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The Gathering At The September 11 Memorial In the Year 2020.

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Uncle Sam look at the memorial for the lost soul in New York city. It was September 11, 2020. He remembered what has happen that day, back in 2001. The attack on the Twin Towers has hurt him very much. It has also united the nation and its allies in anger against an enemy that try to destroy the United States. He wish that this country was united now. It's under attack by forces inside this country. He looked at Mike Pence and Joe Biden. It sadden him to see incapable Joe here. At that moment, Superman landed near him.

"I'm glad that you're here, Kal-El," said Sam.

"You usually call me Clark, back in the past, when we're alone," said Superman.

"That was before you gave up your Clark Kent alter-ego. It was a bigger mistake than when you gave up your American citizenship," said Sam.

"I did that for a reason. My american citizenship was making it hard to do my job," defended Superman.

"Do you remember that alien that try to destroy the Earth before you and Supergirl defeated him and send him to the Phantom Zone? After he was defeated, someone send a file on you to President Trump. He read that file and began to see you as a threat. He couldn't find a reason to exist you from this country. When you gave up your Clark Kent alter-ego, it gave him an excuse to turn the American people against you. You were lucky that Covid=19 and Lex Luthor attacking him got in the way. He was busy trying to open up the country before the economy tanks. Then George Floyd got himself killed which brought evil beings to America. Seeing angry people destroying business and people's livelyhood and not being able to do anything has made me sad. I rather have Trump remain president than to have useless Joe to become the next president. I hope that you can get Trump to accept you as an ally, Superman," said Sam.

"I heard from my fellow heroes, that he need my help. I've been busy trying trying to keep the people of this world safe. I don't want this world suffer the same fate as my birth world," said superman, with a hint of sadness.

"I know. I wish you luck for the future. I hope that god will stay on your side," said Sam. Superman looked at the people gathering for this sad memorial. Then, he flew away , because the world still need him. Uncle sam looked up to see Superman get smaller as he flew away. Then he looked at the people who have gathered together to remembered those who has fallen. Then, Uncle Sam walked awy to be alone with only his thoughts. The end, for now.