabelle processed my body. She used me to rescued her old lady love," explained Peter, even though this older Nicole Finer has saw him changed when Annabelle let go of his body. A red beam came out from his hands. It would have struck Nicole, if she has created a green wall of light to block the red beam.. Then, Peter covered the room with a blinding red light. When her eyes cleared, she could see that Peter wasn't in the office any more. She searched to find any clues on where he could have gone to. When she couldn't find any, she teleported herself out of the office in a flash of green light. To be continued.