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Their First Full Day On Earth.

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It was their first day on Earth. Juliet went to the labfarm outside of Los Angeles, while Kimberly, a woman who can passed as a teenaged version of Diana went to school. They put on their sunglasses to protect their eyes from Earth's brighter (to them) sun. As Kimberly walked to her new school, she caught up to a Visitor disguised as a red haired teenaged girl. Kimberly walked alongside her.

"My name is Kimberly. This is my first time going to an Earth school," said Kimberly.

"My name is Randy. My mother worked in the labfarm. I have been going to this Earth school for an Earth week since my mother and I has arrived on Earth. I will be working at the labfarm this afternoon after school," said the red haired female.

"I am going there as well. My wantu is in charge of the labfarm. I has assisted her on the labfarm on the planet Pobeus," reported Kimberly.

"We might focus on our schoolwork while we are in school," said Randy.

"OK," agreed Kimberly. When she got there, she learned that her subject is school, is science, math, Earth history, How to read English, and Earth culture. Kimberly was one of the smartest student on Pobeus. On Earth, she discovered that she need to know more that even she has expected. It won't be an easy day for her.

Meanwhile Juliet has arrived at the labfarm. She was greeted by a visitor disguised as a brown skinned human male.

"You must be the new supervisor for this labfarm. Diana told me to expect you. On this planet, I go by the name of John. I am surprised that you look like a dead enemy of Diana," said the brown skinned male.

"Diana has told me that. My name on Earth is Juliet. I read in our language, that she was killed by her taking a laser meant for a human male named Mike Donovan," said Juliet.

"I guess that you must have study the news on Earth. I hope that you watch our news channel instead of Freedom Network. They always give their version of our war on the humans," said John.

"You should know that I did not want to be here, but my sister summon me and my ward here. From what i have already learned about the humans, I believe that they are not going to let us win this war. I believe that they will try to wipe us out if they lose this war," said Juliet. John get the sense that Juliet is scared of the humans. He doesn't know how right he is. To be continued.