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The Right Honorable Diana Spencer, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

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August 31, 1997 - Paris, France

Princess Diana had felt groggy upon waking up from the surgery that saved her life. When she first woke up, the first thing she noticed were the bright lights in the room and the white walls. She looked down to see that both of her hands have been hooked to IV lines...and then she felt something on her face; That was right, she had an oxygen mask on too. The fact that she noticed all of these gave her the reassurance that she is alive. That's good. She will get to see her sons again when this is all over; But Dodi, she has no idea what happened to him...

"Ma'am..." A female voice said, "...We're glad to see that you are finally awake."

Diana nodded in response to what she was told.

"Good, you are responding." The female voice said in an optimistic tone, "By the way, I am Dr. Cecile Bernard. I am your attending physician. With me is an intern from the Pierre and Marie Curie University." then Dr. Bernard turned to the young woman beside her and said, "Do you mind introducing yourself to the patient?"

"Good afternoon." The intern said, "I'm Laurence Auzière, one of the interns assigned to monitor you."

Diana nodded again to acknowledge Laurence.

"You see, Miss Auzière here did more than just assist in the operation," Dr. Bernard went on to say, "She also found you a blood donor who was able to supply you enough blood to start recovering. Without that blood donor, we would not have you here right now."

Diana at this point felt tears come out of her eyes. It was tears of joy. Finding out the circumstance behind why she survived made her even more grateful to remain alive. 

"It appears like she does not only acknowledge our presence, but she has also reacted emotionally to the information you have just given her, Dr. Bernard." Laurence told Diana's attending physician. 

"That is a telltale sign that the patient is on her way to recovering," Dr. Bernard explained, then she turned her attention back to Diana and said, "At this point, you may not be able to vocalize whatever you're feeling yet but the fact that you have done everything from physically acknowledging us to emotionally reacting to my information with what I assume are tears of joy, it means that you are already responding to the treatment we have given you. It is quite a feat considering the injuries that you had gone through."

Diana formed her mouth into a smile and Laurence smiled back - she was happy for Diana. The woman she's been rooting for since her childhood and the woman whose life she now helped to save. 

"Dr. Bernard and I will be seeing other patients," Laurence told Diana, "But if you need anything, there are buttons on both panels of your hospital bed. Press the red button to call a nurse. We will be back to see you again in the evening."

Diana nodded her head to acknowledge what she was told. 

The moment Bryan Adams saw the news that Princess Diana had been rushed to a hospital in Paris after a car accident, he decided to drop everything he did and fly straight to Paris from Toronto. Never mind the fact that he had remaining engagements on that day. He had to cancel it for the sake of seeing his dear friend first. 

While this was all happening, Prince Charles also had to drop his own engagements on August 31st to accompany his children to Paris to visit their mother as soon as he got news from the British Embassy that Diana's surgery had been a success and she was now recovering in the ICU. 

Both men were now at Pitié-Salpêtrière University Hospital, waiting for any information about whether or not they'll be allowed in to see Diana.

However, only Prince Charles and the boys had been allowed in. Bryan had to settle with waiting at the hospital lobby. It was already the evening shift by the time Prince Charles and Princes William and Harry were allowed to enter the ICU to see Princess Diana. Dr. Bernard and Laurence were also in the ICU for the evening rounds.

"Good evening, Your Royal Highness." Dr. Bernard said as she extended her hand; Laurence, who stood behind her, curtseyed to the Prince of Wales even though as a non-British subject, she was never required to do that. 

"Good evening, Dr..." Prince Charles said

"Dr. Cecile Bernard, sir." Dr. Bernard answered, "I am the attending physician for the Princess of Wales."

"And who is the young lady beside you?" Prince Charles proceeded to ask.

"She is Laurence Auzière. An intern from the Pierre and Marie Curie University who is joining me for the evening rounds tonight." Dr. Bernard answered.

"First of all, Dr. Bernard, I would like to thank your entire team for saving the Princess of Wales' life." Prince Charles went on to say, "The Princess of Wales is after all, a mother to a future heir to the British Throne and a very popular figure who is among those synonymous to the United Kingdom. My words are not enough to express how grateful I am for what your team has done."

"You're welcome, sir." Dr. Bernard said, "I would also like to point out that Miss Auzière here did something exceptional for an intern who took part in the Princess' operation. She was responsible for finding a blood donor for the Princess. Without the blood donor, the Princess would have not survived the operation." 

"Well, Miss Auzière," Prince Charles said, turning to Laurence, "Thank you for your service. You have done an exceptional job, as Dr. Bernard here would put it."

"Y-you're welcome, sir." Laurence replied, "I am grateful to be able to take part in saving the Princess of Wales' life."

"If you will excuse us..." Prince Charles went on to say, "I would like to request for my sons and I to be able to speak to the Princess privately. Would that be alright?"

"Of course, sir." Dr. Bernard said; After which, she and Laurence moved on to the next bed in the ICU for the evening rounds.

"Diana..." Charles started to say, "First of all, you don't know how happy am I to find out that you survived that operation. I heard about how bad your injuries were from the BBC rolling coverage on that accident that almost took your life. The moment I found out you had survived the operation, I had to drop all my engagements and fly here with the boys. I figured out that it would lift up your spirits if they get to see you at this time."

"Hi Mummy..." William proceeded to speak, "Harry and I missed you. When you get well again soon, can you take us to a visit to the Cadbury Factory?"

Diana reacted to William's favor with a smile. If she had not been groggy right now, she would have been laughing off her head already. She's just woken up from a major operation and the first thing her son asks her is a visit to the Cadbury Factory which is miles away from Paris.

"The boys had been buggering me about a visit to the Cadbury Factory." Charles told Diana, "I promised them that they can visit when you come back from Paris."

Diana smiled, glad at the fact that her ex-husband was now getting used to their co-parenting arrangement. 

"And by the way, mummy says that she hopes for you to get well soon." Charles added, "And papa as well."

Diana smiled again. She was glad to know that the Queen cared for her more than she thought she did; and of course, she was happy that her ally in The Firm had given her his well-wishes too.

"I've also told the boys that I will take them to Disneyland here in Paris in the next couple of days," Charles went on to say, "And we will make it a lowkey visit, just the way you want it to be."

"Papa said that he's going to send you flowers every day too!" Harry added, "White roses, the ones you like."

"I will buy you a bouquet every day, from a different flower shop each day." Charles added, "The boys and I will also visit you every day as well. As much as we are allowed to."

Diana may not be able to reply to them verbally yet, or reach her hand out to them, but deep inside, she was grateful that Charles had not only paid her a visit but brought their sons along too. When Charles told her that their visit would lift up her spirits, it really did. She was feeling even better now.