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The Right Honorable Diana Spencer, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

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September 5, 2022 – Montecito, California

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, were watching BBC World News from their television in Montecito at two in the morning. They had just finished up a planning session for their upcoming engagements in Germany and the United Kingdom for Archwell, and the planning session ran past midnight.

To their shock, the newscaster made the following announcement…

“And in today’s news, the Conservatives have elected their new leader. Diana Spencer, formerly Diana, Princess of Wales and a Minister without Portfolio, won against Liz Truss with 57.4% of the members’ vote. That being said, Diana Spencer will now become Britain’s new Prime Minister.”

Footage of Diana chronicling her career from being Princess of Wales to being a Member of Parliament was shown on screen as the newscaster delved further into Diana’s political career that took off after she was elected as a Member for Parliament in the 2005 General Elections.

“They actually made mummy the Conservative party leader…” Harry said as he watched in bewilderment, “Not that I am downplaying what my mummy can do but she is no establishment politician, let’s be honest. Besides, the surveys pointed out that Liz Truss was more likely to win because of her status as an establishment politician, never mind the fact that she was a former republican.”

“Harry, do you think we should fly to London to be with your mum when she makes her first address outside Downing Street?” Meghan asked her husband.

“You know what Meghan, we’ll have to fly to London.” Harry said, “But first, I have to call mummy up, just so that she’ll know that we will be there with her when she makes her first address outside Downing Street.”