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Their First Full Day On Earth.

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The two disguised alien female walked to Diana's office. This was not the first time that they has been here. Diana has talked to them in her office before breakfast earlier demanding Juliet change her human face. Juliet has refuse to do so. They stopped at the door and opened it. Diana was sitting down at her desk. She gave Juliet the evil eye.

"What do you want, Diana?" asked Juliet. She was trying to hide her fear. It didn't fool Diana one bit. Diana got up and open a drawer. She took out a small white box from it. Then, she closed the drawer. Then, she walked toward Juliet and Kimberly. She stopped near them.

"I gave some thoughts to what you has said to me. You are right about one thing. The human woman that you looked like, is dead. It should not brother me that you look like her," said Diana. Then, she opened the box and took out a white collar. She gave it to Juliet.

"Please take this collar as a sign of my love for you, said Diana. Juliet put the white collar on her neck. Then, she walked to the mirror and saw the white collar on her neck. She turned to Diana.

"Thank you, Diana. I will wear this with pride," promised Juliet.

"Get out and enjoy the rest of your day. You have earn it," said Diana. Juliet and Kimberly left the office. Diana smiled after she left. There was no bug or tracker on that white collar. She knew that her sister was smart enough to find it and remove it. It would be a waste of time, anyway. Let Juliet look like the dead Julie Parrish for now. She believe that she could find a use for it someday in the future.

"I thought that we would be in trouble. Instead, Mom gave you that white collar," said Kimberly as she was walking with Juliet toward their quarters.

"When we get to our quarters, I am going to check if Diana place a bug or tracker on the collar. Let us hope that our civilian clothes has arrived. I do not want to wear these stupid red uniform when we are off duty," said Juliet.

"I agree with you. It is bad enough that we has to wear these uniform during our work hours. I do not want to wear them when we are off duty," agreed Kimberly. Soon, they got to their quarters. They opened the door to see that a drawer with their civilian clothes has arrived. They change to their civilian clothes, and went to enjoy the last few hours of their first full day on the planet Earth before going back to their quarters and to get ready for bed. Juliet took the top bunk while Kimberly took the bottom bunk. After a few minutes laying down on their bunk beds, they fell asleep. The end, for now.