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The Saga Of Kara Thrace On The Planet Eden.

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Soon, the members of the Angel City Resistance was at their target. it was one of the buildings where the Syrians store their weapons. Mike Donalds was outside of the weapon warehouse. Kara, Ham, Chris, Robert, Maggie, a blonde female, and Caleb, a brown skinned male were with him. They got their guns out. Mike lifted his laser, if he has to use it. He aim the laser at the door, and shot at it. It created a hole in the door. The 7 rebels went though the hole in the door. It got the attendance of the Syrian shock troopers. They were shocked to see the 7 humans entering the building. They aimed their lasers and blue beams came out of them. The 7 rebels got out of the way of the blue beams. Then, armor proof bullets came out from their guns. It hit their bodies and went though their armors. Soon, they were all dead. Then, they took all the weapons that they could carry, after putting their guns back in their pants pocket. Then, the 4 members with Chris's home made bomb stick the bomb on the 4 corners of the walls of the building. They set the timer on the bombs and fled the building with the other 3 who didn't have any bombs on them. As they got outside, they were facing a group of still living Syrian trooper. They has just arrived and they weren't happy to see the 7 rebels.

"What make you 7 humans think that we are going to let you humans leave this place alive?" asked the arriving lead trooper.

"We can always hope that we'll take you guys with us to death, if you managed to kill us," answered Ham. Then, he took out his gun and aim it at the troopers. The others took out their weapons as well. If they are going to die, they might as well take a few of their enemies with them. Soon, there were gunshots. Kara managed to get wounded. She realized that she might not make it.

"You have only one chance. I'll draw their fire while the rest of you escape," offered Kara.

"You will be killed, Kara," protested Mike.

"This is what I meant to do. Get out of here and find a way to rescue my double," ordered Kara. The other members of the resistance realized that there is no choice. So, they fled from the Syrian troopers as Kara draw their fire at her. The troopers forgotten the others as they targeted Kara. she has been hit by some of the blue beams. It was not enough to kill her, but it was enough to make her wounds worse. She was having trouble standing. She sensed that she was dying. It didn't matter to her. She was striking a blow against the Syrian invaders. Then, there was an explosion. The building was destroyed. Then, Kara was taken by a flash of white light. The surviving troopers wondered what has happen. Did the human disappeared in a flash of white light. What will they tell Diana? They suddenly remember being told about a human female who can teleport in a flash of white light. Diana will be angry if she learn that they has almost killed the human that Diana want. So, they decided to not tell Diana that they met the teleporting human. They will report that they has manage to kill one of the human rebels who has manage to destroy one of their weapon warehouses. It was one of the smartest thing that they have ever done. So they went back to their patrol, unaware that the aliens from the Ship Of Lights has removed Kara. Her time on the planet Eden is over for now. Now, they will return Kara to the colonial fleet to help lead them to their future home. The end, for now.