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The Talk About Pauline Pitten

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The brown haired female known as Diane Fest was pacing back and forth inside the living room of her host, a blonde male named Ralph Pitten. There was 8 other people in the room with them. 7 of the other guests were half as tall as the other 3. The last guest was a brown haired male known as Charles Fest. He was her brother. He was the first to speak.

"You need to calm down. Pauline is safe as long as she is with our father. He never harm our mother when she was still alive, and I doubt that he will harm Pauline. It was Mister Pitten who made our father as Pauline's guardian," said Charles. Diane stopped pacing.

"It has been a month since Pauline believe herself to be Sly's wife. She has been acting like Lauren since she has managed to escape from the Mystery Mask," said Ralph, calmly. He has trusted sly for all those years that he been his lawyer.

"That is the problem. She didn't escape from the Mystery Mask. He gave her to our father, after he brainwashed her to believe that she's our mother. She could been in his bed, sleeping naked every night with Dad. Dad could have been the Mystery Mask this whole time and we don't know it," said Diane.

"What can we do? Pauline has been staying with Sly Fest carrying the fetus of the Mystery Mask in her body. What will happen if Pauline regain her memories?" asked Clyde, the black haired leader of the Midget Gang.

"I'm afraid that there is nothing that we can do, for now. As long as my daughter believe that she's Lauren Fest, there is no way that she can be rescued. She will stay with him out of Lauren's loyally to her husband," reminded Ralph. They all looked sad. They have been meeting for a month already, and they doesn't have an answer on how to rescue her from the man who might have kidnapped, sexually enslaved, and brainwashed her to be a loyal wife. So they left the house of Ralph Pitten, feeling defeated as they have been in pervious meetings.

While those who were visiting Ralph Pitten's house were leaving his home, Sly was walking with Pauline Pitten, a blonde female who believe herself to be Lauren Pitten. He has dyed her brown to keep people from figuring out who she really is. People looking at her knew that she was with child. If she knew the truth about the life in her stomach, she would have gotten an abortion. She was unaware that she was carrying the fetus of the guy who has raped and sexually enslaved her. She was unaware that she was staying with the guy who have done that to her. She believe that she was safe with the husband who has love her. She believe that the life inside was created in a act of love. She looked at Sly's eyes with love and longings. She wanted to please him, just like his real wife Lauren did. Everything that the real Lauren did, she did for the love of her husband. Her death left a darkness inside Sly's soul. He blame Ralph Pitten for the death of his wife. That is why he became the Mystery Mask and has tried to kill Pauline many times. She has always escape or being rescued every time he tried to kill her. that was before he created the plan that has allow him to turn her into his enslaved sex doll and baby maker. As long as she believe herself to be Lauren Fest, his wife, she will never leave him until or if she regain her memories. If that happen, he can always kill her, but he hope that it will never happen. It all he could do, for now. The end,for now.